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DCS Series drilling fluid shale shaker is used in the drilling mud purification system 1 level solid control equipment. Shale shaker are components of solids control equipment used in many industries, such as oil and gas drilling, coal bed methane( CBM ), horizontal directional drilling (HDD), diamond drilling, water drilling, etc.

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Now, more 20 sets linear motion shale shakers are in DC work plant to weld. The DCS Series linear motion shale shaker are dual-motor, high frequency, linear-motion vibrating screen machines designed for fine particle separation in the oil and gas drilling mud circulation and waste slurry separation industry. It may differ in the number of screen panels and sizes according the drilling site requirement.


The purpose designed shale shaker is an absorption of advanced technologies at home and abroad. It has very strong structure and excellent separation result. Being operating in more than 35 countries and regions, the shaker is reliable and trustful for your choice.

DC Solid control also design and provide the twin or triple drilling mud shaker units with flow divider are available for oilfield operation.

DC solids control and waste management solutions can provide a closed-loop, zero discharge system to meet all your needs when it comes to location, budget, safety and environmental requirements.

DC offers premium linear motion drying shakers to ensure a fast and efficient turnaround time on your fluid recovery process. The linear motion drying shakers are a multi-functional drilling fluid cleaner that is equipped to handle varying drilling fluid viscosities and remove solids from your drilling fluid.


Advantages of DC Drying shakers

DC’s solids control and waste management solutions are the next generation of closed-loop, zero discharge systems. DC’s Solids Control team will help you design the optimal solution the first time. We use top of the line equipment and provide service making your program a success. DC’s equipment meets all environmental practices and standards which minimizes environmental impact.
DC’s drying shakers offer the benefits of cleaner reclaimed fluid and dryer solids.
DC’s linear motion drying shakers are compact, offering a small on-site footprint

The design of DC Drying shaker with a high g-force and pretensioned screens to optimize the flow of drilling fluids. It provides a cleaner reclaimed fluid that can be utilized back into the drilling fluid program.


Shale shakers are a common equipment of mud system, meanwhile it is a first and most important unit for whole mud system. shale shaker decides performance of the whole solids control system.

Working principle of shale shaker

Shale shakers separate solids from liquids by utilizing a vibrating basket, which is outfitted with specially designed and sized screens. Shakers are considered the most important tool for removing drilled solids. These units remove the majority of drilled solids generated during the typical drilling process. Shale shakers typically generate between five to over eight G-forces of energy for removing solids from the mud system.


Working location of shale shaker

Shakers are positioned after the mud/gas separator and gumbo equipment (if utilized) and before any other solids removal equipment. Rigs may employ any number of shale shakers, depending on the specific drilling parameters of the well. Typically, several shakers are utilized for normal drilling operations. Additional shakers are added in response to a specific well program.


China manufacturer DC Solids Control offer the world with drilling mud shale shaker equipments. We can design and manufacture all kinds of shale shakers according users special request. If you have interesting with it, please contact us.

DCS shale shakers utilize a traditional equipment design with modern operational equipment to meet a variety of shale shaker needs. DCS Series shale shakers are a single deck type, ranging from two to four screens per unit, at varying screen areas. Shale shakers utilize a traditional equipment design with modern operational equipment to meet a variety of shale shaker needs.

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The basic design consists of large, flat sheets of wire mesh screens or sieves of various mesh sizes that shakes or vibrates the drill cuttings, commonly shale shaker, across and off of the screens as the drilling fluid flows through them and back into the drilling fluids processing system, often called a mud system.

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This separates the drill cuttings, often called solids, from the drilling fluid so that it can be recirculated back down the well bore. In oilfield industry,linear motion shale shaker are widely used for drilling mud solids cotrol of oil gas well drilling for rig.

Shale shaker for solids control are devices that remove drill cuttings from the drilling fluid while circulating and drilling. There are many different designs and research into the best design is constantly ongoing since solids control is vital in keeping down costs associated with the drilling fluid.


Linear motion shale shaker and mud cleaner is also can be used for water well drilling fields. Also respectively are first and second stage mud recover equipment.

Recent days, DC Solid control finished the production of linear motion shale shaker and mud cleanr for a new clients focus on water drill fields. The below picture is the finished product according to users request.


Water well is not so deep like the oil well, and the drilling cost is also very cheap comparing with oil drilling. However, both this 2 drilling processes need the drilling mud recycling system to speed up the drilling process and protect the drill bit.

Water well drilling may not need the used drilling mud to be separated very clean as it is not requested strictly. Just like this 500GPM unit shipped to Middle East, it is a very compact model, while it has all the necessary separation equipment.

DC Solid control can design standards water well drilling mud system, sucha as 500GPM, 800GPM, 1000GPM and others. Though mud system is for water well drilling, it can also be used in other drilling project like HDD. As the working principle is completely the same. The customer killed two birds with only one stone.

Drying shaker is design for primary solids control and drying the cuttings from the primary solids control equipments, recover silts and ultra-fine sands, provide solids in a consistently stackable and conveyable form and requires no expensive chemicals or polymers. DC high G drying Shaker with Adjustable G force Up to 8.0 G.


Benefits of drying shaker than common shakers;
1.High efficiency and varied frequency.
2.The capacity is 30% higher than that of the same product on equal conditions.
3.High G vibration force.
4 screens panel for longer drying time and better drying performance
3.Less vulnerable spare parts, easy operation and maintenance.

Drying shaker plays an important role in the waste drilling mud treatment. With a stable and durable drying shaker, it brings to customer both the economical and the environmental.

Furthermore, we are proud to provide clients custom built service with different surface paint. Please contact us freely for your favorite shaker.

The shale shaker is the first grade of solids control equipment in drilling purification system. It can remove cuttings above 75μm brought from the drilling well and the liquid with smaller particles will flow into tanks from where the fluid will flow into next grade solids control equipment to be treated.

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Structure of shale shakers

Vibration motor & screen plate base are installed into screen basket with special parts. Screen basket is fixed on the adjustment beam. At each of the four vertexes of the screen basket put a vibration damping spring, which can prevent the adjoining parts and devices from being affected by the vibration.

Manufacturing technology of shale shaker

The mechanical deck of the producrt adopts high strength Q345 alloy material and is processed with heat treatment completely. Featuring reliability, it can be adjustable during the operation of the product. The screen of the shale shaker is pyramid type and wedged type. The paint adopts Japan Kansai with strong corrosive resistance is employed for the coating on the surface of the product.

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Features & Benefits

1. Design: Adopt ANSYS limited element analysis to optimize the structure.
2. Vibration motor: Italy OLI or according to customer requirement.
3. Material: SS304 or Q345 for body, and compound rubber spring used to reduce vibration.
4. Electronic control system: Explosion-proof electrical control system
5. The whole shaker body: With the process as pickling, galvanizing-assist, galvanizing, inactivation, fine-polishing.

You are welcome to call Dachuan Machinery to get more infos about the mud cleaner and we are appreciated to supply the cost-effective products and service for you.

A more recent development, introduced in the 1980s, is the linear shaker. Developments in screen technology have made it possible for pretensioned screens to be layered for obtaining very precise cuts while still maintaining an economical scrren life. Linear motion is the best conveying motion to move the solids off the screen, and it is posible to retain the cuttings longer. Also, finer screens, with smaller openings, can be used on the liner motion shaker. One application of linear shakers is to screen the underflow from desanders and desilters rather than using a mud cleaner, this device is called a ” mud conditioner”.

shale shaker

Present technology includes liquid salvage- dewatering or solids flocculation-that strips the liquid phase from solids and returns an almost clear stram of water into the mud system. This process includes a decanting centrifuge with pre-mixed polymers injected into the feed line of the centrifuge causing flocculation. The solids are coalesced inside the centrifuge resulting in separation of solids frol the liquid, and the solids are then discarded.


A recent innovation for environmental purposes and more liquid retention, is the dryer. The discharge from linear shakers, desanders, and desilters is flowed across another linear shaker with even finer screens( down to 450 mesh, or 32 microns) and usually a larger screening surface. Any liquid that escapes can be retained in the sump. The sump pump returns the liquid to the active system, usually to the centrifuge feed tank.

These sytems, or combinations of the various items discussed above, meet most environmental requirements and conserve expensive liquid phases. The desirable effect is to close the loop on liquid dischages, leaving a damp, semi-dry solid mass to remove for disposal.

Shale shaker is the first stage solids control equipment in drilling fluids processing system, also known as key solids control equipment in drilling mud system. The drilling fluids shale shaker can remove cuttings above 75μm brought from the drilling well to leave the liquid with smaller particles into the drilling fluid circulation mud tanks, which will flow into next stage drilling fluids solids control equipment to be treated.

shale shaker

DC patented shaker is an equipment with welded structure. The shale shaker uses two motors vibrate in-phase for separation. The electric vibrator and the electric equipment in the electric control system are imported explosion proof appliances. The screen area is big, the capacity high and the screening efficiency high. The linear motion shale shaker track quickens the discard and improves screen efficiency.

shale shaker

As we discussed previously that linear motion shale shaker is drived by two counterrotating motor which are equiped on the top of screen deck, and keep 45 degree angle with screen basket. But why it is 45 degree angle? why not 30 degree or 60 degree? As we known that shale shaker processing capacity is effected by the combination of two factors: solid phase limit, and liquid phase limit. If these two vibratory motors are horizontally mounted on the screen deck, the vibration force at top & bottom point of horizontal level would be biggest, so the solids only jump up & down, can not move to the discharge end of shale shaker. While if the two motors is equiped with 90 degree, it would be helpful for drilling fluid to flow on the screen, and solids will can not be removed. So to balance solids limit & drilling fluid liquid limit, the two motors are normally kept 45 degree with screen deck, so that the drilled solids would be tilted uphill towards to the discharge end of shale shaker.

DC Solids Control has different capacity shale shakers available. We have many models shale shaker stocked in our factory. Welcome to visit us and check them out.

Mud shale shaker is the one important equipment in mud cleaning system, the DCS/PTS balanced elliptical is widely used in the world based on its high mechanical performance, mud treating capacity, purificating degree.

Because the working condition and loading characterstics, especially get the vibration force 960-1500rpm make its manufacturing process is more complex, high requirements of machining precision.

In welding process, the welding quality of eccentric shaft tube is the key of shale shaker processing quality and whether can get the point of design use. So we carefully test and technology analyze the eccentric shaft tube and get the reasonable welding technology and widely used in actual production.

shale shaker

Structure characteristics:

DCS/PTS mud shale shaker is combined with two different diameter eccentric shaft, the material of tube foundation is 20# steel, plate reinforcement material is Q235A.

The reasons why produce crack

1 Because of the plate steel is thicker, fillet weld size is small and the low strength of weld joint.
2 The fillet weld to excessive matrix metalhave the obvious section changes, the stress concentration factor is higher.
3.Because of get the 960-1500r/min vibration force, the big vibrate force and the bad structure reliability.
4. Don’t have heat treatment after welding.

shale shaker1

Improvement measure

1 In structure, installed a 600x600x12mm steel plate outside of the screen box to increase the thickness of wallboard and bearing foundation, the welding line of lap plate and wallboard is connecting welding line, and added 6ea 12mm plug weld line in inner of wallboard.
2 In one side of lap jointed sheeting open out a unilateral V groove. The bevel angle is 32′. In order to improve stability, add 4ea 40x40x8mm triangle plate reinforcement.