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Shale shaker is the firsr class equipment of solid control system. There are many types of shale shakers sold in modern market. To be as a leader of solid control manufacturer. DC Solid control produce many linear motion shale shaker in stock for discount sale.


The stocl linear motion shale shaker mainly include DCS700-3, DCS630-3, DCS850-2. Differnt model shale shaker with differnt treating capacity and treating effect. The main features of DCS shale shakers as follows:

Advantages of DCS seriels linear motion shale shaker :

1. Design: Adopt ANSYS limited element analysis to optimize the structure.
2. Material: Q235B from BAOSTEEL for body, and compound rubber spring used to reduce vibration
3. Vibration motor: Italy OLI /American Martin, or according to customer requirement.
4. Electrical control system: Explosion-proof electrical control system
5. Electrical components: ABB, Siemens, Schneider.
6. Shaker screen: Shale shaker screens can be replaced in minutes. Life cycle is much longer for every piece of screen.


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In order to prevent the innerstress is appeared from welding don’t allow weld screen box and any auxiliary parts.

1. We should adopt these steps when weld shale shaker
2. Drilling 6mm hole in one end of flaw in order to prevent flaw extend.
3. Using round shovel spade groove along two sides of flaw.
4. Firstly preheat about 60℃ using 3mm diameter welding electrode to prevent any slag inclusions and bite meat condition.
5. Rubdown the protuberant electrode and weld the stiffening plate.
6. If it needs weld in screen surface bracket beam, all welding line should be parallel with beam.
7. When use alternating current weld the screen box should connect the ground to prevent current conveyance the bearing. Otherwise it is easy to led bearing damage.
8. The cutting surface will produce stress when flame cut, so the any addition holes all advised drill.

shale shaker

Installation requirements of mud shale shaker.

When knit drilling fluid shaker screen and screen bracket is matched special vibration attenuation rubber strip. In order to make screen can reach the longest service life, the rubber strip should placed in among of screen and bracket.


We should ensure the equal interval between two sides of shale shaker screen box and screen hook when replace knit screen, we should fix the centre and compact steel flat at first, then tension the plate to keep the stress of screen surface is uniformity. It is one of the premature failure reason If the connecting is not good, the stress is not enough or uneven.

Dual motion shale shaker is an advanced merchandise during the nowadays markets. Dual motion shale shaker is a composite of linear motion and balanced elliptical motion shaker, which can better adapt to different bad environments, and good operating performance.

DC Solid control dual motion shale shaker has three vibration motors, use the two 1.72KW motors can form the linear motion, if add the 0.4KW motor will form the elliptical motion.

dual motion shale shaker

Specifically is to the poor formation lithology, dual motion shale shaker has a good adaptability and outstanding advantages to fragile and clay stratum, it has the characteristics of treating capacity 20% larger than linear motion shale shaker, high drilling cuttings discharge speed,long service life of screens and small splash of drilling fluid.

Because of above features, DC Solid control dual motion shale shaker sold well on foreign markets at present, and got good feedback from different clients. DC Solid control is a professional manufacturer of drilling fluid cleaning system equipment for many years, we have rich experience in oil&gas field, if you have any questions about it, please contact us, our expert team will giving you the most professional explanation.

The development of shale shaker is fast growing in the trenchless drilling fields, and which is different in oil and gas drilling. And many shale shaker composite with hydrocyclone to consitute drilling mud cleaner.

1. Microtunnelling

Microtunnelling project is widely used in Europe. Microtunnelling is a kind of big hole horizontal drilling. which is famous used in city construction and pipe laying or replaced. In preparation for the construction, firstly digging a big diameter and vertical well or well-sinking to convenient to drilling equipment and hydraulic machine. The location of well-sinking is slightly lower than equipment level, so that when drilling fluid return back will forming a settling pond that is good for removing solid phase. The drilling fluid pumped to the ground will pumped to a simple solid phase cleaning system by a submerged pump, this system is mainly consist of a set shale shaker and a mud cleaner.

shale shaker

2. River crossing

In order to lay pipeline in the river bottom, need to drill a small well hole on the riverbed. When laying the big size pipeline, we must use recombination shale shaker, desander, desilter and centrifuge to build a strong solid control system. Drilling mud cleaning equipment reduce the cost of drilling waste.

shale shaker1

3. Road crossing

Laying pipeline and cable required to through the below of the road, when road drilling can’t affect the traffic, nor destroy the road. Usually this drilling size is very small to avoid using solid phase cleaning equipment. If when drilling fluid is accumulation, drilling size is too big or road base is wide must use shale shaker or drilling fluid cleaner.

4. Fibre-optic(al) cable

The laying of fibre-optical cable need no drill bid well hole, but because of often drilling in residential area or commercial district produce the drilling fluid and solid phase must be put into the special device, this solid control system only includes a storage tank , a set of pump box and a minitype shale shaker.


When the drilling fluid leaves the annulus at surface during drilling, it contains rock particles of various sizes that have entered the mud either at the drill bit or after falling off the wall of the hole. If the solids control equipment does not work efficiently, some of these rock particles can be pumped back down the well, and these become ground up even smaller by mechanical action in the well.

The smaller they are, the harder it is to remove these particles from the mud when it returns to the surface. Smaller particles also have a greater ability to negatively affect the physical properties of the mud, which then will need expensive chemical treatments to restore the desirable properties to drill efficiently.

shale shaker

The solid control equipment consists of a series of items to remove progressively smaller rock particles. the first and most important item of equipment that the mud passes through is called a shale shaker. The shale shakers are basically a set of vibrating mesh screens that filter out large rock particles and allow the liquid mud to fall through the screens to a tank below.

shale shaker1

These vibrating screens are designed so that solids filtered out of the mud move along the screen to edge, where they fall off into a chute for disposal. Sometimes a screen will break or split or develop a hole, and then some of the drilled cuttings fall through with the mud into the tank below. It is very important that the drill crews are alert to damaged shale shakers screens. If large amounts of rock bypass the shakers, this will overload the other solids control equipment and cause problems all the way through the system. The screens are replaced if damaged.


Shale shaker is used in the first phase of drilling purification in petroleum exploration and exploitation. Two styles are avaiable; Linear motion shale shaker and balanced ellipse motion shale shaker.

The linear motion shale shaker uses two motors vibrate in-phase for separation. The electric vibrator and the electric equipment in the electric control system are imported explosion proof appliances.


The screen area is big, the higher capacity and the larger screening efficiency. The linear motion shale shaker track quickens the discard and improves screen efficiency. The basket can be adjusted to different angles tocope with different environments and drilling liquid conditions. The screen is durable and easy to install and maintain.

Ellipse shale shaker is the earliest shale shaker produced by China. The basic structure is the motor through the triangular belt to drive the screen box exciter rotate produce the vibration. This kind of shale shaker mainly made of screen box assembly, drilling fluid inlet groove, pedestal and adhesive tape cover.

ellipse Shale-shaker

The ellipse shale shaker service our country drilling project is about 20 years, because of its elastic vibrator design is science make the shale shaker start and stop is smooth and steady, with the big exciting force, large throwing index and the greater drilling fluid capacity.

The factors are decided the performance of shale shaker: vibration type, amplitude and frequency, the inclination of screen, the number of screen and screen area.

Factor one: vibration type

The vibration type of shale shaker has three types, round type, ellipse and linear motion, every motion type is the oscillator is in the different locations in the system centre to produce. The oscillator in the system centre gravity produce circle type motion; oscillator is in the up of centre gravity produce ellipse type motion. The screen surface must have inclination to ellipse motion and transport drilling cuttings. But the screen surface will decrease the screen content. The oscillator is in the front above of centre gravity will produce linear motion and eliminate solid phase. Linear motion has the fixed drilling cuttings transportation speed, screen surface can be plane and a little bias.

Factor two: Amplitude and frequency

The screen content of shale shaker is decided by three parameters; amplitude or stroke, vibration type and oscillator rotary speed. The oscillator rotary speed decided the size of shale shaker vibration frequency, rotary speed is more high, vibration frequency is more high, eliminate solid phase effect is more good. The vibration frequency of domestic high frequency shale shaker is 2000 times/min. The size of drilling fluid shale shaker is decided by the quality and eccentricity. The amplitude is the distance of shake screen vertical motion.

Factor three: the inclination and mesh of screen cloth

Screen cloth drive all drilling fluid movement according vibration to separate solid phase. Usually the ellipse motion shale shaker is installed according different inclination. The purpose is reasonable discharge drilling cuttings, the screen surface can be a slope, it also can be divided into several slopes. Multistage shale shaker have multideck screen cloth, drilling fluid must through the first screen cloth then enter into second screen cloth in the 2-3 screen cloth shale shaker.

Factor four: screen

Drilling fluids shale shaker is the main method of solid phase separation. If shale shaker use is unreasonable or the size of screen is unreasonable, solid phase separation efficiency will be decreased. If the installation of screen is unreasonable and the support is not enough, the screen will be quickly frayed or tear.

A The screen cloth can be square, rectangle and multilayer design.

B Weaving type is the important factor of screen design. It mainly has plane square woven, rectangular holes woven, plain grid woven and twill. The grid and rectangular is widely used.

C The size of screen has two different ways, screen hole diameter and mesh. The mesh is referring begin from centre line, the number of holes of every inches.