Due to increasingly stringent environmental requirements around the world, the cost impact of waste management for oil based drilling operations is steadily increasing. This puts a large focus on the ability to efficiently clean, transport, and dispose of cuttings, while maximizing fluids recovery.


Historically, a successful waste management operation would require a large on site footprint, further increasing operator pad construction costs. As the importance of waste management increases throughout the industry it is necessary to have a solution that can continue to deliver field-proven results while reducing operator liability and cost.

DCTLL-A915 Vertical Cuttings Dryers incorporate the same, unsurpassed drill cuttings dryer technology as the vertical produced by DC Machinyer with the unique design, advanced engineering upgrades and significantly reduced size with minimal reduction of throughput capacity.

DC Solids Control focus on the solids control equipment, and the RD of innovative products for the drilling waste management. DC Solids Control has been widely known as a top Brand in the international market.

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