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Vacuum Degasser are used to remove the small entrained gas bubbles left in the mud by the mud/gas separator. These units are positioned downstream from mud/gas separators, shale shakers and mud cleaners, while hydrocyclones and centrifuges follow in the arrangement.

DC Solid control has one set of ZCQ240 Vacuum degasser for sales. The main diameter of the vacuum degasser 240mm; Treating Capacity is ≤240 m3/h; Motor Power is 15kw;Vacuum Power is 2.2kw.

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Features of the ZCQ240 Vacuum Degasser
1 The vacuum tank use up and down the two rotating impeller, make the liquid is fully rabble, gas is more easy to overflow.
2 Mud is spurting is throw to the wall of the tank and the foam separator, the degassing effect is good.
3 In the process of water ring vacuum degasser, it keeps isothermal state all the way, it adapts to the pumping of flammable gas and explosive, the safety is reliable.
4 The equipment can direct use, needn’t install centrifugal pump, big motor, associate lines, matching voltage cubicle and easy to install.
5 Using is convenience and easy to operate.

DCZCQ Series Vacuum Degassers are able to service the needs of any application .It is usually installed after the shakers. Each degasser effectively and efficiently removes gases from gas-cutmud, thus ensuring that the proper mud weight is pumped down hole. In doing so, the degassers are able to aid in the prevention of potential blowouts. Unlike the traditional vacuum degasser, DCZCQ vacuum degasser is a self-contained unit,  DC Vacuum Degasser is monitored by level sensor to protect over suction of the fluids.

Vacuum Degasser are used to remove the small entrained gas bubbles left in the mud by the mud/gas separator. These units are positioned downstream from mud/gas separators, shale shakers and mud cleaners, while hydrocyclones and centrifuges follow in the arrangement.

This  vacuum degasser is equipped with water-ring vacuum pump and constant temperature working status. It is suitable to suck flammable and combustible gas, with safe and reliable performance.

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The structure of gas-water separator is reasonably designed to assure of effective separation of gas and water and free-flowing of vent pipe. These units are positioned downstream from mud/gas separators, gumbo removal equipments (if utilized), shale shakers and mud conditioners (if utilized), while hydrocyclone desander and Decanting centrifuges follow in the arrangement.

vacuum degasser

China manufacturer DC Solids Control offer the world with Mud/gas separators & vacuum degasser.We are an exporter of Mud/gas separators,vacuum degasser for Indian, Russian,middle east.etc.Oilfield Company of the United States and Century Int’l Oilfield Equipment LLC of the United Arab Emirates etc.

Vacuum Degasser is adapted to get rid of various cut-in gases in the drilling fluids. Vacuum degasser is very important for returning mud gravity, stabilizing mud viscosity and reducing drilling cost.

Gasses can be released from the fluid and removed from the installation in two ways:

1. Thermal degassing
Because of temperature differences in an installation, dissolved gasses are released automatically. By means of so called in line deaerators, the released gasses can be removed from the fluid.  Spirotech offers various solutions for this.


2. Vacuum degassing
In case of vacuum degassing part of the installation fluid is temporarily put in an underpressure (vacuum) condition. The gasses dissolved in the fluid are released, separated and removed from the installation. The degassed, absorptive, fluid is returned into the installation and can absorb any present free gasses again. By repeating this process continuously almost all gasses will be released and removed. The fluid will now be undersaturated to such an extent, that no gasses will bereleased anywhere in the installation, so the problems mentioned before will not occur. Problems in places with a low flow velocity and a low overpressure are also solved in this way.

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When to apply a vacuum degasser?

• When an installation contains many branches, with a low flow velocity. In this case, the free, accumulated gasses will hardly be carried away with the flow, but will
disappear slowly thanks to the fluid being made absorptive.

• In case of small temperature differences only a small amount of gas is released by the heating or cooling process, which can be removed by an in line deaerator. A vacuum degasser works independent of the fluid temperature.

• When an in line deaerator cannot be mounted for practical reasons. A vacuum degasser can be mounted at almost any place in an installation.

Vacuum degasser can wipe off the invaded gas from drilling mud quickly, restore drilling mud proportion, keep mud viscosity performance and improve the quality of drilling fluid.

Vacuum degasser is very important for returning mud gravity, stabilizing mud viscosity and reducing drilling cost. Therefore, it works as one type mud cleaning equipment. As it is placed after the shale shaker, so we call it second stage mud cleaning equipment in mud recycling system.

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Application of vacuum degasser

Gases are entrained in drilling fluids from the wellbore during normal drilling operation as well as during “kick” or well control situations, these gases may bring safety hazards and create operational problems, in case of the presence of hazardous gases, it is desirable to localize the point where gas is released from the mud by installing a vacuum degasser.

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Vacuum Degasser Features

Self contained degasser unit operation without feeding pump.
Technical and spare parts support in many countries.
Liquid Level Sensor for safty operation.
Short footprint make it possible to be installed in smaller space.
Eliminate corrosion and reduce reparation and maintenance costs.

You are welcome to contact with us to get more detailed infos, we will supply cost-effective vacuum degasser and satisfactory pre-sale, sale and after-sale technical services.

The vacuum degasser is a high-efficiency in-line modele that removes dissolved gasses from HPLC solvents. Its unique design assure reliable continuous operation and the highest level of continuous performance available without the need for helium degassing. Up to five solvent lines may be degassed simultaneously by one unit. The extremely low internal volume of each teflon AF channel offers very quick equilibration and very short startup times compared with PTFE degassing channels which have the same degassing efficiency.

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A vacuum is pulled on a stream of water, and the vacuum draws the dissolved gas out of solution, removing it from water. There are two basic systems available – tower and membrane. In a vacuum degasser tower, water flows by gravity down through a tower filled with packing as a vacuum is drawn on the tower. The packing in the tower has a very high surface area, disperses the water very effectively, thereby enhancing the removal of O2, CO2 and N2. Performance is further enhanced by using atomizing nozzles as the water enters the tower. In a membrane degasser, water flows across one side of a membrane surface while a vacuum is drawn on the other side. Both types of systems use steam jet eductors or liquid ring pumps to generate the vacuum required.


Vacuum degassing is practiced in the steel industry for several purposes. They are :

to remove hydrogen
to improve cleanliness by removing part of the oxygen
to produce steel of low carbon content ( < 0.03%)
to produce steels to close chemical composition ranges (including deoxidizers), and
to control pouring temperatures, especially for continuous casting operations.

Function of vacuum degasser 

Vacuum degasser used in filling well, grinding well and sinkiang Di na well. All technology indexes all achieve the design requirements. Degassing effect is marked and will produce the good economic benefit. In the regular drilling process, if occur drilling fluid gas cutting, the vacuum degasser can dispose it. It can avoid the influence of gas cutting to drilling fluid working performance, decrease the abrading of mud pump, improve the efficiency of water and decrease the repairing times and stop drilling dispose times.

Comprehensiveness of vacuum degasser 

In unbalanced drilling, now have the degassing equipment – drilling fluid gas separator, it only separate the free gas in drilling fluid, but it can’t eliminate the not free gas. Drilling fluid often have gas cutting. The function of vacuum degasser is eliminating the not free gas. The equipment developed succeed provide the guarantee for the matched equipment of regular drilling and unbalanced drilling.

Why vacuum degasser can eliminate the gas 

In order to efficiency eliminate the gas in drilling fluid must meet the requirements:

The bubbles in drilling fluids should expose on the surface, will rapidly swell and fracture in the negative pressure condition. Gas cutting drilling fluid will remain a certain times in separation chamber. After gas cutting enter into separation chamber will present the turbulent condition flowing. So the degassing effect decided by the reasonable control of vacuum, the remaining times of gas cutting drilling fluid in degassing chamber and the turbulent condition in degassing chamber.

Degassing chamber vacuum is higher, the bubbles received the expansionary force in drilling fluid is bigger, the volume expansion is bigger, drilling fluid give the buoyancy is bigger, then bubbles are easy float to the drilling fluid surface to broken.