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Mud gas separator is the equipment used to dispose obtain large dissolved gas or free gas, the gas will swell in atmosphere condition. The tradition mud gas separator is located between throttle manifold and shale shaker, it has a pipeline of directly exhaust.

Mud gas separator should meet the requirements 

According to the practical experience, the throughput of mud gas separator must be 5 times of the design circulation volume.

The inlet pipe inner diameter of mud gas separator should be equal or bigger than the inner diameter of throttle manifold discharge pipeline.

The inner diameter of mud gas separator discharge pipeline should bigger than the inner diameter of inlet pipeline, mud directly discharged to shale shaker inlet manifold or mud store tank.

The diameter of exhaust pipeline should be 200mm or more bigger.

The gas discharge pipeline can’t installed valve.

Equipment and tool inspection 

The gas discharge pipeline of separator must fixed fastness.

When in cold winter, if the separator bottom installed a cleaner valve, in order to prevent fluid freeze to block mud gas separator, the valve should opened.

Cleanning  and maintain mud gas separator according to the specification or service requirements provided by manufacturer.

Preparation work 

Ensure the pipeline between throttle manifold and mud gas separator is unobstructed.

When the open ended installed in the bottom of mud tank, ensure it can’t blocked by sedimentary.

The gas discharge line of mud gas separator must be fixed. We must accord the specification or service requirement which is provided by manufactures clean and maintain mud gas separator. When in winter, if the bottom of mud gas separator is installed the cleaning value, in order to the fluid freeze block mud gas separator we should open the value.

The process of mud gas separator 

After occur overflow and close the well and complete well control calculate scheme, the throttle pipe is soaked mud have already connected well, mud gas separator has already connected well.

 When using if mud gas separator in installed cleaning value and U pipeline discharge value must be closed.

 Checking the discharge pipeline safety fixed rope or chain.

 Open the throttle pipe value which is leading to mud gas separator.

 After start the well control process, the mud returned from hohlraum through the throttle pipeline enter into drilling fluid mud gas separator. The separated gas by mud gas separator is discharged and the mud is discharged from separator is directly return to shale shaker.

During the working, continuous monitoring mud gas separator and detection the returned shale shake tank mud.

After well control successful, open the bop and closed the throttle pipe value which is connecting mud gas separator.

Opening the mud gas separator cleaning value and all rock debris are discharged to pollution pool.

If use the U pipe separator, open the U pipe discharging value and clean it with water. The all solid are discharged to pollution pool.

Cleaning, washing and checking all manifold, pipe line and value and according the requirement of soft shut well and hard shut well of drilling design rearrange the throttle pipe and the working condition of mud gas separator.


Mud gas separator is a special equipment of gas gutting drilling fluid primary degassing, it is a ideal mud gas separator. Mud gas separator is divided into ordinary pressure and pressure autocontrol is according pressure.

The ordinary mud gas separator prevent hydrothion drilling fluid and the it uses excellent material manufactured, it can efficiency prevent harmful gas erode and ensure staff and equipment are safe.

When drilling fluid produce gas cut, the proportion, viscosity will have a big difference, it can’t meet the requirement of drilling. Mud gas separator and flare ignition device is combine used can ensure drilling process normal operation.

Application rang of mud gas separator

Mud gas separator is matching used with throttle manifold, it can break away the free gas in drilling fluid. It can be used to dispose underbalance drilling and hydrothion drilling fluid.

Features and Benefits

Separates free gas accumulations, including toxic gases such as hydrogen sulfide, from the drilling mud system.

Reduces Hazardous Gas Threat – The separated gas is carried by vent lines to a remote location and flared.

Fail-safe gas delivery can be controlled by a back-pressure manifold valve in the flare line.

Versatile Configuration – Designed such that it can be raised or lowered for flow line adjustments to minimize piping.

Theory of mud gas separator 

The gas cut drilling fluid enter into the separator from the feed liquid month of the separator, after crashed with the strike plate, scattered in a series damper, increase the surface area, downward flow, cause turbulence state, make the gas separate with the drilling fluid. The free gas is ridded of by the top of the tank, the length of pipeline is decided by the field and allocated, and leaded to the safe place, the drilling fluid after degassing through the shale shaker and flow into the circulation tank.

New type introduction

DC solid control is according research of at home and abroad, our engineer combine with technology develop a new type mud gas separator, it not only has all features of common mud gas separator but also has long service life. It can meet the requirements