DCLW horizontal type helical-conveyer centrifugal is a mechine to separate the soild particles and liquid or separate the liquid and mixture mixed in the liquid by centrifugal force. The main function of centrifugal is to separate the liquid and solid particles in the suspension, or to separate the two kind of different liquid with different density which can not dissolve in each other in the emulsion. And also, can be used to remove the liquid from the mixture of liquid and solid. Some sedimentation centrifuge also can classificate the solid particles in the fluid with different density or granularity by identify the different sedimentation velocities.        

The main components of the spiral sedimentation centrifugal

1 The drum

The drums usually made of the drum barrels and the end covers, the drum barrel conical part is easy to abrade, in order to reduce the wear, there are some fillets along the line. There is a pivot on the drum big end, it is convenient to support the base bearing. The pivot connection with the drum by the flange, the end cover has a overflow month, the other end has a small end cover connection with the small end to support on the bearing.

2 Rotational flow propeller

The rotational flow rotational made of helical blade, inner tank, Charging bulkhead and the shaft neck. The helical blade take measures of abrasion resistant, such as; the abrasion resistant alloy, abrasion resistant plastic, and ect.

 3 The overload protection device

The main engine of the centrifugal provides the separation power, at the same time provide the power to the screw conveyor, when transport a large number of desiltings or the metal foreign body drop in the drum inside card main screw, it can maybe destroyed the planet differential. In order to prevent the spiral and the differential mechanism are damaged, the centrifugal specialized the overload protection device. The over load protection has the mechanical, mechanical hydraulic, electronic mechanical and the electronic overload protection device and ect, but the mechanical is widely used.

4The rotation device

Now, the rotation device of centrifugal are widely used the planetary gear rotation device, and the involute gear differential mechanism is the primary, the 2k-h is popularly.

5 The hydraulic coupler

In order to control the overload of the centrifugal , and make it smooth starting, the movement meet the requirement of the speed regulation, so in the rotation system of the centrifugal is widely used the hydraulic coupler.

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