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DC Compact mud recycling system mainly used for Trenchless project, such as HDD and bored Pile. Our mud system not only can meet clients requirements of small treating capacity, small area and lower cost. So it is a good chance for Trenchless company.

mud system

Our compact mud recycling system include, double deck mud cleaner, a small tank, and a feeding pump for mud cleaner. All the equipment can be wired with 380v/50Hz, 415v/50Hz, 460v/60Hz as per the power supply conditions. The mud tank can be skid mounted, trailer mounted or configured with jack up legs for easy transportation.The mud tank is designed to be put into a 40 feet container to lower sea freight charges.

We will attended 2018 Indonesia Trechless International Exhibition. If you have requirement with compact mud recycling, you can visit our showroom to know our company and mud system.

We also can provide Pre-sales consulting, mud system structure design and free after sell commissioning, installation and traving the staff. Please email us to know more details of us.