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We have already finished the manufacture of DCLW360-1200VFD decanter centrifuge for Arabia client. The centrifuge is used to process the waste mud in drilling field. According to 5 days communication, the Arabia client decided to purchase it from our company, because we can provide the best equipment and mature service for he.

The DCLW decanter centrifuge is a variable frequency centrifuge, it has an dependent electric control cabinet can control the rotary speed according to requirements.


DC high-speed variable frequency centrifuge with its unique advantages, is increasingly favored by more and more users. After concentrated study of our engineers, centrifuges produced by DC Solidc control have the following characteristics:


1. Different working speed can be set according to actual need, thus achieving the purpose of energy saving.
2. Fast dynamic response and accurate speed difference adjustment can greatly improving the content of dry material in the wastes.
3. Switch between speed and torque is quite convenient, which can improve working efficiency.
4. The device can be used to separate solid particles whose diameter is above 2 microns.
5. Explosion-proof electronic control cabinet adapts explosion proof fan to cooling and heating tape to deice and defrost.

As the professional advanced decanter centrifuge supplier. At present, DC’s business scope mainly covers China mainland, Commonwealth of Independent States, North Africa,Australia, U.S.A.and etc.

Sedimenting centrifuge can be divided respectively into batch and continuous sediment discharges as represented.

For batch discharge. this can be further divided to batch and continuous feed. Spintube, ultracentrifuge and zonal centrifuge are all classified as batch-feed centrifuges, though some zonal centrifuges can have continuous feed and continuous removal features. In batch feed, a fixed amount of feed slurry is introduced to the centrifuge. Upon separation, heavier solids settle to the bowl wall or tube bottom at a large radius. Here they accumulate temporarily until separation stops.

tricanter centrifuge

Tubular manual disk, chamber, multibowl and solid basket are considered as semi-continuous are they take continuous feed of suspension. Heavier and large solids from suspension get settled under centrifugal acceleration and the sediment is stored temporarily in the bowl until the quality of the separated liquid becomes affected by the growing sediment in the bowl. At that point, feeding stops, the centrifuge is allowed to coast dowm, the liquid pool is drained, and the sediment is removed. The centrifuge needs to be cleaned before the next cycle.


For continous or semi-continuous discharge of sediment, both disk and decanter centrifuge fall into this category. Under disk centrifuge, there are two types depending on how the concentrated solids are discharged: dropping bottom with intermittent solid discharge and the nozzle disk with continous solid discharge. On the other hand, there are four types under decanter: a conventional decanter, dual-cone decanter for classifying two solids and a liquid phase, compound-beach decanter for dewatering fine solids producing a paste-like cake, and nozzle decanter for classifying kaolin suspension with 1 to 2 micron particles.

The decanter centrifuge is a machine that extracts solid materials from liquids. It’s used in a wide range of industrial applications including food processing, fish processing, chemical manufacturing, and wastewater treatment. DCLW series drilling decanter centrifuge is used in separating suspension of solids phase with particle diameter(d≥2μm) for drilling mud and fluids handling. LW series is a normal decanting centrifuge model of our company, ideal choice for separating particles in drilling mud.

CentrifugeDecanter centrifuge are used to process unweighted and weighted, water-based and oil-based drilling fluids (muds). Mechanical energy is utilized to increase the gravitational force exerted on solids that are present in the mud system. The drilling fluid decanting centrifuge is driven by two motors. The main motor drives the drum and differential shell rotation by the belt . The vice motor drives the spiral through the differential variable speed . The drum and spiral rotate together in the same direction, but at different speeds . Separate the solid phases in the drilling mud by the centrifugal sedimentation principle.

Features & Benefits of Drilling Mud Decanter Centrifuge

1. Innovative design includes longer bowl for increased retention time, resulting in drier solids and finer cut points.

2. Big bowl Big Volume, high G force available.

3. Stainless steel bowl, scroll, compartment and cover resist corrosion and provide long service life.

4. Simplified solid control system, low energy consumption , lighter working load, and the purification efficiency increased by 30% than original .

5. The production capacity of the single machine is large, compact structure, small occupation, and can automatically run, convenient maintenance, can be closed operation .

We are the centrifuge company that skillfully designs, builds, delivers, installs and services horizontal decanter centrifuges for solids control within the oilfield industry. DC petroleum drilling mud decanter centrifuge can meet with different requirements of mud treatment under various drilling conditions,that can do sedimentation and separation for particles bigger than 2 um.

The horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge is made of two parts: One part is drum and the other part is spiral conveyor.

The shape of drum has cylindrical, cone and tube cone combination form. The cylindrical is conducive to solid phase dehydration, cone is conducive to liquid phase to clarify, tube cone combination form has has the features of cylindrical and cone. Now we researching the tube cone combination form. Usually weld the fillet on the surface of the drum to reduce the drum wall wearing and prevent to sediment slip.


Drum length ratio is an important parameter to separation, The more difficult materials to separate the need the bigger ratio. Otherwise, the part taper angle of drum cone also has the big inflence to translate materials.

Spiral conveyor is an important part of horizontal spiral centrifuge, its main functions are transporting sediment, discharging residues. It is made of spiral impellers, inner tank and inlet pipe. Its screw blade is double spiral, the screw pitch decided accoring to the actual condition, the impellers material have the high-wearing feature. The dip angle of impellers have two types, one is the screw impeller perpendicular to the drum generatrix. The other type is the impeller generatrix is perpendicular to rotary axis of the drum.


The main function of internal cylinder is receiving distribution and accelerate the suspension. In order to make the suspension enter into the drum and obtains the better sedimentation effect can adopt many design schemes. Its main method is letting the radial velocity of suspension is minimum in the outlet of the internal cylinder that make the suspension stay a long times in the radial direction and is conducive to the suspension sedimentates and separates.

centrifugeThe CD-600 CENTRIFUGE from M-I SWACO is specially engineered for high-volume drilling. The CD-600 CENTRIFUGE is controlled and monitored by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Compared to other centrifuges, it experiences less solids packoff, produces cleaner effluents, requires fewer operating personnel and features automatic adjustment for different operating conditions.

The M-I SWACO CD-600 VFD Centrifuge, on the other hand, can recover most of the barite in the first stage so that the second stage machine removes mainly LGS. The M-I SWACO CD-600 VFD CENTRIFUGE has proved to be an effective tool for both mud weight reduction and LGS removal in weighted mud systems.

Following the development of the centrifuge in Our country. DC Solid control combine at home and abroad technology to research a new type high speed centrifuge is DCLW364 VFD centrifuge.

Decanter-CentrifugeIt has the big bowl and volume, and high G force available. Its main body including the collection box is made from stainless steel, the screw propeller made from stainless steel welded with tungsten alloy or coated with ceramics as option. Solids Discharge port protected by replaceable tungsten carbon alloy ring or ceramics.German FAG or Sweden SKF Brand Bearings. Electrical Components: SIEMENS/Schneider ATEX or IEC Ex for option. Screw pump & Centrifugal pump feeding pump option available to meet different application.

So if you have interests with Mi-swaco CD-600VFD centrifuge have interests, please contactme freely, we can provide the DCLW364VFD centrifuge to replace it.

Drum is the working kernel of high speed centrifuge, the diameter is 355mm and the length is 1250mm cylindric stainless steel structure. The rotation of the drum mainly depend on the main motor drives the gear belt to operate, it has the characteristics of larger rotary inertia, smaller friction force and higher rotate speed, meanwhile spiral in the drum and coaxial each other, it is drived by auxiliary motor. So it has several requirements to centrifuge control speed:

VFD-centrifuge box

1 The centrifuge is not in the working condition should keep safe and the rotary speed is 0 r/min.

2 According to the technological requirements of centrifuge. When start, we should open the auxiliary motor firstly, then open the main motor; When closed the centrifuge, we should close the main motor firstly, then closed the auxiliary motor. So when start or closed centrifuge, it will produce resonance phenomenon, in order to efficiency reduce the resonance phenomenon and mechanical loss, when start the auxiliary motor, the presetting frequency is 30HZ, but the main motor presetting frequency is 40HZ; When stop the centrifuhe, meanwhile should reduce the main and auxiliary motor rotation speed, then stop the centrifuge.


3 Because of spiral in the drum and coaxial, the auxiliary motor of the drive screw is in in a state of power under the condition of centrifuge common works, main motor also in a state of power, and when main motor spped cut, it is also in a state of power, the power is big and keeps long times.

4 The drum of centrifuge, rotation speed of spiral need adjusted frequently, raising speed and recuxtion speed is frequently.

A decanter centrifuge separates solids from one or two liquid phases in one single continous process. This is done using centrifugal force that can be well beyond 3000 times greater than gravity.

When subject to such forces, the denser solid particles are pressed outwards against the rotating bowl wall. While the less dense liquid phase forms a concentric inner layer. Different dam plates are used to vary the depth of the liquid-the so-called pond-as required.


The sediment formed by the solid particles is continusly removed by the screw conveyor, which rotates at a different speed than the bowl. As a result, the solids are gradually “ploughed” out of the pond and up the conical beach.


The centrifugal force compacts the solids and expects the surplus liquid. The dried solids then discharge from the bowl. The clarified liquid phase or phases overflow the damp plates situated at the opposite end of the bowl. Baffles within the centrifuge casing direct flow path and prevent any risk of cross-contamination.

The speed of the screw conveyor may be automatically adjusted by use of the variable frequency drive(VFD) in order to adjust to variation in the solid load.

DC Solids control wins the biding of two decanter centrifuges from Middle East. Mostly for the oil drilling

The two sets decanter centrifuges are all DCLW450-1000N, with the diameter is 450mm, bowl length is 1000mm, rotary speed is 2000r/min, main drive is 30kw, back drive is 7.5kw and the max capacity is 40m3/h. The drilling fluid decanting centrifuge is driven by two motors. The main motor drives the drum and differential shell rotation by the belt . The vice motor drives the spiral through the differential variable speed.

decanter centrifuge

The Reason why we can win continues the bid from this big drilling contractor is because they have checked our manufacturing facility, and they have tried the first set of solids control equipment in oilfield.

Unlike other competitors, DC Solids Control offers the best material for the products.For the decanting centrifuge, DC use the SS316L instead of SS304 and Tunstung Carbide Tiles protection.

Brandt HS-3400 centrifuge is used to process unweighted and weighted, water-based and oil based drilling fluids(mud). Mechanical energy is utilized to increase the gravitational force exerted on solids that are present in the mud system. Centrifuges are able to apply over 3,000 G-forces on the liquid/solids mixture, which separates the heavier solids from the lighter solids. Additionally, high G-forces separate fine solids from liquid.Here we made a comparison between Brandt HS-3400 centrifuge and DCLW63VFD centrifuge.

brandt centrifuge









NOV Brandt manufactures centrifuges in Conroe, Texas, USA and Aberdeen, Scotland. Centrifuges are typically configured to meet the specifications demanded by the application. They are available individually, in groups or packaged as a component within a complete solids control and waste management solution. Centrifuges are just one of the many solids control and waste management offerings that NOV Brandt supplies to the oil and gas industry.

DCLW 363VFD centrifuge with the large treating capacity. The bowl diameter is 360mm, bowl length is 1270mm,
max capacity is 45m3/h, the bowl speed is 3900rpm, main drive is 50hp and the back drive is 15hp.

DC Centrifuge










DC Decanter Centrifuge Features & Benefits

● Southwest Petroleum University Technology Support
● Big bowl Big Volume ,high G force available
● The main body including the collection box is made from stainless steel
● The screw propeller made from stainless steel welded with tungsten alloy tile or coated with ceramics as option.
● Solids Discharge port protected by replaceable tungsten carbon alloy ring or ceramics.
● German FAG or Sweden SKF Brand Bearings
● Electrical Components: SIEMENS/Schneider ATEX or IEC Ex for option.
● There are 3 overload safety protection, one is the safety protection device of the gear box, second is the hydraulic coupler overload protection, third is the control panel with over currency protection.
● Screw pump & Centrifugal pump feeding pump option available to meet different application.

LW533-BP centrifuge can meet the high requirements of domestic solid control system, it uses the high frequency conversion speed regulation system, it realizes the real soft start, the speed infinitely adjustable, it can choose the rotary speed according to the industrial art, and monitoring the each parameter of the equipment to ensure equipment operation is safety and reliable.

The centrifuge has many functions, the max treatingcapacity is 100m3/h, the max separation factor is 3050. It can dispose the particles whose diameter is 2-5um, the technical performance have already get to the advanced level of international similar products.

Drilling fluid centrifuge














LW533-BP Centrifuge characteristics:
1. The adapting well:
LW533-BP centrfuge design is fully consider petroleum drilling craft provide all kinds of special requirements to centrifuge, to the main part execute the Appropriability and adjustability.

2. Operation environment is good:
LW 533-BP centrifuge separate drilling fluid in a fully closed condition, and it has no pollution to the operation field and also can keep clean of production environment.

3. Inoxidizability Strong
The drum, spiral propeller, housing case, and other parts touch with materials of the LW533-BP centrifuge all use the quality stainless steel to manufacture.

4. Safety protection device is reliable.
The two ends of main shaft of LW533-BP centrifuge install the temperature sensor and vibrator sensor, when the temperature and vibration change is abnormal or exceed the limit will active the electric protection system to prevent machine damaged or cause accident. Electric control cabinet itself also set the protection device, it can efficiency ensure the machine can be safety use.