We all know, decanter centrifuge works principle is centrifugal force precipitate. And the main part to realize the separation is the drum. But do how much do you know the drum. Following is the description of the decanter centrifuges drum.

Drum diameter-D

In the condition of other ceteris paribus, the production capacity of centrifuge is directly proportional to D3. According the size of diameter, foreign centrifuge have already serialization. The diameter is stated by our country is 200, 450, 600, 800, 1000mm. The diameter of foreign centrifuge is 6, 8, 10, 16, 20, 25, 30, 40 in.

We know that when centrifugal force is equal, the drum diameter is bigger, the rotary speed is lower. The retention time of solid phase particles in drum is longer, it can make fine solid phase particles have full times to settle to the wall of drum in the function of centrifugal force and discharged through screw pusher.


Drum length -L

Usually the drum length according to the diameter ratio to confirm, to the difficult separation material, the major axis ratio is 3-4. The length of drum is big, the volume of centrifuge setting pond is big, the retention time of solid phase is longer, so the separation effect is good. But the major axis ratio is limited by manufacturing technique and dynamic balance, so it can evaluate at well. To the difficult separation suspension liquid, the most reasonable method is improving the long diameter ratio in the condition of small diameter.


Drum shape

The drum shape has cone and tapered column the two basic structures. When drum length and diameter is fixed, the tapered column can provide bigger internal precipitation space to make the retention time of solid phase particles is longer in drum, the separation ability is stronger. Compared with cone drum, one is in the condition of treating is unchanged can keep the lower separation sizes; two is the throughput is bigger but the solid phase separation size is not changed. Because these reasons, drilling fluid treatment used centrifuge all use tapered column drum.

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