Vacuum degasser is an important degassing equipment for drilling fluid circulating which is located in the front of shale shakers.

Vacuum degassing apparatus is a used for processing immersion gas drilling fluid of new special equipment, also called negative
pressure deaerator, can quickly remove dip to drilling fluid in various gas, to restore the proportion of mud, stable mud property, a
very important role.

vacuum degasser

The degasser is equipped with water-ring vacuum pump and constant temperature working status, which is suitable for sucking flammable
and combustible gas.


Features of vacuum degasser:
1. Self-priming device enables it to pump drilling fluids without centrifugal pump.
2. Corrosion is eliminated and cost on repairing as well as maintenance reduced.
3. The design is compact and the footprint is small.
4. It can also work as powerful drilling fluids agitator.

The application of vacuum degasser will not give rise to water and gas discharged at the same time, and the exhaust pipe is always
clear. Can supply water to vacuum pump circularly, and it has the advantages of saving water, environmental protection.

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