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The selectivity solid phase control technology 

Application selectivity solid phase control technology, the returned drilling fluid from well mouth through high efficiency screened divided into big grain wet drilling cuttings and sieving fluid, which separated the three class solid phase through classification filter separator, from thick to fine successively is thick drilling cuttings(74~35 µm)aggravate solid phase(35~15 µm)and fine drilling cuttings (2~15 µm), after the aggravate solid phase separated by separator return into drilling fluid system, the coarse and fine drilling cuttings excretion. It can eliminate more harmful solid phase, especially the diameter particles lower than aggravate solid phase harmful solid particles, can improve drilling machine speed, decrease drilling fluid viscosity and dilution water and decrease drilling fluid volume.

Drilling cuttings in –line treatment technology: 

We only value drilling fluid treatment past, but lose sight of the treat to drilling cuttings, drilling cuttings directly discharge into mud pit. Every well all need a mud pit, the area should exceed 500m2. According to treat the wed drilling cutting in-line, can divided into filtrate and dry drilling cuttings, filter returned to drilling fluid system, the dry drilling cuttings are placed in storage and transportation box, centralized processing and recycling used, according to drilling cuttings in-line treatment technology can make drilling cuttings and waste drilling fluid can’t drop on the ground in drilling field, can fully recover available drilling fluid and don’t use mud pit, it has the obvious e economic benefic and huge social benefit.

Drilling fluid recycle technology 

Usually the waste drilling fluid is 100-300m3 after a well drilled successfully. According to the homologous stratum characteristics and drilling fluid type to separate the waste, to the available drilling fluid proceed fully recycle use, can decrease drilling fluid gross, decrease emission load, the benefit is very obvious. Of course, the drilling fluid recycle need a set of processing measure, main including the improvement of drilling fluid performance, classification storage and reliable application.


Checking routine every day

Checking the connection condition of vacuum pipe

Check gas outlet pipe and the connection.

Checking mud outlet pipe whether unimpeded, discharged pipe outlet must be submerged below mud surface.

Check oil pool liquid level.

Check gas discharge value.

Starting degassing 

Check all electrical equipment connection.

Starting degasser

Degasser must gradually enter into normal working condition. check mud discharge pipeline.

Stop degasser

Stop the vacuum degasser

Open the washing value, washing separation impeller 5 minutes.

Check and maintenance of ever week 

A Speed changing box

Check speed changing oil pool every day, on occasion add Dexron III transmission fluid.

B Top washing device.

We must washing vacuum degasser every week, washing out the mud which dry and hard the vacuum chamber. Make the sufficient number of seawater wash the impeller of upper gas cell.

C Other maintenance

Gear case oil, work with 1000 hours should replace lubrication and cleaning or replace filter assembly. The model of lubrication is Dexron III fluid frivr , oil volume is 2 gallon and the liquid level is 25/64 on galss porthole.

Day time maintenance

Check the inner surface of wear- resisting rubber cone bush.

Check inlet pressure whether meet the demand, ensure small hole is cleaning and give it fair adjustment.

Lubricate the packing of desander pump and desiltr pump.

Three months maintenance

Add the butter to coupling.

Two years maintenance or using 15000 hours maintenance

Check pump impeller, pump case and sail upstream, discharge water valve, when need should replace impeller, pump case or value

Check the bearing and sealing element, when needed should replace.

Check hydrocyclone cone bush and each component, when needed should be replaced.


According 8 months preparation, we have already attended CIPPE Bei Jing exhibition on 19th-21th March. We took the double amplitude motion, mud cleaner, centrifugal pump and two mud tanks to Bei Jing exhibition.

The three days, we meet a lot of foreign customer, such as Sanal A. TSEDENOV, J.SHOJAEI, Alexey A.Valeev and others.

We make an order with A.Valeev on 20th March. He thinks our equipment is good, the price is lower than other suppliers and our service is complete.

At the same time there are many our old customer also took part in the exhibition, we meet each other and leave a deeper impression.

At last, according the exhibition, more and more customers know our company and talked with many foreign. Some foreign will become my customers and they are very confirmed that will cooperation with our company.

In the exhibition, there are many solid control company, we have learning and introduction each other. We will try our best to satisfy with our customer, and I believed that our company will become the important parts in drilling well industry.


Solid phase system is short for solid control system. It is the important device when drilling rig drill well to store, allocate, circulating and purification drilling fluid. Usually it is made of drilling fluid tank, shale shaker, vacuum degasser, desander, deserter and centrifuge, the five levels purification equipment.

Solid control system is also matched drilling fluid supply device, aggravating hopper, aggravating pump, desander pump, desilter pump, shear pump, provide pump, base oil pump, agitator and auxiliary equipment. Besides, all matched pavement, ladder, railing and safety device. It can efficiency eliminate the harmful solid phase which the particle size is bigger than 5-15um and retain the useful solid phase to provide the quality drilling fluid for drilling working.

In the design requirements of solid control system, the efficiency volume of mud tank is 75% of total volume. The design requirements should reach this:

Mud tank should accommodate the maximum drilling fluid circulating volume in drilling process.

The adjustment strength of mud tank should meet the requirements of hoisting, transportation and using density is 2.5g

Each bin in tank should accord the technology process requirements to set the communicating pipe of overflow mouth and bottom valve.

All seal parts should meet the requirements of oil resistance, acid-base resistance and all kinds of drilling fluid.

In solid control system design requirements need equipped with related mud processing equipment.  

Drilling fluid shale shaker: the treating capacity should be 100%-125% of drilling pump maximum displacement.

Vacuum degasser: the treating capacity should be 100%-125% of drilling pump maximum displacement.

Desander: the treating capacity should be 100%-125% of drilling pump maximum displacement. The matched centrifugal pump and motor should meet the requirements.

Desilter; the treating capacity should be 100%-125% of drilling pump maximum displacement. The matched centrifugal pump and motor should meet the requirements.

Drilling fluid centrifuge: the treating capacity should be 5%-10% of drilling maximum displacement.

In HDD industry, mud is necessary, so we must take steps to solve the problems, decrease the pollution of mud.

Adjusting drilling process parameter and control drilling mud displacement

The mud displacement should accord to geology condition to control. Controlling the mud displacement is the key of avoiding risk mud in drilling, if it has no risk mud condition when drill the pilot hole, then the probability of ground risk mud condition is less when chambering and back to drag, so after completing the pilot hole, if it balanced with two sides pressure of unearthed point. So in order to reach the purpose, mud displacement must accord the geology to reasonable control.

Allocating the impeccable mud circulating and cleaning dispose recovery system:

Using mud cleaning recovery system dispose the returned mud from the mud pit, the mud will be reused to reach the aim of control mud quantity.

Mud treatment process:

Using pumping slurry pump transport the waste mud to shale shaker of recovery system to desilt, then enter into hydrocyclone for further desilting, at last the desander processed desilt process and after complete the mud purification dispose enter into circulating tank.

Using mud solidification technology and reach the environmental protection requirement 

After the HDD process the mud is liquid and flowed, it is difficult to dispose, it need use mud curing agent. It has the effect of concretion and preventing the water dissolve and moving and reach the purpose of environmental protection.

Transportation of abandon mud

Using mud solidify technology can dispose the abandon mud, but the processing cost is high, only the professional personnel can do it, most use tanker carting out of the field. Transport is large of this method, cost is high, it suits small engineering project to use, large projects is disagreed use the method, because the cost is too high.


Shear pump is base on the centrifugal pump theory, according improvement and developed the new, high efficiency centrifugal pump, it is the equipment which is rapid configuration and process drilling fluid in solid control equipment matching system, the main use is shearing polymer clay when allocate drilling fluid, it can effective mix and fully hydrated all the materials in drilling fluid, save the drilling materials, shorten the time of drilling fluid allocation, provide good performance drilling fluid for drilling process.

Shear pump transport the drilling fluid with small particles, working condition is very bad, when the shaft seal of shear pump is leakage, it can causes the efficiency of pump is decrease and waste drilling fluid, also can pollute environment. So high efficiency and reasonable seal quality is the key of ensure shear pump normal and safety operate.


The pump is single stage and single section of cantilever type centrifuge, it provides shearing function with guide liquid type, centrifugal combination impeller and shearing plate. The special structure liquid end impact shearing plate, make it high speed shear, in order to complete agitate to foluid.


The shear pump can mix and hydrate fully the materials which were added into the mud, to save the usage of mud materials, shorten the mix time and to supply good- performance mud for the drilling. The shear pump can increase the hydration degree of the particles, quicken the attenuation and hydration of the polymer and offer a high output volume and lift to match the requirement of preparation and mud.

DCJQB Shear Pump Parameters

Type JQB6545 JQB6535
Flow 120m3/h 100m3/h
Lift 45m 35m
Power 55kw 45kw
Weight 980kg 800kg
L×W×H 1150×1100×1500mm 1150×1100×1250mm

Solid control system optimization design is listed as one of the ten major subject of drilling equipment. According about 20 years development, domestic drilling rig technology has a great progress, solid control design and manufacture technology also have a gig improve, but because traditional view thinks the technology content of solid control system and equipment is low, appear a lot of design and manufacturers, and imitate each other, so creative technology is less, it can’t solve many practical problems.

The main existing problems in drilling fluid solid control system

The process of drilling fluid solid phase control is not perfect, the performance of solid control is singleness, the efficiency of solid control is low. Because rarely used desander, centrifuge and other equipment, the fine solid particles are difficult to remove, make drilling fluid solid phase content, viscosity is difficult to control, influence drilling speed, causing downhole complex, influenced drilling pump piston and lifetime of the cylinder sleeve. In order to keep drilling fluid performance, must add chemical agent, it increase drilling cost.

The cubage of drilling fluid store tank is small, it can’t meet the requirement of drilling work, the common cubage of store tank is 30m3, the volume of this kind of drilling fluid tank is small, if meet the complex well, it must use the reserve tank drilling fluid to compensate. Because the performance and quality of reserve drilling fluid, it often appear drilling fluid run way, cause pollute the environment and potential security liability. It is difficult to transport and install, drilling preparation for a long time.

The electric gas and circuit is the open line installation, the site layout is messy, it must be stringing and take out stitches every move home, so the workload is big and exist potemial safety hazard.

Drilling fluid shale shaker is the first class of drilling fluid solid control equipment, and it is used in the whole drilling well process. The rang of eliminate the solid phase particles is decided by the type of screen, the throughput is related with the screen specification. The screen mesh is bigger, the throughput is smaller, the particles are removed are smaller, the removed particles are greater amount. From the production, hoping use the fine mesh screen, from the economic, the using time of the fine mesh screen is short, so the screen needs overall consideration.

The exploitation and popularize of the mechanical laminate screen and the chemical splice screen effectively improve the fine mesh life times and the purification level of drilling fluid shale shakers.

There are many combination types of the cascade screen, usually the sublayer have 12meshes, the upper use the 30, 40, 60 meshes. The drilling fluid shale shakers don’t use the 80 and more than 80 meshes screen, because the screen mesh is greater and the through sieve rate is lower, led to the screen life time is short.

In order to drilling fluid shale shakers are matching with the drilling machine, we must consider the maximum discharge of the drilling pump and the number of drilling cuttings which are produced in the drilling process, as Qscreen>Qpump+Qcuttings

Qscreen—the throughput of the drilling fluid shale shakers, L/S: Qpump—the maximum discharge of the drilling pump, L/S;q Qcuttings—the cuttings volume in the drilling well.

Because the different drilling machine have the different rotation speed, the drilling cuttings in the unit time to the pump displacement is small, drilling fluid shale shakers use the duplex or trigeminy. So Q screen=Qpump n

To the duplex shale shakers, when replace the screen, must have a single screen stop working, the other single screen must can dispose the whole drilling fluid, so to the duplex screen, n=2. When the trigrminy shale shaker works, must have two single screen dispose the whole drilling fluid, so to the trigrminy, n=3/2.

Now the throughput of the drilling fluid single screen is 40-50L/s.In conclusion, we can obtain the shale shakes’ using methods. In the early day drilling, the diameter of the well is big, the pump discharge is big, the mechanical drilling speed is high, producing a lot of big particles solid phase, the drilling cuttings volume is big, we should use the small mesh screen to dispose the drilling fluid. Following the increase of the drilling depth , the diameter of the well is small, the pump discharge is small, the drilling machine speed is low, producing a lot of small particles solid phase, the drilling cuttings volume is small, we should use the bigger mesh screen to dispose the drilling fluid.

According the function of each components of drilling fluid solid control system put forward the reasons why choose this equipments, discussing the general arrangement methods of drilling fluid solid control system.

The function of solid control equipment

Following the development of drilling well technology, the effect of drilling fluid solid control system to the drilling well working is more bigger, there are all kinds of solid control systems, no matter the type of solid control how to changes, its basic function can’t be changed, it rely on the mechanical clear device and drilling fluid storage tanks and other auxiliary equipment to work together to complete the basic effect.

In drilling well, drilling head, crushing, grinding the ground, make the rock breakages, formation the different size of drilling cuttings, the size is between 2 and 2×10³μm. The single clear equipment remove rang of the solid phase particles is small, so depending on a device can’t reach the purpose of maximum clear the solid phase.

The different equipment can remove the different size solid phase particles. To guarantee carrying the drilling cuttings to the ground, drilling fluid must has the enough up return speed. So must accord the size of the well and the drilling machine to decide the displacement of drilling pump.