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Vacuum degasser can wipe off the invaded gas from drilling mud quickly, restore drilling mud proportion, keep mud viscosity performance and improve the quality of drilling fluid. Vacuum degasser produced by DC Machinery has the advantages of compact structure, reasonable design and so on.

Function of vacuum degasser 

Treatment gas invaded drilling fluid, wipe off the bubbles in drilling fluid, recover gas invaded density.

The difference of vacuum degasser and mud gas separator

The main function of mud gas separator is eliminating the big bubbles in drilling fluid which refers the expansion gas in well eye annular air, the diameter is about 3-25. The fluid can directly enter into mud gas separator from rotating blowout preventer, also can enter into fluid from throttle manifold place, separate out the big bubbles. The treatment drilling fluids still have small bubbles, after through shale shaker enter into vacuum degasser to treat.

Vacuum degasser is used to eliminating the small bubble sin drilling fluid, main used to wipe off the bubbles whose diameter is smaller than 1mm.

Consist of vacuum degasser 

Vacuum tank.  Three ventilation control valve system.  Ejector system.  Water circulating type vacuum pump.  Water box.  And Foundation

Vacuum degasser produced by DC Machinery is suitable for various supporting of drilling mud solids control system, it plays an important role in restoring drilling mud performance, and can also be an agitator with big power. 

There are mainly have two reasons why vacuum degasser use vacuum pump, the one is, the degassing mud in degasser absorb to the top of the degasser, make if form into thin layer flow on baffle, vertebral body or between hopper;The second one is the gas discharged in tank and intake air is all discharged. Vacuum pump also can produce a kind of pressure which can discharge the exhaust gas through a pipeline.

The degassers are used to clean the gas in the drilling fluid, to ensure the drilling fluid property relatively stable, to guarantee the steady operation of swirlers. The degassers can be grouped into two kinds: ordinary pressure type and vacuum type.

The ordinary pressure degasser is to use the centrifugal to take out gas to invade the mud, with the help of centrifugal force to make the mud spraying in the jet tanks and striking on the wall to make gas releasing. The vacuum degasser is to use the suction of the centrifugal, forming negative pressure in the vacuum tanks, under the action of drilling fluid at atmospheric pressure, through the suction pipe into the hollow shaft, then by umbrella piece of around the hollow shaft assembly, they jet to the skin of tank.

The Spirovent Superior is a fully automatic vacuum degasser for heating, cooling and process installations. This device temporarily subjects part of the installation fluid to low pressure or vacuum. As a result, the air dissolved in the fluid is released and removed from the system. Thanks to the electronic, independent control system, reading system information is a breeze.

Vacuum degasser use atmosphere and vacuum degassing theory eliminate the remaining gas in drilling fluid. Vacuum degasser tank is installed a group of wave blade and many mud inlet make flow is uniform distribution and form into turbulence in tank.

The throughput of vacuum degasser is 500g/m, 1200 type is 1200g/m, this is because the different area of wave blade. The blade area of vacuum degasser is 500 times of 500 type which is in order to ensure effective eliminate the remaining gas.

The vacuum tank produce low pressure in tank, the bubbles in the mud can well discharge. According the change of overload, vacuum pump proof motor can be adjusted. The mud liquid level in bottom tank feedback to a group of mechanical transmission device in order to automatic control inlet displacement and vacuum tank liquid level. Jet pump sucks out degassing mud from vacuum degasser tank.

Design characteristic

Drilling fluid enter into vacuum degasser from the inlet pipeline of tank wall. After gas is discharged from mud, flow to the bottom of vacuum tank. Degasser use vacuum and molecular collision / turbulence theory and maximize the surface area of drilling fluid to eliminate the gas.

Low pressure — the low pressure in vacuum tank make the bubble in mud is nature swell. It is more easy float to the surface of mud after bubbles is large and escaping mud.

Collision/ turbulence – the mud flow to the centre of tank and spray out from the ostioles which are in the wall of the tank. The liquid has enough force to impact the blade and tank wall. The result is the remaining gas is more easy escape to vacuum environment. The probability is big of blade is cracked.

Contacting area is maximum — in the process of mud splash to the tank from the odtioles in vertical pipe, the mud through a group of wave plate fine and thin blade make mud is disperse to increase the contacting area of the mud and vacuum environment. The residual gas is more easy to discharge.

Operation theory of vacuum degasser

Drilling fluid is transported to mud inlet from mud tank. Mud through degasser vacuum is bout 29inch of mercury is absorbed to vertical pipe. The mud splashes to wave blade and tank wall from the spray mouth of vertical pipe, the gas evolution this time and expose in the low pressure environment which is extracted by out tank vacuum pump.

The degassing mud ceaseless flow to bottom mud pit from blade group. Centrifugal pump is unceasing extract degassing mud by ejector.

DC Solids control manufacturer combines the advanced technology at home and abroad to design the high quality vacuum degasser. You can be assured that our products are of the quality you expert.