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According to two months communication, DC solid control manufacturer successfully signed three sets Zj4000 solid control system. After Bulgaria and Ji lin two big solid control, we signed the order.

DC solid control

This is the Russian customers, we meet in BeiJing CiPPE exhibition. In the exhibition, they visit our exhibition stand and we have a pleased communication, we exchange the business cards, and they promised our solid control equipment is the best than other suppliers (including material, material and welding).

solid control system

After back from Beijing exhibition the customer from Russian sent me an inquiry about Zj4000 solid control system, according to two months exchange, we have already reach a consensus and decided signed three set ZJ4000 solid control system.

DC solid control redeveloped the eastern Europe marketing, and re proven our strength. Now we are manufacturing the system. The customer said will resent us an inquiry of vehicle-mounted ZJ5000 system. I believe we will establish long terms relation business.

Flare ignition device is the treating device of oil drilling, refinery and natural gas gathering and transportation station, using flare ignition device ignite the harmful gas to eliminate the harmful to environment and safety harm, it is a kind of security environmental equipment.

Except for use in refinery and transportation gas, it is widely used in oil drilling process. The device is mainly made of DN200 (DN150) gas burner, GDH-2 electronic igniter, ignite appliance (liquid gas tank, tube), drilling fluid gas separator and other ect.

Working routine 

The working process of the device is:

The combustible gas transported to the burner inlet by pipeline which installed on the safe place.

Connect and start the current exchange and voltage magnification electronic circuit of electrical flare ignition device.

Open the liquid gas storage tank, operate electrical igniter light the draw fire pipe, or directly open the draw fire air valve which can discharge air, use electronic igniter light the flash tube.

Open the gas evacuation brake value, the burning ignite pipe light the evacuation gas.

Closed the liquid gas storage tank, extinguish draw fire tube, keep the combustible evacuation air fired.

The superiority of ignition device 

Electrical flare ignition device make manual work fire up to automatic operation, refraction the humanistic philosophy and environmental protection. So it is necessary to use electronic ignition device, in drilling and formation testing process, open flow is the usual. In past 10 years, open fire up is all manual operation.

The person who approached to open flow point, it is easy to burned, have the big risk; meanwhile, manual operation duration time is long, the accuracy rate is not high, the poisonous gas will discharged to the air and lead to pollute environment. The ignition device produced by DC solid control overcomes the shortcomings. It can fire the poisonous flammable gas at times, remove the pollution and harmful.

Checking routine every day

Checking the connection condition of vacuum pipe

Check gas outlet pipe and the connection.

Checking mud outlet pipe whether unimpeded, discharged pipe outlet must be submerged below mud surface.

Check oil pool liquid level.

Check gas discharge value.

Starting degassing 

Check all electrical equipment connection.

Starting degasser

Degasser must gradually enter into normal working condition. check mud discharge pipeline.

Stop degasser

Stop the vacuum degasser

Open the washing value, washing separation impeller 5 minutes.

Check and maintenance of ever week 

A Speed changing box

Check speed changing oil pool every day, on occasion add Dexron III transmission fluid.

B Top washing device.

We must washing vacuum degasser every week, washing out the mud which dry and hard the vacuum chamber. Make the sufficient number of seawater wash the impeller of upper gas cell.

C Other maintenance

Gear case oil, work with 1000 hours should replace lubrication and cleaning or replace filter assembly. The model of lubrication is Dexron III fluid frivr , oil volume is 2 gallon and the liquid level is 25/64 on galss porthole.

Day time maintenance

Check the inner surface of wear- resisting rubber cone bush.

Check inlet pressure whether meet the demand, ensure small hole is cleaning and give it fair adjustment.

Lubricate the packing of desander pump and desiltr pump.

Three months maintenance

Add the butter to coupling.

Two years maintenance or using 15000 hours maintenance

Check pump impeller, pump case and sail upstream, discharge water valve, when need should replace impeller, pump case or value

Check the bearing and sealing element, when needed should replace.

Check hydrocyclone cone bush and each component, when needed should be replaced.