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500 HDD Mud Circulation System is mainly used in HDD, coalbed methane exploitation and other construction projects with requirements on capacities below 500GPM. The 500GPM Mud cirulation system is widely used in China and aborad market.


Parameters of 500GPM HDD Mud Circulation System:
System Capacity: 500GPM (120m³/h)
Particle Size after Treatment: 15~44μm
Total Screen Area of Shale Shaker: 2m2
Total Screen Area of Underflow Shaker: 2m2
Processing Stage: three stages
Total System Power: 150kW
Total System Volume: 15m³
External Dimensions of the System: 10000×2360×4228mm

HDD Mud Circulation System is applied to construction projects with higher mud capacities. Its purification process is divided into three stages: shale shaker for the first stage, desander and desilter respectively for the second and third stages. Both desander and desilter are equipped with underflow shakers that can carry out a further treatment to solids discharged by the upper equipment. By mud preparation devices, add necessary mud materials into purified mud and stir them evenly to prepare mud with qualified properties for recycling, which can greatly reduce construction costs and effectively protect the environment.

To be as a professional manufacturer of solid control company. DC Machinery also can design and production all kinds capacities of mud recycling system according to uses’ request. Please contact us if you have any requirements with it.

Mud cleaning system normally we call it 4 phases solids control equipment, including the first phase solids control control with the shale shaker for solids up of 100 microns, and secondary solids control desander for solids up 50 microns, and the thrid solids control desilter unit to remove solids above 20 microns, the fourth solids control decanting centrifuge to separate solids of 2-7 microns.

solid control system

The Main Solids Control Equpment

Primary Solids Control High G Shale Shaker with Ajustable G force and Deck Angle Adjustable While Operation.
Secondary Solids Control Equipment Mud Cleaner or Desander Desilter of PU material Cones for Longer Life.
PLC and Variable Speed Decanting Centrifuge to Control the Fine Solids and handle barite recovery.
Tunstone Carbide Tiles protection for the Screw Conveyor of the Centrifuge. The Centrifuge Bowl is made from Duplex Stainless Steel by Centrifugal Force which is
better than SS316.
Mission Type Centrifugal Pumps to Allow you easier for spare parts.

Funtion of Solids Control

The solids control system utilized physical method to remove solid particles from the drilling mud to ensure the performance of drilling mud, and reduce the occurrence of drilling accident. Effectively save drilling costs and maximize economic benefits.

The mud cleaning system can used in oil& gas drilling, trenchless, HDD, CBM and ect. Contact us if you have interest with it.


Last month, DC Solid control manufactured a 500GPM mud recycling system for customers and has arrived at the project site after more than 20 days of shipping. The system has been assembled of the main shale shaker and mud cleaner equipment. It is planned to take one week to complete the assembly and commissioning.
mud recycling system

The mud system is engineer designed to clean, recycle and mixing drilling mud in one mud tank package. The flow capacity is 500gpm + with shaker operating at 40 mesh screens and mud density 1.2g/cm3. It removes undesired drilled cuttings down to 12 microns with 4″ desilter cones. Compact design and small foot print allows it to be easily moved and transported .

mud system

The 500gpm mud system is widely used in the following drilling applications:
Horizontal Directional Drilling (Trenchless Construction)
Water Well Drilling
Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM)
Coal Bed Methane (CBM)

DC Solid control design and manufacture compact drilling mud system from 200GPM up to 2000GPM for HDD, water well drilling etc. Customized ! Compact ! Module-Built! Please contact us if you have interesting with it.

DCWP-240 Slurry Separation Plant is used matching with the AVN1200XC Tunnel Boring Machine ( shield outer diameter 1505mm ). dcSolids Control designed the TBM slurry separation system for contractors to get clean water for reuse in the TBM project.

The Capacity is up to 240m³/h.. The cut point is 20um. Equipment components: 1 Unit Shale Shaker, with Coarse sieving & Fine sieving shaker screen; 1 Unit 18” Desander Cyclone; 6 Unit 4” Desilter Cyclones; 1 Unit Slurry Pump, supplying slurry for desander cyclone; 1 Unit Centrifugal Pump, supplying slurry for desilter cyclones.


DCWP-240 Slurry Separation Plant Advantages
1. Compact Structure: compact structure design, convenient for shipment, available for shipment with 1 unit 40ft container and 1 unit 20th container;
2. Personal Safety: designed with walkways, guidelines, ladders, cleaning gate, flanges, and valves for staff safe, humanization, user-friendly, and convenient operation.
3. Adaptable to different kinds of Herrenknecht AVN series tunneling machines.

As a professional manufacturer of Slurry Treatment Plant & Separation Plant,DC Machinery can design the Slurry Treatment Solution for tunneling project and provid models Slurry Separation Plant for sale, such as DCWP500 (500m3/h), DCWP1000(1000m3/h), DCWP1500(1500m3/h), DCWP3000 (3000m3/h), DCWP4000 (4000m3/h), DCWP6000 (6000m3/h), for tunneling machine with outer diameter such as 2000mm, 2500mm, 4200mm, 6000mm, 10000mm,15000mm,17000mm.

DC’s mud system is not only used in oil gas drilling but also in some other drilling projects. Therefore, DC developed the drilling mud recycling system for non-oil drilling like HDD, CBM and water well drilling.

mud equipment

One type of water well drilling is for the drilling water, while the other one type of water well drilling is for water re-injection to underground for keeping the pressure of oil layer for continuous oil producing.

mud system

Last week, DC Solid control finished the production of the small mud system used for India water well drilling site. The mud system includes a double deck mud cleaner which can be used as shale shakers, also can be used as mud cleaners, a sand pump feeding for the hydrocyclone, a jet mud mixer used for mixing the drilling fluid and a mud tank.

If you are also focus on water well drilling, HDD, CBM or building construction which need the slurry treatment system, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


DC Solid control developed an enclosed solids-control system that eliminates the traditional process of shaking fluid and solids and replaces it with an enclosed, vacuum-based filtration process.

solid control system

Rather than relying on high G-forces, the new system vacuums drilling fluids through a rotating filter belt by using high airflow to separate the cuttings from the fluid. The cleaned drilling fluids are then returned to the active mud system, and the drilled solids are carried forward on the filter belt for discharge or removal.

The high airflow also preempts the need for expensive mud coolers and is particularly applicable in high-pressure/high-temperature wells. The improved separation capabilities lead to better quality mud and fewer chemicals required to maintain its properties.

With more mud recycled back to the fluid system, there is less waste, and that waste is cleaner. The new solution also generates substantially drier cuttings with mud on cuttings being reduced to less than 30 percent of drilled solids, and oil on cuttings as low as 5 percent.

DC solid control engineer designed a small desander system for Singapore clients which is mainly used for urban architecture field.

The samll desander system mainly include a desander, mud tank and a feeding pump.

The desander matched 2 pcs 10″ hydrocyclone, the material of the hydrocyclone is iron that is customized according to the clients request. The mud tank dimension is 2.5×2.2×1.8m, painted the specified-Sigma brand. The feeding pump is DSB3X2-12 sand pump, with explosion proof and IECEX certificed of the motor.


The main advantages of the small desander cleaning System which designed by TangShan DaChuan Machinery lie in organically combining the advanced mature technology in petroleum drilling and related hydrological, geothermal construction, make full use of existing equipment, greatly improving the drilling efficiency, shorten the construction cycle.

DC Solid control also can design different model mud cleaning system for HDD, CBM Trenchledd and drilling oil field to recovey the drilling mud. If you have interest with us. Please contact us freely.

When deploying a “solids control system,” there are several key hydraulic design factors that must be considered. These factors simply provide a “hydraulically balanced” solids control system, however, buyers of solids control systems should not overlook the durability, dependability and return on investment that the features and benefits bring.


A typical HDD solids control system will employ a combination of shaker, hydrocyclone, mixing, pump and compartmentalized tank technologies.

The shaker is vital to the solids control system and is considered the first line of defense. Located directly downstream from the shaker will likely be a hydrocyclone assembly that will employ desilters, desanders or both.

Though still considered rare, centrifuge-enable solids control systems are becoming more popular. By adding a centrifuge, the solids control system will achieve the highest level of cut available within the market today.

DC Machinery can customize all kinds solid control system according to users special request, if you have interest with us, please contact me as soon as possible.

As usual, another DC Solid control system preparing delivery to Russia. Although, Russian economi is not good and still downturn in the oil and gas market, but little impact our cooperation with Russian clients.


Following is the order list:

1. 3sets of long vibration motor of DCS700-3 shale shaker. This model of shale shakers are the featured product of DC solid control and warmly received by all Russian oilfield. The main advantages of DCS700-3 shale shakers are quick changing screen, larger vibration strength that can get the better treating capacity, and lower maintenance cost.
2. 3 Sets DCQJ Mud cleaner, the mud cleaner bottom shaker is also DCS700-3 types,combines above advantages and high quality polyurethane hydrocyclone that make extend its service life.
3. 3 Sets DCLW450-1000 decanter centrifuge. The centrifuge located after mud cleaner to separate the solid phase whose diameter from 5 to 7 um. Same as the first order of Russian, the decanter centrifuge drum materail still request stainless #304.
4. 27 sets JBQ5.5 mud agitators. The agitator located on the surface of mud tanks to prevent drilling fluid precipitating in the mud tanks. Considering the transportation cost, most of Russain users chooose local manufacturer to produce the related mud tanks.

Besides ZJ40 rig mud system, DC Solid control is also able to provide mud system for rig of 350HP, 450HP, 550HP, 650HP, 1000HP, 1500HP and 2000HP. Below, we shared several other projects on DC’s oil rig mud system. 2015, we export two sets of drilling mud treatment system to Russian. Any request of Russian clients, please contact me,there you willl getting the most professional technical guidance and lowest price.

DC Customized mud circulating system can be used in many fields, such as HDD project, Water Well Drilling project, Geothermal Drilling project, workover oil drilling rig etc. At presents, we have a new order from New Zealand for water well drilling project.

This is our another new clients from New Zealand who saw our equipment worked in their country for HDD industry, then contacted DC office to know more about our service and products.


500gpm mud system including below items:

1. One set 500gpm treating capacity shale shaker: DCS700-3. The shaker is with box feeder, convenient for water well drilling rigs, 3 Panel hookstrip shaker screen, easier for shaker screen replacement
2. One set 500gpm treating capacity mud cleaner: The mud cleaner is with same deck shaker as DCS700-3. Also matched with best quality polyurethane hydrocyclones and related differents size nozzles.
3. One set mud agitator. The mud agitator is installed on clean mud storage compartment to suspend the mud and to mix the mud after adding chemicals.
4. One set jet mud mixer with one sets centrifugal pump to mix the adding chemicals.
5. And two sets centrifugal pumps feed for Mud cleaner.


DC Professional drilling mud circulating system company can offer small capacity mud system to big capacity mud system for different requirement application. Eg. 200gpm mud system, 350gpm mud system, 500gpm mud system, 1000gpm mud system, 1500gpm mud system… If you have some requirements, pls contact DC Company office freely. We promise to provide you the mature service and reasonable price product.