Drilling fluid solid phase control is mainly remove the harmful solid phase and save the useful solid phase, also can control the gross of solid phase in drilling and the grain size distribution in the reasonable ranges, the drilling technology can meet the requirements of the performance of drilling fluid. Usually drilling fluid solid phase control is short for solid control and mud purification system.

The classify and size distribution of solid phase

According the difference characteristics, there are different classification methods.

1 According the different effects of solid phase in drilling fluid: useful solid phase and harmful solid phase.

2 According the density of solid phase: the high density solid phase and the low density solid phase. The high density solid phase is according the requirements of drilling fluid technology add the aggravate materials to improve the density of drilling fluid, the low density solid phase include the bentonite and treating agent of the need of configuration drilling fluid and rock debris.

3 According the reaction of the solid phase and liquid phase: activity solid phase and inertia solid phase. The solid phase and liquid phase is react is called activity solid phase, solid phase and liquid phase don’t react is called inertia solid phase. The activity solid phase is bentonite, shale, clay and ect. The liquid phase are limestone, granite and barite ect.

In the drilling, because the type and drilling parametric of lithology drill head is different, so the content of solid phase and the grain size distribution is different.

The common solid control method are

Irrigation method, replace method, natural sedimentation, chemical sedimentation and mechanical  eliminate.

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