Vacuum degasser actually is the 2nd purification equipment for oilfield drilling fluid. It is used to remove little invaded gas in drilling mud. It will be set between shale shaker and mud cleaner/desander. In oilfield drilling fluid system, there are 2 types degasser. One is poor boy degasser separating large quantity invaded gas, the other is the vacuum degasser, we also call it gas buster.

Degasser in oilfield, main function is get rid of invaded harmful or poisonous gas. To prevent blowout keep oilfield job site safety, restore drilling mud proportion, keep mud viscosity performance and improve the quality of drilling fluid. Vacuum degasser produced by DC Machinery has the advantages of compact structure, reasonable design and so on.

vacuum degasser

Operational Theory:

Vacuum degasser utilize negative pressure by vacuum pump to withdraw entrained gases from the mud. In order for this to work, mud is pumped through a venturi, which develops a negative pressure in the vessel by vacuum pump, thus sucking mud into the unit.  The choice between horizontally- or vertically-mounted units is typically based on the footprint requirements of the specific rig.

Features and Advantages of DC Machinery Vacuum Degasser:

1.Scientific reasonable design for structure,it can get effective gas fluids separation,filter out impurities to
guarantee vent pipe always clear.
2.Adopt belt drive,avoid the complication of the reducing gear,ensure the long working time without trouble.
3.Water circle type of vacuum pump is always at a constant temperature,apply to pump the flammable and explosive.
4.High degassing efficiency,up to 95%.
5.There is gas-water separator in vacuum degasser,which can avoid the gas and fluids are all removed together,and also can supply water for vacuum pump,saving water and environment-friendly.

You are welcome to contact with us to get more detailed infos, we will supply cost-effective vacuum degasser and satisfactory pre-sale, sale and after-sale technical services.

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