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Poorboy degasser also called mud gas separator that is an ideal for use where drilling is likely to encounter large volumes of gas. The technology is especially beneficial in sour gas environments or when drilling with an underbalanced mud column.

To be as an professonal producer of drilling fluid circulation equipment, DC Solid control has many differnt models of mud gas separator for sale, such as ZCQ800, ZCQ1000, and ZCQ1200. Differnt types with differnt treating capacity that according to your actual use to proposal.

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Each mud gas separator has limitation on much it can safely handle volume of gas. If the volume of gas exceeds the maximum limit, gas can blow through into the rig. It is very important that you must estimate gas flow rate on surface based on pit gain and kill rate in order to see how much expected gas on surface. This will be the limitation on how much you can circulate for well killing operation. You can estimate the volume gas on surface by using well control kill sheet provided by several companies. You need to ensure that the vent line should be as straight as possible with a larger ID in order to minimize back pressure while venting the gas out.


Anything that you don’t understand, please contact us to learn more about how to calculate the gas volume of your drill rig. And welcome to your valued inquiry of mud gas separators.

Mud gas separator is also called Poorboy degasser or liquid gas separator which is a common safety device in oil and gas drilling mud circulation system. The purpose of a separator is to separate free gas or mixed gas and oil from the drilling fluid and convey the gas or oil to a flare or holding tank.

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Mud-gas Separator handles a high proportion of mud solids and may experience hydrate plugging as a result of gas expansion through choke. Design of our Mud Gas Separator is based on conventional process practice, involving a liquid seal system matched to an adequate gas vent.

Specification of mud gas separator
Temperature range : -40°C TO 75°C
Pressure rating : UP TO 15 BAR
Venting size : UP TO 12″
Outlet size : UP TO 10″
Dimension: Based on rig requirements.
Capacity inlet pipe (MIN/IN) : UP TO 125/5

DC Solid control supply both vertical or horizontal Mud gas separator and fitted with internal baffles and distribution nozzles but performance of the liquid seal is independent of these design features.

Mud gas separator is designed primarily for the removal of entrained gas, from the drilling fluid. The mud gas separator is designed in multiple capacities, to meet specific mud gas needs. But what should we pay attention to when use the mud gas separator.


Two situations can cause mud gas separator blow-through.

1. Friction pressure of the gas venting through the vent line exceeds the mud-leg hydrostatic pressure, resulting in evacuation of fluid from the separator. Friction pressure of the mud through the mud return line is considered negligible because of its short length.

2. Vessel ID is too small, causing insufficient retention time for the gas to separate efficiently from the mud. This situation is commonly called insufficient separator cut.

To estimate a peak gas flow rate properly, we must consider a “typical” kick. The typical kick will depend on the well location, depth, type size, and component ratios of influx. Kick data should be based on previous offset well data and should be a realistic worst-case gas kick.