Solid control system is consist of shale shaker, mud cleaner, vacuum degasser, decanter centrifuge and other auxiliaries equipment
which is the essential part in oil and gas drilling.

Recently, a set of ZJ40 solid control system delivered to Kazakhstan. The client is one of the repeat customer of DC solid control,
they ordered 2 mud tanks and 2 diesel tanks last year. The clients not only satisfied with our product superior quality, but also our
best service and advanced professional technology.

solid control system

The order main has 3 linear motion shale shakers, 3 DCLW450-1000 decanter centrifuges, 3 mud cleaners and 3 vacuum degassers. Which
formed the main four stage solid control equipment.

solid control system

The corporate culture os DC solid control is ” be great at the quality, and be excellent in the value”. We can customized design and
manufacture all kinds of equipment according to the user requirements. Our principle is providing the high cost performance and make
customer satisfaction

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