Vibration motor is the power of the whole machiner, DC solids control choose Italy Oli brand vibrating motor for all our shale shakers. Usually a linear motion shale shaker will have two sets vibration motors work together.

According to safe type it can be common type and explosion-proof type. This depends on industry also. It can be divided according to its shape and motor insulation class. According to usage industry, the vibrating motor including oil&gas drilling mud shale shaker, the mine industry, etc.


The vibrator system includes two canister type vibrator motors. Each vibrator motor contains eccentric weights that generate a circular shaking force when rotated. During operation the two motors rotate in opposite direction, creating a net linear shaking force on the basket. This linear shaking force is directed through the center of mass of the basket, resulting in equal linear motion along the entire length of screen surface. The motion conveys the solids along the screen, even uphill, and off the discharge end of the shaker.

Motors before fixed on shaker, the bearing is filled with SKF specific lubricate grease, the temperature range is -40 ~ 200℃. During running, every 2000 working hours user should makeup LGHP2 lubricate grease once. Every bearing can not be filled over 25.8g.

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