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DC Solid control attended OTC exhibition in 4-7th of May. OTC is short for “offshore technology conference” founded in 1969,and with the greatest influence.

As usual, to be leader of domestic solid control equipment, DC solid control became the bright spot once again in the show. Meanwhile, we meet many of our America, Nigeria and Middle East clients and got the good feedback.


The most important point is we got a new order from the exhibition, that is a set of 500GPM trenchless drilling system. The client was very satisfied with our proposal, design, and price after a pleasant communication and signed the sales contract on the spot.


This enabled us to build more determination of “walking out” to let more and more potential onshore and offshore drilling contractor know, DC solid control is a mature and capable solid control manufacturer.

The process of drilling and completing coalbed methane (CBM) wells is similar to wells in conventional reservoirs. Coring, however,
can pose special challenges.

The first step in creating a drilling program for a CBM well involves gathering information about existing wells in a given area.
These data include:

Reservoir depths and pressures
Drilling histories
Environmental considerations


So will producing more and more waste drilling cuttings following the drill depth. That need a set of drilling waste management
system to process it. At the present, the drilling waste management system mainly include four class equipment( 1. shale shaker, 2.
desander, 3. desilter, 4. centrifuge), it can fully meet the requirements of government environmental protection.


Tangshan Dachuan Machinery is a professional manufacturer of drilling waste management. We have senior engineer who have rich
experience, and is capable of designing and manufacturing special equipment for different drill site. Any difficult issues send to
us, we will giving the most professional solutions.

CIPPE is a display platform of Oil&gas drilling company. We can learn more sale skill and know more advanced equipment in the
exhibition. CIPPE is short for China international petroleum petrochemical exhibition which is the biggest show in oil& gas drilling

During the show, there were many domestic and international customers visit our booth and have a nice communication. They all said,
our solid control product not only with the superior quality but also have the favourable price, and want to extend business
relationship with our company.


Solid control equipment showed in the exhibition:
1. Double deck mud cleaner. It is a combination of linear motion shale shaker, desander and desilter. The most advantages of the mud
cleaner are the durable quality and multiple functions. It can be used as shale shaker and mud cleaner simultaneous which can save
more area.
2. High efficiency vertical cutting dryer. It is a new product of our company, and is famous used in many drilling sites to save cost
and better protect the environment.

3. Dual motion shale shaker. It has the two vibration locus, one is linear motion and the other is the elliptical motion which is the
featured product in our company. The treating capacity of dual motion shale shaker is bigger 20% than the linear one, but the price
is reasonable.


DC Solids Control is China solids control leading brand. With high quality equipment, upgrading technical patents, timely response
for requirements, reliable service for after sales, DC Solids Control is becoming more and more popular in this field and get many
awards from professional solids control service companies, mud service companies and also drilling contractors.

Don’t worry, if you missed meet us in CIPPE, please go to OTC visit our booth to have talk face to face. Let’s looking forward CIPPE
in 2016, we have confidence to take more advanced mud equipment to meet the market requirements.

Drilling fluid circulation in the drilling field mainly includes dosing process, weighting process, supply process and others. Now let me introduce how it works to complete the whole circulation.

Drilling fluid dosing process

Drilling fluid dosing process is the auxiliary process of the drilling fluid solid control. The main function of it is removing the harmful solid phase by adding chemical agent to drilling fluid and chemical precipitation principle; Also can improve drilling fluid property, drill rig stability and drilling speed.


Drilling fluid weighting process

Drillingg fluid weighting process is the auxiliary process of drilling fluid solid control system. The main function of weighting process is increasing drilling fluid density and keep well wall stability according to add barite to drilling fluid to meet the requirements of drilling work to drilling fluid properity.

Weighting pump can directly inhale all tanks drilling fluid by weighting pump suction pipeline, except can’t inhale shale shaker tank drilling fluid. The drilling fluid after weighted by weighting hopper deliveried to all tanks by weighting discharge pipeline except for setting tank.

solid control system

Drilling fluid supply process

Drilling fluid supply process is the auxiliary process of drilling fluid solid control system. The main function of mud supply process is guarantee well wall stability according to supply drilling fluid to well hole when lifting drill tools.

The drilling fluid in trip tank is deliveried to wellhead through discharge pipeline by trip pump. The drilling fluid returned from wellhead enter into trip tank controled by distributor valves. Drilling fluid in reserve tank also can be transported to trip tank by weighting pump pipeline.

Other process

The mud out from well head enter into distributer through pipeline, which can be directly discharged to waste pit by distributer control valves. Also can flow into setting tank through shale shaker or flow any thanks by aqueduct( adjusting flashboard).

Our equipment is only part of the value we provide. We deliver peak performance at your rig site through our:

Maintenance Program

DC Solid control proactive maintenance program significantly reduces equipment failures through well-maintained equipment. By maintaining detailed and reliable records on hours of operation and operating conditions, we are able to schedule equipment for maintenance before breakdowns occur.


We swap equipment in the field (while on a job and when convenient for the drilling operations) and replace it with a suitable substitute to ensure that deployed equipment is maintained on time and on schedule.

mud system

DC Solid control Field Technicians

Our emphasis on service means we provide technicians who can handle all aspects of equipment operation and maintenance. Our progressive solids control training and mentoring programs provide our technicians with the ability to make appropriate maintenance and operational decisions on location.

Properly maintained

Pre-checked prior to delivery
Set up and tested on site
Operated efficiently (if requested by our customers)


This is the fouth set mud cleaning system send to Russia. The Russia company is a Oil & gas drilling service company, we had build the cooperation from 2012 CIPPE Exhibition. Now we have already become friendly steady business cooperater.


Mud cleaning system is used in petroleum drilling, all the system manufactured by DC Solid control was according to the Russian senior engineer requirements. Sometimes we put out our points for their reference.

Now the solid control system, mud screen and spare parts are delivering, the sytsem including 2 sets DCS700-3 shale shaker, 1 DCQJ250X2-100X12 mud cleaner, 11 sets JBQ5.5 mud agitator, 9 sets centrifugal, 3 sets screw pump, 280pcs mud screens, and 3 Iron packages of each equipment spare parts. Now, the company want to append order a centrifuge and jet mud mixer to matched used.


Mud cleaning system is a corollary equipment for drill rig, also it is a obbligato part in oil and gas driling. DC Solid control can customize all kinds of drilling mud cleaning system for each drill rig that providing more convenience for drilling service company. Any requirements or something that not clearly about of solid control system please feel free to contact us, maybe we can give you the most professional answers.

Mud circulating system is the the equipment and system used on a drilling or workover rig pump drilling mud into and out of a well. On a drilling rig, the drilling mud is sucked out of the mud tanks where it is stored by the suction line that goes to the mud pumps or hogs.

The mud then flows through the discharge or mud line; down the rotary hose, swivel, kelly, drillpipe, and drill collars; and out the nozzle on the drill bit, onto the bottom of the well.

solid control system

The mud picks up well cuttings and then flows up the annulus between the wellbore and the drill pipe, through the blowout preventers to the surface. On the surface, the drilling mud flows through the mud return line to the solids-control equipment, which includes the shale shaker, desander, desilters and degassers. It then flows back into the mud tanks to be recirculated.

Drilling rig circulating equipment used to remove fine-grained well cuttings from weighed drilling fluid using desilting hydrocyclones and vibrating very-fine mesh screens without excessive loss of barite and fluid. The intake is after the shale shaker. The hydrocyclone underflow flows onto the screens. Solids are disposed of in the reserve or waste pit. The fluid is discharged into the mud tank. General term for the shale shakers, desanders, desilters, and settling tanks used to remove solids from circulating drilling mud on a drilling rig.

Coal bed methane is an important and fast growing resource in Alberta, which is short for CBM. This new type of drilling requires adaptive techniques, technology and a wealth of experience to properly tap.

Basic principles

Methane adsorbed into a solid coal matrix (coal macerals) will be released if the coal seam is depressurised. Methane may be extracted by drilling wells into the coal seam. The goal is to decrease the water pressure by pumping water from the well. The decrease in pressure allows methane to desorb from the coal and flow as a gas up the well to the surface. Methane is then compressed and piped to market.


The objective is to avoid putting methane into the water line, but allow it to flow up the backside of the well (casing) to the compressor station. If the water level is pumped too low during dewatering, methane may travel up the tubing into the water line causing the well to become “gassy”. Although methane may be recovered in a water-gas separator at the surface, pumping water and gas is inefficient and can cause pump wear and breakdown.

CBM cleaning system

As well as petroleum drilling, CBM drilling which also use drilling mud cleaning system with some differences based on gas drilling. Drilling mud cleaning system industry has turned to be a very important industry followed by the enery resources and environment request. DC Solids Control has turned to be one of the leading manufacturer for drilling mud cleaning system focused on CBM.

We signed the contract of ZJ7000 solid control system with Dubai drilling service company have already entered the stage of debugging. Based on the 100 days negotiating and manufacturing, the system are finished and this is the second solid control system which send to the Dubai clients.

Mud cleaning system is an indispensable part of drilling fluid solids control equipments. Normally, a solid control system contains five stages: the mud tank, shale shaker, vacuum degasser, desander, desilter, and centrifuge. it is combined by shale shaker, mud cleaner,decanting centrifuge, mud cleaning equipments etc. Solids control is a technique used in a drilling rig to separate the solids in the drilling fluids that are crushed by the drill bits and carried out of the well surface.

Mud system

Solid control system provided by DC Solid control are extensively used in oil & gas drilling and workover, coalbed methane drilling, shale gas drilling, water well, geothermal well drilling, trenchless horizontal directional crossing projects, mine gravel staged treatment, tailings treatment, rive dredging works, municipal environment-friendly sewage treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, fruit juice purification, waste oil recovery and purification treatment, etc.

solid control system

And the solid control system manufactured to Dubai is used in petroleum industry, we also have already send the debugging video to the clients and who are very satisfied with our equipment working property. Meanwhile, the system will be delivery very soon after debugging and our engineer and technicist personnel will be going to drilling field to assist the solid control system installing and giving the related technical training.

We have fully confidence to become the leader drilling mud cleaning system company in near future based on our efforts.


Simplification and optimize of solid control system:

Field experiments showed that, adopts high efficiency drilling fluid shale shaker + frequency conversion centrifuge component the new type two stage solid control system, can omit desander and desilter, the energy saving effect is obvious. Also can adopts classification filtration technology, can completely change existing solids control equipment, also can leave out desander and desilter. Using vacuum filtration type even can leave out drilling fluid shale shaker, greatly simplify solid control system, reduce drilling team electric generator load, optimize mud tank allocation, reduce the quantity of mud tank and increase the quantity of reserve tank, so can obvious improve solid control efficiency, shorten treating capacity times and increase drilling safety.

solid control system

Firstly degassing, then screening:

At the present, the drilling fluid returned from well mouth are all processed by shale shaker, when screening, mass of gas overflow, it not only increase the dangerousness of drilling fluid shale shaker, but also serious damage operating personnel health. So specially designed the degassing device put in the primary place, firstly, degassing treatment of the returned drilling fluid from well mouth which can decrease drilling fluid gas content, reduce the harmful gas to human body and drilling accident.

The part process changed into whole process:

Drilling fluid shale shaker is the exclusive solid control have the whole process to drilling fluid, it is very important to improve drilling fluid solid phase control level. Because of the treating capacity of desander, desilter and centrifuge is limited, the follow up solid control equipment is only the part operation, in addition, will have part drilling fluid directly enter into subordinate cabin through drilling fluid tank which don’t get processing.

Drilling field only increase drilling fluid treating cycle index to improve solid control quality. Increase circulating times can improve the treated drilling fluid ratio, but decrease treating efficiency, waste large energy, so the solid control efficiency is very low.

By changing to other treatment type, if we use supper fine drilling fluid shale shaker or new type filtration machine can increase treating capacity and improve machine drilling speed.