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Vertical cuttings dryer could be regarded as a vertical centrifuge, and widely used to treat drilling cuttings in oil drilling field. ertical cutting dryers are one of the industry’s best performing and most dependable cutting dryers.

Vertical cutting dryers provides its operators an advantage for environmental and economic reasons. Vertical cuttings dryers are a necessity for industries where increased regulations on cuttings discharge are prevalent.


Main function of vertical cutting dryer:

A vertical cuttings dryer can reduce liquid content to 5% with less maintenance costs. Vertical cutting dryers offer a waste management solution to effectively clean and dispose of drilling solids and maximize drilling fluid returns specific to operational needs.


1. The annular drain groove of the Cutting Dryer is installed at an oblique angle at 4°and the drain port is in the bottom of the groove. A vent is designed above the drain port. It’s helpful to discharge the viscous liquid when open the vent.
2. Wear-resistant material is adapted to those parts where may hit by the speeding solids come from the centrifuge. By doing this, we effectively prolong service life of relevant components.
3. Mechanical overload protection device would stop the vertical cutting dryer motor running whenever the torque is larger than rated.
4. Newly designed and unique structure of sludge discharge pipe and sludge collector makes sure the vertical centrifuge dropping and no jam.、

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Verical cutting dryer is an important equipment of drilling waste management system. The discharged cuttings are transferred by the auger get into the Vertical cutting dryer from the opening on the top, under the function of centrifugal force produced by rotation of the screen module.

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To be as an professional manufacturer of drilling mud equipment, we manufacturer a set of vertical cutting dryer for testing. The cuttings dryer incorporates a high-speed vertical centrifuge that achieves maximum liquid/solid separation in large-volume processing. This mechanism makes the dryer one of the industry ’s best performing and most dependable cutting dryers. Available in both standard size and compact configuration, the dryer gives operators a critical advantage in meeting increasingly stringent environmental regulations for offshore cuttings disposal.\

Versatility and high performance

Drill cuttings are conveyed from the shakers to the VERTI-G cuttings dryer through a variety of site-engineered conveyance systems, including gravity feed vacuum transfer screw conveyors.

Vertical cutting dryer could be regarded as a vertical centrifuge, the discharged cuttings transfered by the auger get into the Vertical cutting dryer from the opening on the top, under the function of centrifugal force produced by rotation of the screen module. Liquid flow out from the opening at the flank side while the solids discharged out from the outlet at the bottom of the cutting dryer.vertical cutting dryer moisture percentage, 6-10%, that means there is no flowing water, so it could be transported easily.

The drilling rigs use drilling mud (high density drilling fluid) to pack to drill column. The drilling mud is a mix of chemicals but
there are three basic types; water based, diesel based, and synthetic oil based. But the mud will mixing the harmful solids during
drilling process. As we known, the mud is so expensive, so in order to solve the problems, DC Solid control had a new research of
Solid Waste Management system.

First step, we will using a set of solid control system to collect the useful mud, the solid control system mainly include shale
shaker, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge to remove the solid.


If the solids collected by the solid control system are still coated with so much mud that they are unsuitable for the next reuse or
disposal step or if the used mud is valuable enough to collect as much of it as possible, the solids can be further treated with
drying shakers utilizing high gravitational separation, vertical or horizontal rotary cuttings dryers, screw-type squeeze presses, or
centrifuges. The cuttings dryers recover additional mud and produce dry, powdery cuttings.


The Solid Waste Management system would almost always include 3-6 shaker screens a cuttings dryer, two mid size decanter centrifuges,
and related pumps and containers. The feed from the mud pumps would go over the shaker screens and be concentrated to 50-75% solids
by mass and then fed to a cutting dryer. The underflow from the unit would go to the decanter and be mixed with the underflow from
the screens. A small portion of the decanter centrate is typically recycled into the unit feed to keep the material flowing and keep
the screen openings flushed.

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CIPPE is a display platform of Oil&gas drilling company. We can learn more sale skill and know more advanced equipment in the
exhibition. CIPPE is short for China international petroleum petrochemical exhibition which is the biggest show in oil& gas drilling

During the show, there were many domestic and international customers visit our booth and have a nice communication. They all said,
our solid control product not only with the superior quality but also have the favourable price, and want to extend business
relationship with our company.


Solid control equipment showed in the exhibition:
1. Double deck mud cleaner. It is a combination of linear motion shale shaker, desander and desilter. The most advantages of the mud
cleaner are the durable quality and multiple functions. It can be used as shale shaker and mud cleaner simultaneous which can save
more area.
2. High efficiency vertical cutting dryer. It is a new product of our company, and is famous used in many drilling sites to save cost
and better protect the environment.

3. Dual motion shale shaker. It has the two vibration locus, one is linear motion and the other is the elliptical motion which is the
featured product in our company. The treating capacity of dual motion shale shaker is bigger 20% than the linear one, but the price
is reasonable.


DC Solids Control is China solids control leading brand. With high quality equipment, upgrading technical patents, timely response
for requirements, reliable service for after sales, DC Solids Control is becoming more and more popular in this field and get many
awards from professional solids control service companies, mud service companies and also drilling contractors.

Don’t worry, if you missed meet us in CIPPE, please go to OTC visit our booth to have talk face to face. Let’s looking forward CIPPE
in 2016, we have confidence to take more advanced mud equipment to meet the market requirements.