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Desilter is the third class equipment in solids control system, it is used to separate the solid particles whose diameter is 15-44μm from drilling fluid. The desilter produced by DC Machinery has the advantages of large handling capacity, high separation ability and convenient operation.


The important problem is how to install it.

A The outlet and inlet connected by 6’’sebific duct, there is a pore on the top of overflow pipe to prevent desilter produce siphoning functionary. In order to don’t affect desilter regular work, we should not block the air-bleed hole, because it will have little drilling fluid outflow when desilter works, when it works shouldprevent desilter bleeder pipe blocked to avoid influence it normally work.
B The two ends of inlet pipe and overflow pipe all connected with flanged, and guarantee all can ingress or egress drilling fluid, in order to 8’’sebific duct caninstall in the other tank, the joint of overflow pipe can extend to any angles of axis spinning.

C Before operate desilter should open the screen box fixed device.
D The outlet pressure of centrifugal pump is the key of adjustment desilter.
E We must note when install screen, because screen installation directly influence screen service life, if can’t well install will damage screen. When install screen shouldn’t too loose and too tighten, if too loose, screen and supporting adhesive tape will have panting when shale shaker works, screen will rapidly damaged. If tootighten, screen forced too big can damage serious even tear the screen.
F Using retaining mechanism, it used to lock the screen and tighten scroll.
G We should notice the screen maintenance, don’t use spade and other hard scrape, hit screen, and according to different drilling fluid use different mesh screen.