Tunneling solids control is one of the three existing methods of tunnel construction, this method is applicable to tunnel excavation in the construction of the soft soil layer or the formation of water content is high. DC tunneling solids control system is of modular system construction. It is designed for the treatment of all kinds of slurry used in common construction techniques.

solid control system

This system is beneficial to control the mud performance, enhance the quality and efficiency of the hole, fully support and ensure smooth operation of the tunneling equipment, meanwhile improve the recycling of mud. It not only saves construction costs, but also lowers the mud emissions and reduces environmental pollution. This kind of mud recycling system is economical, efficient and friendly to environment.

solid control equipment

Main features of DC Tunneling Solids Control System:

Modular design for fast movement.
Multiple systems can be used in parallel.
Strong dewatering ability.
OEM for full line of shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner and slurry submersible pump.
High G force shale shaker for high efficient slurry separation.
Double deck shale shaker will increase the capacity with less foot print.

DC Solids Control can help. We specialize in designing and manufacturing high performance mud recycling system and solids control equipment for your needs.

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