Jet mud mixer is a separate equipment for drilling mud mixing separately or sit on mud tank skid. DCSL jet mud mixer is a unit used together with the solids control system for petroleum drilling and horizontal directional drilling(HDD). The unit includes one sand pump, one jet mixing hopper and one jet mixer that are installed in a base with pipe valves.


The first important part centrifugal pump for jet mud mixer:

Centrifugal pump is the fluids supply for drilling mud mixing hopper. The pump size will be selected depending on mixed mud specification and mud flow mixing requirement. The centrifugal pump will work to transfer water or drilling mud with a suitable pressure. We will matched different model centrifugal pump according to different users’ requirements.


The second important part mixing Hopper for Jet Mud Mixer:

Mixing hopper will work to collect drilling chemicals with a small table for operation. The drilling chemicals will goes into hopper together with water or drilling mud supplied by centrifugal pump. There are 4 inch and 6 inch mixing hopper for option depending on mixing mud flow requirement.

Please contact DC Solid control office to get more infor about jet mud mixer

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