Before centrifuge and Hydrocyclone input oil drilling solid control can control drilling fluid solid phase content method only has shale shaker and dilution.

So the small particles can’t be eliminated by shale shaker only according dilute to control the solid phase content. In the process of using aggravating drilling fluid, if the solid phase content reach to the maximum volume and drilling cuttings constantly enter into drilling fluid, it needs continual replenish pure water to control drilling fluid viscosity.

At the same time need add barites to control drilling fluid density, so will produce the surplus drilling fluid, the processing cost is expensive.

In order to solve the problem, horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge begin used in solid control system and gradually become the important solid control equipment.

When centrifuge operate, the drum high speed rotate, drilling fluid enter into the drum according centrifugal pump, because the effect of centrifugal force improve the suspended solid phase sedimentation speed and separation efficiency, drilling fluid obtain rapidly solid-liquid separation.

At present, in horizontal solid control process, drilling fluid centrifuge is deemed to the last processing equipment. Shale shaker and hydrocyclone is used to separate and eliminate big drilling cuttings, centrifuge is used to separate and eliminate small particles and supper fine particles, this is the big difference of centrifuge, shale shaker and hydrocyclone.

Using centrifuge eliminate can increase viscosity and shearing force, and also can recover more value big size aggravating solid phase.


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