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Diesel Oil Tank is special equipment for storing oil used for diesel generator set in drilling and fieldwork,  which mainly consists of storage of tank, self priming centrifugal oil pump, filter, flow meter, explosion-proof liquid-level switch, liquid level meter, elevated oil tank & manifold, stainless steel valve.

diesel tank

The diesel oil tank can be put in the skid before transportation and the pipelines of elevated tank & storage tank do not need to be dismantled. The top platform is made of plate and there are drain holes on the bottom.The diesel tank also has dust suction valve,spring and wave cutter inside.

DC superior quality diesel tanks material is 10mm carbon steel. Water leakage test before they leave the factory, to ensure tank body no leakage. Sand blasting before paint. Japan Kansai spraying epoxy zinc rich primer 60um + intermediate paint 60um and polyurethane paint 60um to guarantee corrosion resistance.

DC solid control also can made mud tank, water tank, oil tank with different volume and types. If you have interest with it, please contact us.