DCLW 600-1019N centrifuge is finished and deliveried to UAE and have already put into production.

In drilling process, the drilling fluid can be separated into high density and low density drilling fluid by centrifuge to adjust drilling fluid performance. The centrifuge can be used in many industries, such as, oil&gas drilling, waste water treatment, food and other industries. The two centrifuges are used to separate drilling fluid in UAE oil drilling field.


So the centrifuge has many applications:

1. Control aggravate drilling fluid viscosity.
2. Treating aggravate oil bas drilling fluid or invert oil-emulsion drilling fluid.
3. Treating the compound drilling fluid.
4. Treating water conservancy hydrocyclone bottom flow.


Now the two DCLW 600-1019N centrifuges have already put into productiona and used in UAE drilling field. It has the large treating capacity, the bowl diameter is 600mm, Bowl Length is 1019mm, Rotary Speed is 1800r/min, Main Drive is 45kw, Back Drive is 7.5kw. According to several days use, my UAE client is very satisfied with our equipment, and he also want to purcase a ZJ4000 system from use, now we are discussing the ZJ4000 solid control system.

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