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Vacuum Degasser efficiently removes entrained gases from the drilling fluid. Drilling fluid is pulled into the vacuum chamber and sent to umbrella-shaped, gas- separation layers through an orifice in the central pipe. Under vacuum conditions, gas bubbles develop in the drilling fluid. The fluid flows across the separation layers, releasing entrained gas as the bubbles burst.


Now, In DC Solid control has 3 sets oilfield vacuum degasser  can delivery at any times to meet users urgently requirements. The specification of the ZCQ240 vacuum degasser as below:

Main Diameter: 700mm
Treating Capacity:≤240 m3/h]
Vacuum degree: -0.02~-0.04MPa
Speed: 860rpm
Inlet Diameter: 114mm
Outlet Diameter: 140mm
Motor Power: 15Kw
Vacuum Power: 202Kw

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Mud gun is divided into high pressure and low pressure the two types, the displacement of high pressure mud gun is small, the pressure is big, it is provided liquid by drilling pump. The displacement of low pressure is small and pressure is small, it is provided liquid by centrifugal pump. We should special notice decrease the water conservancy. We choose the reasonable size of nozzle pressure drop and avoiding the overload of centrifugal pump and electrical machine.

Mud is divided into stationary type and rotation type according the structure 

The stationary mud gun is same as the waterpower agitating pipeline which is in the tank, the different is the mud gun is installed to the opposite angles which is from 200mm with bottom tank, nozzle direction is parallel with the lengthways tank of circulating tank. It can form the tank drilling fluids level rotary. It can guarantee drilling fluid convection.

Jet pipe is en de li pipe, the end of pipe has nozzle. The high speed fluid is discharged from nozzle, after low speed switches the pressure, near the nozzle portal produce low pressure area, the low pressure absorb the fluid into jetting fluid, it is same as jet mixer.

NJQ Mud Gun Parameters

Type NJQ50 NJQ80
Diameter 2″(Ф50) 3″(Ф80)
Sluice Valve 3.2Mpa~6.4Mpa
Connector Size 2″ 3″
Showe Nozzle Quantity 1~4
Rotation Angle 120°
Remarks The length can be changed according to the requirement of customers.

The rotation type mud gun is made of input pipe, gun, crosshead, two bend with nipple, interchangeable nozzle and two box nuts, the mud is connected with input tube by ball-bearing. After drilling fluid through input pipeline, the gun, crosshead and nozzle opposite rotate with a certain speed. The rotary is decided b drilling fluid pressure, density and viscosity.