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Last week. DC Solid control got an order of300GPM Mud system from India clinet and we meet in trenchless exhibition last year.

Now the 300GPM mud system is under the production. The mud system include a set of double deck mud cleaner, a centrifugal pump, mud tank and a mud mixere, which is a noral standard configuration.

mud system (2)

DC Mud Recycling System Features

1. Good capacity and performance can meet the mud treatment of large-scale trenchless projects.
2.The equipment parts are fast connected, easy to disassemble, saving time.
3. High wear-resistant polyurethane cyclone is the same as international brands, and can be use more than 3,800 hours, long service life, interchangeable.
4. Explosion-proof light to meet night construction, easy to operate and safe.

mud system (1)

Each equipments of the system has a control starter on the electric control panel, they can be started or stopped. There are two bottoms for the complete system, when “Start” is pushed, the electric input started, when “stop” is
pushed, electric input is break. We can add a third button “ emergency button”, when there is emergency affairs, push this button, the electric input can be break off at once. It is needed for safety of the jobsite.

If you want to get a customized mud recycling system according to your jobsite condition, welcome to visit DC website or DC factory in Tangshan City.

Drilling mud system is mainly include shale shaker, desander, desiltr, mud tank, mud agitator, feeding pumps and ect. In order to quick delivery the mud system, DC solid control workers were overtime work during the National Day holidays.

The drilling-fluid system—commonly known as the “mud system”—is the single component of the well-construction process that remains in contact with the wellbore throughout the entire drilling operation.


Drilling-fluid systems are designed and formulated to perform efficiently under expected wellbore conditions. Advances in drilling-fluid technology have made it possible to implement a cost-effective, fit-for-purpose system for each interval in the well-construction process.


DC Solid control is able to customize its system to produce the arctic solids control system which is solely applied under extremely cold temperature to meet the requirements of the polar cold ( minus 40 degrees centigrade ) working conditions. If you have interesting with it, please feel free to contact us.


SLH Mud hopper is an important part of the drilling mud treatment system; it is designed to mix the drilling mud and solid particles, contained in it, to the state of suspension and for keeping the mud homogeneity.

jet mud mixer

To be as a leader supplier of drilling mud equipment. DC Solid control shipped 3 sets jet mud mixer for domestic users. To meet some user’s urgently requirements, all drilling mud equipment of DC machinery have the inventory in stock, such as shale shaker, desander, desilter, agitator, centrifugal pump and ect.

The jet mud mixer unit mainly consists of sand pump, jet hopper, jet mixer and base.We can design both one jet mud mixer and double jet mud mixer according to customer ’s requirements. The galvanizing treatment adopts for the base, hopper, which has the property of anti-rust. Therefore, the life span of the whole unit will be much longer.

DC machinery jet mud mixer is widely used in oil and gas drilling, CBM drilling, HDD in Thailand, Russia, Middle East, Indonesia,Australia, Venezuela etc. Good quality and best service will be always what we insist. Choosing us to be your co-partner on jet mud mixer will be your wise choice.

DC Solids Control Company has specifically designed a new type desander unit for the mud treatment applied in piling project.Bored Piling Desander has been sent to piling site.

Piling desander Plant has the advantage of small occupied area,good treating effect. After the treatment of piling desander,the mud can meet the requirements of discharge,It has important meaning to reduce the environment pollution,decrease the waste of mud materials, and lower the cost of piling.

mud system

1. Compact Mud System
DC compact mud system just has one treating desander or desilter mounted on the top of a small mud tank. It’s equipped with one centrifugal pump to feed the mud into those cyclones. And the bottom shaker is used to separate out finer solids.
2. High Configuration Mud System
DC high configuration mud system is composed by the treating shaker, desander or desilter and storage mud tank. The treated mud can be stocked in GN mud tank which can be reused for drilling.

DC Solids Control manufactures various standard mud systems and customized mud systems to meet customers’ demands. DC mud systems now have been largely used in oil and gas drilling, HDD, Trenchless, Bored Pile Drilling, TBM, CBM etc.

Drilling fluid circulation in the drilling field mainly includes dosing process, weighting process, supply process and others. Now let me introduce how it works to complete the whole circulation.

Drilling fluid dosing process

Drilling fluid dosing process is the auxiliary process of the drilling fluid solid control. The main function of it is removing the harmful solid phase by adding chemical agent to drilling fluid and chemical precipitation principle; Also can improve drilling fluid property, drill rig stability and drilling speed.


Drilling fluid weighting process

Drillingg fluid weighting process is the auxiliary process of drilling fluid solid control system. The main function of weighting process is increasing drilling fluid density and keep well wall stability according to add barite to drilling fluid to meet the requirements of drilling work to drilling fluid properity.

Weighting pump can directly inhale all tanks drilling fluid by weighting pump suction pipeline, except can’t inhale shale shaker tank drilling fluid. The drilling fluid after weighted by weighting hopper deliveried to all tanks by weighting discharge pipeline except for setting tank.

solid control system

Drilling fluid supply process

Drilling fluid supply process is the auxiliary process of drilling fluid solid control system. The main function of mud supply process is guarantee well wall stability according to supply drilling fluid to well hole when lifting drill tools.

The drilling fluid in trip tank is deliveried to wellhead through discharge pipeline by trip pump. The drilling fluid returned from wellhead enter into trip tank controled by distributor valves. Drilling fluid in reserve tank also can be transported to trip tank by weighting pump pipeline.

Other process

The mud out from well head enter into distributer through pipeline, which can be directly discharged to waste pit by distributer control valves. Also can flow into setting tank through shale shaker or flow any thanks by aqueduct( adjusting flashboard).

Drilling fluid mud agitator is a part of mud purification matching system, mud agitator mix the mud, make drilling cuttings and mud can’t deposit in the bottom of tank and smoothly through the purification system to design. Its main function is make solid phase suspension in drilling fluid, drilling cuttings is the main component part of harmful solid phase. In order to remove the harmful solid phase, they must be suspended, then is injected to desander, desilter and centrifuge to realize it.

Drilling fluid mud agitator is a special agitator, as a general rule, it can’t be replaced by the industries agitator of chemical, petroleum refining and food. In oil drilling fluid solid control, the mechanical agitator is widely used. Mechanical agitator is made of gearing, agitating shaft and agitating impeller.

The mud agitator is installed on circulating tank is a very important equipment, if it is operated and it should be continue used, in order to ensure the uniformity and cyclone of drilling fluid and normal work of centrifuge. A part of oil solid control equipment mud agitator is from foreign company but most parts is directly introduce chemical system. At the end of the 80s, it is given priority to mimicking the overseas introduction mixing equipment, this interval of agitator has a lot of problems; the reliable performance is bad, the effect of agitating is not good, the power consumption is big, the impeller blade is easy to broken, it can’t continue work with long time and oil leakage serious. The impellers are all single impeller and disc impeller. Domestic through effort of several years, from imitation surveying and mapping stage developed to oneself develop new structure. Some problems are had already solved.

Tangshan Dachuan Machinery Co.,Ltd. has the advanced technology and reasonable price.

If you have need, please contact me at anytime.

Solid control system optimization design is listed as one of the ten major subject of drilling equipment. According about 20 years development, domestic drilling rig technology has a great progress, solid control design and manufacture technology also have a gig improve, but because traditional view thinks the technology content of solid control system and equipment is low, appear a lot of design and manufacturers, and imitate each other, so creative technology is less, it can’t solve many practical problems.

The main existing problems in drilling fluid solid control system

The process of drilling fluid solid phase control is not perfect, the performance of solid control is singleness, the efficiency of solid control is low. Because rarely used desander, centrifuge and other equipment, the fine solid particles are difficult to remove, make drilling fluid solid phase content, viscosity is difficult to control, influence drilling speed, causing downhole complex, influenced drilling pump piston and lifetime of the cylinder sleeve. In order to keep drilling fluid performance, must add chemical agent, it increase drilling cost.

The cubage of drilling fluid store tank is small, it can’t meet the requirement of drilling work, the common cubage of store tank is 30m3, the volume of this kind of drilling fluid tank is small, if meet the complex well, it must use the reserve tank drilling fluid to compensate. Because the performance and quality of reserve drilling fluid, it often appear drilling fluid run way, cause pollute the environment and potential security liability. It is difficult to transport and install, drilling preparation for a long time.

The electric gas and circuit is the open line installation, the site layout is messy, it must be stringing and take out stitches every move home, so the workload is big and exist potemial safety hazard.

Drilling fluid is made of dispersion medium, dispersion phase and additive.

Drilling fluid is mainly made of liquid phase, solid phase and chemical treating agent. Liquid phase can be water (fresh water, saline), oil (crude, diesel oil) or lactescence (mix oil emulsion and inverse emulsion). Solid phase is including useful solid phase (expansive soil, additivi material) and the useless solid phase( rock). Chemical treating agent is including inorganic, organic and polymer compound.

Water base drilling fluid is use the water as dispersion medium, it is a sol Suspension hybrid system. The major components are water, clay, additive and all kinds of chemical treating agent. There are five stages of the base water drilling fluid, the nature drilling fluid (1904-1921), fine dispersion drilling fluid (1921-1946), coarse dispersion drilling fluid (1946-1937), don’t spread low solid phase drilling fluid (1966 until now).

The base water drilling fluid is divided into;

a The fresh water drilling fluid. The content of sodium chloride is less than 10mg/cm&sup3, the content of calcium ion is less than 0.12mg/cm³。

b The saline drilling fluid ( seawater and salt water drilling fluid included). The content of sodium chloride is higher than 0.12mg/cm³.

c The saturated salt water drilling fluid. It is saturated solution with a kind or various soluble salt.

d The calcium treatment drilling fluid. The content of calcium ion is less than 0.12mg/cm³

e The hybrid emulsion drilling fluid, it has the water base drilling fluid with 3%-40% emulsified oil.

     f The don’t disperse and low solid phase polymer drilling fluid, the contend of solid phase is less than 4%, it has the moderate polymer

     g The potassium base drilling fluid, the content of the potassium chloride is higher than 3%, from 1978, it was used in our country oil field.

    h The polymer drilling fluid. The polymer as the main body, the ingredients is viscosity reducer, filtrate reducer, prevent collapse agent,

lubricant and all kinds of chemical treating agent. It is a new drilling fluid system developed in the 1980s.


Drilling fluid solid phase control is mainly remove the harmful solid phase and save the useful solid phase, also can control the gross of solid phase in drilling and the grain size distribution in the reasonable ranges, the drilling technology can meet the requirements of the performance of drilling fluid. Usually drilling fluid solid phase control is short for solid control and mud purification system.

The classify and size distribution of solid phase

According the difference characteristics, there are different classification methods.

1 According the different effects of solid phase in drilling fluid: useful solid phase and harmful solid phase.

2 According the density of solid phase: the high density solid phase and the low density solid phase. The high density solid phase is according the requirements of drilling fluid technology add the aggravate materials to improve the density of drilling fluid, the low density solid phase include the bentonite and treating agent of the need of configuration drilling fluid and rock debris.

3 According the reaction of the solid phase and liquid phase: activity solid phase and inertia solid phase. The solid phase and liquid phase is react is called activity solid phase, solid phase and liquid phase don’t react is called inertia solid phase. The activity solid phase is bentonite, shale, clay and ect. The liquid phase are limestone, granite and barite ect.

In the drilling, because the type and drilling parametric of lithology drill head is different, so the content of solid phase and the grain size distribution is different.

The common solid control method are

Irrigation method, replace method, natural sedimentation, chemical sedimentation and mechanical  eliminate.

Hydrocyclone is a kind of mechanical separation equipment with simple and easy to maintain. Separation is realized by the admission energy change into the interior barrel centrifugal force. The centrifugal force act on drilling fluid, make drilling cuttings and other solid phase separated, this is follow Joe hicks’s law. Because the drilling cutting is too fine in some strata drilling, drilling fluid shale shaker can’t remove the drilling cuttings, so must use hydrocyclone remove the most of particles. Drilling fluid shale shaker avoid the big particles enter into the hydrocyclone and led to blocking, protect the hydrocyclone.

The best separate effect of hydrocyclone is the least liquid loss, obtain the maximum drilling fluid solid phase to discharge. The small and light particles are discharged through the overflow month. The biggest effect to the performance of hydrocyclong is the diameter, cone Angle, the diameter of bottom month, the pressure of admission, the model form viscosity of admission.


1 The device is compact, the structure is simple, the price is cheap, have no movement     parts

2 The throughput is big, the range of separation is large.

3 Adjustment and operation is easy, and it is easy to maintain.

4 The ability of separation is great, in some cases, can obtain the overflow of more fine and the higher of separative efficiency.

The shortcomings of hydrocyclone

1 The power consumption is big

2 When the viscosity of the pulp, the density of solid phase and the composition of particles size are changed, the separation particle size and separation effect is changes.

3 The working condition of desander pump is greatly influenced the hydrocyclone.

4 It can’t carry out super fine separation. It can’t disposed flocculating substance