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Hookstrip bonding shaker screen is a kind of screen which is designed by our country proper development, it is made of two layers or three layers of stainless steel cloth to glue, it without metal plate, the screen cloth according high temperature bonding technology to strong unifies in together. This kind of multilayer structure design increases the strength of shaker screen and using life time. But each screen meshes are different, accurate and reasonable collocation make screening effect is more detailed, it not only can guarantee the enough strength but also increase the effective area in screening process.


Hookstrip soft bonding shaker screen use a coarse mesh screen and a detail mesh screen to bond together. When use it, we should install a network, then the bonding laminated screen is tension. Field tests show that, the using life of this kind of screen can extend. Special to point out, the two sides of super fine screen is not pressed in crochet, so in tension process, the more fine screen layer bears pressure is very small, it is only used as screening layer. This new kind of pressure layer is separate with screening layer is proved is reasonable and the effect is remarkable.

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The crudeness or fineness of bonding grid size and bearing layer screen is according need to choose. The upper screen is more fine, the stress layer screen is more fine, the size of grid smaller. Usually the screening layer use 60-100mesh, the stress layer use 30 mesh, when screening layer is bigger than 150 mesh, the stress layer use 40mesh. When screening layer is bigger than 150mesh, the press layer use 60 mesh, in general the grid size is 33mm*25mm*25mm.

DC Solids Control is a professional and well-known supplier of all kinds of shaker screen in China. At this week, we completed a new batch of pyramid shaker screens at our workshop. Now they are ready for shipping to Australia.

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Derrick Dual Poor600 replacement shaker screens are ready for shipment.

The screens will be used for Derrick Dual poor600 shale shaker. DC shaker screens are popular with more and more users. Our shaker screen mesh ranges from API 20 to API 325. We are confident with high quality and performance of our shaker screen. The reliable and stable quality is from high quality raw material, strict technique process and inspection.


The screens is constructed by 2 or 3 layers of 304 or 316 stainless steel cloth combined together on one steel backing plate.The steel cloth is bent to like pyramid shape or wavelike and then is stuck to the steel backing plate with
special glue.

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Hookstrip shaker screen is a hot model from DC Machinery. The hook strip shaker screen has many advantages. Due to the difference in mesh number of the screen meshes, the user can get more excellent screening effect by using the screen meshes with rational and correct arrangement.

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The metal lining is designed with different hole size to match with screen mesh of different mesh number. On the basis of ensuring adequate strength, we strive to obtain the maximum effective area of the screen mesh. Meanwhile, the integration of the bottom coarse wire mesh with small mesh number and metal lining enhances the strength of the whole product and prolongs its lifetime effectively. The grid on the metal lining of the product divides the screen mesh into multiple independent small meshes, which can avoid local damage and excessive expansion. In addition, the product is furnished with special rubber plug which is used for repairing damage. This design can save time and reduce use cost.

Features of the hookstrip shaker screens:
Hooks solid, do not slip.
Good filtering accuracy.
Larger effective filtration areas, high processing efficiency.
Soft screen surface, and can be rolled.
No bumps, deformation, nap, flash edge, metal solder spatter, folding, mezzanine and other appearance defects.
Simple and light structure, easy to install and maintain.

Please contact DC Solid control to get more information about the all kinds of replacement shaker screens.

The Pyramid screen consists of a standard sandwich construction having two fine-mesh cloths layered with a coarse backing cloth. These three layers are bonded together, corrugated, and then bonded to a perforated plate.


The resulting corrugations are 0.8 inches high on the PMD shaker screen and 1.5 inches high on the PMD+, increasing total screening area and maximizing fluid dispersion. As with the Derrick PWP screen series, the Pyramid screens are capable of making separations as fine as 43 microns.

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Benefits of Pyramid Screens

1. Increased Shaker Capacity—Pyramid and Pyramid Plus screens increase the total amount of useable screen area by 50% to 125%.
2. Screen Finer Faster—Utilizing Pyramid or Pyramid Plus screens enables rigs to screen 2 to 3 mesh sizes finer than traditional perforated plate panels. This maximizes solids removal capacities.
3. Makes Fine Separations—Pyramid and Pyramid Plus screens are capable of making separations as fine as 43 microns.
4. Fits Existing Shakers—There is no need to modify or replace existing equipment. Pyramid screens fit all Derrick shakers, thus allowing the most efficient use of existing equipment.
5. Easily Repaired—The Pyramid screen design lends itself to easy field repair with RTV products.
6. Reduction of horseshoe effect—The Pyramid screen design keeps the peak areas clear of solids and allows higher fluid throughput. This prevents the horseshoe effect that is common on crowned bed shakers.
7. Dryer cuttings—Pyramid screens minimize fluid loss by spreading thinner layers of fluid dispersion over an increased screen area, resulting in more effective drying capabilities.