Trenchless is a new construction technology which refers to the oriented and directional drilling to replace and maintain all kinds of underground pipeline, little interference on the surface and with the high social and economic.

Consitute and process of mud cleaning device:

The mud cleaning and recovering device produced by DC Solid control have the three functions of solid control control, rapidly pulping and reserve mud. It is consitute of rapid pulping system, mud reserve system and electric control system.


The mud return back from well mouth discharged to a small mud tank, which is transported to the mud cleaning device by mud pump, then though shale shaker, desander and desilter in turn, and eliminate the solid phase whose diameter is bigger than 15um. Then the treated drilling mud is pumped to centrifuge by feeding pump. This is the main process.


Combination and features of mud cleaning system:

Mud cleaning system line mainly include shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud tank, sand pump and ect.

DC mud cleaning system have this structure characteristics.

1 Shale shaker, desander, desilter,storage tank, sand pump and pipeline make up a module which is convenient to transport.
2 Shale shaker adopts slotted screen, consists of two layers, slotted screen with the big lacune which is difficult to block to high viscosity and large quantity of
sand, overcome the common shale shakers problem.
3 The treating capacity of shale shaker and desander is 100m3/h can meet the treating requirements of Trenchless, and don’t frequent start-stop devices.
4 Because of the treating capacity if desander is less than petroleum drilling, the centrifugal pump power is small than the petroleum drilling which is very suit for
the trenchless drilling.

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