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DC Solid control is a professional manufacturer of mud cleaning system. We transported a set of drilling liquid mud plant in batches to our customers on March 30, 2022. We provided integrated solutions and services for this liquid mud plant project from planning, construction to production and operation.


This liquid mud plant consists of mud agitator system, pipeline slurry transfer system, conveying system, solids control system, slurry mixing system, slurry storage system, electric control system and slurry laboratory.

First of all,the mud in the mud pit is stirred and cleaned through the mud agitator system, and transported to the solids control system for separation, then, it is mixed and prepared through the slurry mixing system through the conveying equipment and pipeline slurry transfer equipment, finally it is stored in the slurry storage system for use.


Our customer was very satisfied with the integration scheme and technical ability of our company in the field of drilling mud station construction and establish cooperation with us finally after in- depth investigation on the domestic drilling mud station at very beginning.

We sent our technical engineers to our customer’s project for on-site investigation to understand the project site in details. As required, we finally provided our customers with integrated solutions and services for the whole process from planning, construction to production and
operation. At the same time, we have established friendly and long-term cooperative relations.

Mud cleaning system normally we call it 4 phases solids control equipment, including the first phase solids control control with the shale shaker for solids up of 100 microns, and secondary solids control desander for solids up 50 microns, and the thrid solids control desilter unit to remove solids above 20 microns, the fourth solids control decanting centrifuge to separate solids of 2-7 microns.

solid control system

The Main Solids Control Equpment

Primary Solids Control High G Shale Shaker with Ajustable G force and Deck Angle Adjustable While Operation.
Secondary Solids Control Equipment Mud Cleaner or Desander Desilter of PU material Cones for Longer Life.
PLC and Variable Speed Decanting Centrifuge to Control the Fine Solids and handle barite recovery.
Tunstone Carbide Tiles protection for the Screw Conveyor of the Centrifuge. The Centrifuge Bowl is made from Duplex Stainless Steel by Centrifugal Force which is
better than SS316.
Mission Type Centrifugal Pumps to Allow you easier for spare parts.

Funtion of Solids Control

The solids control system utilized physical method to remove solid particles from the drilling mud to ensure the performance of drilling mud, and reduce the occurrence of drilling accident. Effectively save drilling costs and maximize economic benefits.

The mud cleaning system can used in oil& gas drilling, trenchless, HDD, CBM and ect. Contact us if you have interest with it.


Mud system, basically drilling mud tank system, is a combination solids control equipment that is connected among mud flow lines configured on mud tanks. It aims to clean, recycle, mix and condition the drilling fluids in desired properties as per the drilling formation requirements.

Recent days, DC Solid control shipped 12pcs mud guns and 9 sets centrifugal pumps for Egypt water well drilling. DC Solid control compact mud system also suitablr for waterwell drilling project.

centrifugal pumps

DC Solid control can design and manufacture all kinds capacity mud system for different drilling site or users. If you have requirements of solid control equipment, please contact us, there you will getting the most professional technical guidance, and the reasonable price.

mud guns

As the professional manufacturer of solids control system and equipment, DC Solids Control can provide high standard product and service. Our main product covers shale shaker, mud cleaner, mud agitator, decanter centrifuge, jet mud mixer, vacuum degasser, vertical cutting dryer, liquid gas separator, flare ignition device, centrifugal pump, shear pump, screw pump, submersible slurry pump, etc. Start to contact with us now!


DC attended to the 2014 America OTC on 5th-8th May, this is our first time to take part in OTC.

At the present, OTC have already been the most important exhibition of oil& gas exploitation in the word. The exhibition attracted the word’s major oil companies and a number of international excellent petroleum machinery suppliers and buyer from all over the word.


Meanwhile, we can have a technology exchange with our long terms cooperation partner and know more friends and engineer in the Oil& gas industry. In the exhibition DC solids control attracted a lot of visitors because DC have been known as a leading brand in the world for the liquid and solids separation technology, and other reasons because DC always take the unique designed products of the latest technology to share in the offshore technology.


Fortunately for us, there is a clients from America is very satisfied with our equipment based on our high quality and lower price, the clients want to be as our agency in Houston, we talked many issures about the cooperation, and he will visiting our factory this month.

It doesn’t matter if we can’t meet in OTC, we will taking part in ADIPEC in November, so if you have interests with DC Solid control or if you are focus on Oil&gas drilling, horizontal direction drilling( HDD), CBM drilling, geothermal environmental waste and other mud cleaning system please go to ADIPEC and talked with us.

Solid control system is used to separate drilling fluid. Recent days, the Eastern Europe customer come our fasctory to examine cargo the ZJ4000 solid control system. The system including three sets shale shakers, three sets mud cleaners, three sets centrifuge, three sets vacuum degasser and other pumps.

solid control system1

The performance and quality of the drilling fluid solid control equipment is the key of the solid phase control technology. Drilling fluid solid phase control system is mainly including the drilling fluid circulation tank, drilling fluid mud cleaning equipment and the electrical control equipment three parts, the drilling fluid mud cleaning equipment mainly have shale shaker, desander, deserter, vacuum degasser, centrifugal, centrifugal pump, agitator, mixer and ect. Aim at the sensitive area of the environmental protection which can equipped with the drilling cuttings recovery and the liquid waste disposal equipment.

solidc control system3

The reasonable matching of drilling fluid is the all kinds of type and standard solid control equipment is reasonable used in the solid control process, this kind of flow can meet the requirements of drilling process to drilling fluid purification, also can obtain the best economic benefit.

The reasonable matching of solid control not only demand the reasonable and advancement of each equipments, but also demand the whole system has comprehensive, reasonable, advancement and the adaptability of some area.

solid control system2

And The customer who is a contractor of drilling rigs, so they need all drilling rig auxiliary equipment. We have already cooperate about two years. We have already build the friendship. I believe we will have more cooperation next year.

DC solid control equipments can provide quality goods with advantage —- cost-effective,high quality,reasonable price.Used in HDD Drill

Horizontal Directional Drilling is short for HDD makes the impossible possible. This technology saves time and money. Most of the ground surface remains undisturbed, lessening the environmental impact of placing pipe. Area traffic flow continues without interruption. Communities remain relatively undisturbed and visually pleasing.


Different solids control companies introduce zero-discharge systems, closed-loop systems, “quick move” technology , screening technology, disposal options etc. Drilling mud solids control is widely used in Oil&Gas, HDD, Petroleum industry.

1) Solids control mainly control drilling fluid  used in oilfield. The details are drilling fluid is a fluid used to drill boreholes into the earth. Often used while drilling oil and natural gas wells and on exploration drilling rigs, drilling fluids are also used for much simpler boreholes.

2) The three main categories of drilling fluids are water based mud (which can be dispersed and none dispersed), none aqueous mud, usually called oil based mud, and gaseous drilling fluid, in which a wide range of gases can be used.

3) The main functions of drilling fluids include providing hydrostatic pressure to prevent formation fluids from entering into the well bore, clean during drilling, carrying out drill cuttings and suspending the drill cuttings while drilling is paused and the drilling assembly is brought in and out of the hole. The drilling fluid used for a particular job is selected to avoid formation damage and to limit corrosion.

So drilling solid control system is important for HDD.