As we know, shale shaker and mud cleaner is a commonly equipment for drilling fluid circulation system. Usually, shale shaker located before mud cleaner, so we call it is the first stage separation equipment. And mud cleaner is the second stage separation equipment. The treating effect of shale shaker and mud cleaner directly influenc the whole drilling fluid circulation.

At present, there are many types of shale shakers, such as linear motion, elliptical motion, dual motion,single deck and double deck shale shakers. No matter what types shale shaker do you use, the function of it is remove the big solid from the drilling fluid. It mainly depends on the big vibration force produced by vibration motor to screen out. And the reasonable design size screen to get the best screeing effect.

mud cleaner

Besides, mud cleaner to be as the second separation equipment also plays an important role in the mud system. Mud cleaner combines a set of desanding hydrocyclone, desiltering hydrocyclone and a bottom shale shaker. The drilling fluid treated by shale shaker pumped to the desanding hydrocyclone and desiltering hydrocyclone to get the further separation, then droped to the fine mesh screen. Usually the separation point of desanding and desiltering hydrocyclone are 45-75um and 15-75 um.

shale shaker

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