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Mud tank is an important equipment used in drilling mud circulation system. Usually, the tanks including main body, compartment, walk way, stairs, gurad rail, drain gate, man hole, fittings,etc.The pipelines for cable, etc.

Our Mobile Mud Tanks are used primarily for mud storage. All the tanks feature a double manifold with a landing and integrated safety stairway. They have a round bottom with 6″ gel lines. They are also coated. All our mud tanks can be connected with an 8″ hose.


The mud tanks made by DC Solid control adopted high quality national standard steel. Essentially assure the quality. Professional maintenance will lead tanks long life and good performance.We will do the sand blasting before painting very carefully.

The paintings layers including 2-primary, 2-medium, 1-finish. Anyhow, please clean the tanks completely when stop operating it otherwise the drilling fluid will fill up and too hard to clean out. If we don’t clean tanks fully the internal content may abrase tank wall since main mud are chemicals. It’s very necessary to clean tanks deeply don’t keep anything blocked at drain gates or valves.


Mud tanks play important role during solids control system. If any leakage please inspect all pipe fittings, connections and drain gate at once. Find out the reason as early as possible and do related repairing. If we can’t confirm the reason please contact DC Solid control freely we’ll give you solutions at soonest.

Oil tank is the major corollary equipment in oilfield drilling rig, it is mainly used to store and provide fuel to generator set. Now, a set of oil tank was finished the production and to delivery to Kazakhstan. The oil tank designed and produced by our company is easy and convenient to use and maintain.

oil tank

DC Oil tank benefits:
1. Customizable configuration for optimal solutions to users
2. The raw material is from top MFG. Such as HBIS, BAOGANG, etc. Ensure the quality essentially
3. Tank will be welded with bended steel plate. The welding line will do flaw detection and pressure test.
4. All the tanks adopted man hole, ladders, and air hole. There are internal blade to avoid diesel oil heavy shaking during transportation
5. Configure explosion proof diesel pump and level sensor
6. All accessories and fittings are from API and ISO certified manufacturers to make sure reliable quality
7. The internal painting adopted high level anti-abrasion and anti-franklinism. Outside will be painted with heavy anti-corrosive marine paint oil tank.

diesel tank

Besides above, the price of raw material here is very low and with high quality. There are also many experienced workforce in iron machine production.They work very  efficiently. So our production cost is less than other supplier.

The reason why you choose DC Oil tank is we control mud tank production cost well by outsourcing some processing work.So buy Mud tank from us you will enjoy high quality but Good price.We are professional in manufacturing solids control system,so our mud tanks design are very compatible for mud circulation system using.