Our country solid control manufactures are mainly produce the hydrocyclone, the desander and desilter. The quality index of hydrocyclone is abrasive resistance, the performance of hydrocyclone is the separation granularity, the D50, the D50 is lower, the separation effect is good. In the desander and desilter device, we must attention the range of separation particles, it must has a certain distance and a certain overlap. According the classification standard and the separation granularity of the hydrocyclone, the inner diameter of column volute is Φ150—300mm, the separation granularity is 74—44μm hydrocyclone is all the drilling fluid desander; The inner diameter of column volute isΦ100—150, the separation granularity is 44—15μm hydrocyclone is all the desilter. But some matching desander and desilter which the separation granularity are very similar, thedrilling fluid is processed by the drilling fluid desander, then it is processed by desilter, leading to the desilter don’t have the function of removing solid phase particles.

The main reason is that the manufacture level of domestic hydrocyclone can’t reach the requirements, the effect also can’t reach the requirements of drilling technology. So many user choose two sets drilling fluid desander instead of a set of drilling fluid desilter, the matching scheme of the desilter. Some users simply install the second desander in the place which installation the desilter, the process flow is can’t be changed. This is wrong.

The performance parameter of the two drilling fluid desander are the same, we should use the parallel process, it can be as the spare and increase the drilling fluid throughput in the high speed rotation. But to the high performance of drilling fluid well, the reasonable scheme is setting a desilter and a desnader, using the tandem technology process. But when we choose the desilter and desander, we should choose the different separation size equipments. Such as the separation size is 40—60μm of the desander, the separation size of desilter is 15-45um, it can achieve a good treatment effect.

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