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The use 

The movable type mud agitator is mainly used in mine avoiding fire, put on a fire and injecting mud, it is belong to mine under well prevent fire and put on fire special equipment.

The structure 

The movable type mud agitator is made of rack, agitating tank, reducer, impeller mud, mud pump, mud pump motor, control cabinet and swivel caster. The agitating tank, mud pump, mud pump motor and control cabinet are all installed on the rack, there are many swivel casters are installed on the under part of the rack.

Agitating motor and reducer is installed the up part of agitating tank, the reducer under part install impellers, there are outlet mud hole on flank of agitating tank under part. The injection mud mouth of mud pump connected with outlet mouth of agitating tank, the outlet mouth of mud pump connected with mud pipeline, mud pump motor matched install with mud pump.


Movable mud  agitator is a kind of mine put on fire equipment of control agitating integration. It has the characteristics of conveniently move, connecting easy, put on fire fast, the source of injection mud material is wide and the cost is lower can meet the different fire type and use the different extinguish material.