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DC mud cleaning system company is a professional manufacturer of mud equipment, such as shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, vacuum degasser, shear pump, centrifugal pump, mud agitator, mud gun and other equipment. In order to convenient of customer and save delivery time, we have many solid control equipment in stock. Last week domestic customer place a order of shale shaker, mud cleaner and centrifuge.

mud cleaning system

The DCS700-3 shale shaker and mud cleaner is the first and second stage solid control equipment in mud cleaning system. They all have two 2×1.72kw long vibration motor. And the treating capacity is 130m3/h.

mud cleaning system

Drilling fluid decanting centrifuge used for recovery barite to remove small solid particles, reduce the mud solid content, to ensure the performance of the drilling fluid. And DC production drilling fluid centrifuge has high purification efficiency, convenient adjustment and easy maintenance. The DCLW360-1200VFD centrifuge is a frequency conversion which rotary speed can be adjusted by the control box, and its max treating capacity can get to 40m3/h.

The domestic customer is focus on petroleum drilling and want to purchase the stock equipment,  so they and their drilling engineer visit our factory and sign the contract. The customers are satisfied with our high quality equipment and professional solid control design technology.

DC Solids Control attend CIPPE ( China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology & Equipment Exhibition ) begain last year in order to link with international market . As China manufacturer, DC focus on international market and domestic high-end market, to serve all over the world customer with high quality and excellent technology products.

This year we have a plan to attend to Dubai Petroleum equipment and technology exhibition on Nov. DC solid control will expand the occupation rate of international market. Except for building supply relationship with overseas national oil service company and we will establish overseas branches at oil rich countries and areas to support local business development.


CIPPE 2014 General Info:

Show Add:  China International Exhibition Center, Beijing ( No.88, Yuxiang Road, Tianzhu, Shunyi District, Beijing, China )
Show Time:  March 19-21, 2014
DC Booth No. : W2 A2650

solid control1

What solid control equipment DC will show on March:

1.Two sets decanter centrifuge, one is the frequency conversion and the other is Fixed frequency centrifuge.
2.A set of DCS700-3 long motor shale shaker to be as the key of the whole mud cleaning system.
3.The disk high treating capacity mud cleaner.

Attention please:

1. If you have intersts to visite please email to us adela@dcmudcleaningequipment.com, We will help to arrange visa, hotels,exhibition register and factory visit for our targeting overseas customers Contact us Now.
2. Pleae Remember our booth number is W2 A2650. If you have requirements or something not clearly about drilling fluid recycling system, you can visit our exhibition, we have the professional solid control engineer who focus on the industry about 15 years can help you face on face.
3. If you miss the BeiJing CIPPE exhibition don’t worry please, you can go Dubai to meet us on Nov.




Shear pump is base on the centrifugal pump theory, according improvement and developed the new, high efficiency centrifugal pump, it is the equipment which is rapid configuration and process drilling fluid in solid control equipment matching system, the main use is shearing polymer clay when allocate drilling fluid, it can effective mix and fully hydrated all the materials in drilling fluid, save the drilling materials, shorten the time of drilling fluid allocation, provide good performance drilling fluid for drilling process.

Shear pump transport the drilling fluid with small particles, working condition is very bad, when the shaft seal of shear pump is leakage, it can causes the efficiency of pump is decrease and waste drilling fluid, also can pollute environment. So high efficiency and reasonable seal quality is the key of ensure shear pump normal and safety operate.


The pump is single stage and single section of cantilever type centrifuge, it provides shearing function with guide liquid type, centrifugal combination impeller and shearing plate. The special structure liquid end impact shearing plate, make it high speed shear, in order to complete agitate to foluid.


The shear pump can mix and hydrate fully the materials which were added into the mud, to save the usage of mud materials, shorten the mix time and to supply good- performance mud for the drilling. The shear pump can increase the hydration degree of the particles, quicken the attenuation and hydration of the polymer and offer a high output volume and lift to match the requirement of preparation and mud.

DCJQB Shear Pump Parameters

Type JQB6545 JQB6535
Flow 120m3/h 100m3/h
Lift 45m 35m
Power 55kw 45kw
Weight 980kg 800kg
L×W×H 1150×1100×1500mm 1150×1100×1250mm

TangShan Dachuan Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company focuses on the production, sales and after-sales maintenance service of solid control equipment of petroleum drilling (not excavation). The main products are mud vibrating screen, vacuum degasser, desander, disilter, mud cleaner, mud gas seperator, mud agitator, desander pump, shear pump, centrifugal, flare lgnition device, mix funnel, jet mud mixer, mud tank, water tank, diesel tank, etc.


We are concentrated on matching the requirements of our customers. Our management principle is to supply a high quality, rapid, honest, considerate service to our customers. Our aim is to supply the most advanced equipment and technology to our customers.

Company Structure:

Our company now has 85 staffs, including 15 senior engineer, 5 development persons and 15 senior artisans. We have the ability to develop and produce the equipments independently, and also cooperates with many professional institutes to guarantee the high precision of the exported equipment. Enough after-sales persons to supply the service and technology consulting.


Before service: According to client requirements, DC will provide optimal solutions at earliest time.  2. After service: All DC equipments will have one year guarantee after commissioning date except wearing parts and illegal operation.   3. Commissioning: As per user demand, DC can arrange engineer do 1st commissioning for free. We can also provide training courses to client staff.   4. Emergency solution: The time to client job site depend on visa issuance. Anyhow, we will do our best to solve emergency as soon as we can.   5. Spare parts supply: DC have considerable stock to stare various spare parts. This guarantee the spare parts can be sent to the clients in time.


Vibration motor is from top MFG: 2. Standard steel is from Chinese top manufacturer: HBIS3. Paint oil is from famous Kansai & COSCO Paint Co. Ltd4. Electrical materials from SIMENSE or Schneider5. All motors and electric parts are explosion proof type 6. All outsourcing parts are from top manufacturers both domestic and overseas.7. All painting: a. Sand Blast Treatment before painting b. Two pack Epoxy zinc-rich primer painting c. Two Pack Epoxy hi-build containing anticorrosive pigments.  d. Surface pigmented with high quality light fast PU pigments


1 Our factory is more than 21000 square meters

3. ISO 9001:2008 certificate

4 Offer free guarantee and training courses

5 Have stock all the year to offer convenience to our customers

6Can be customized

7We attend solid control exhibitionr: Dongying 2012,

8 Main marketing: America, Europe, Africa, Mid East, Europe, Asia, Domestic Market ect.


Drilling fluid shale shaker is the first class of drilling fluid solid control equipment, and it is used in the whole drilling well process. The rang of eliminate the solid phase particles is decided by the type of screen, the throughput is related with the screen specification. The screen mesh is bigger, the throughput is smaller, the particles are removed are smaller, the removed particles are greater amount. From the production, hoping use the fine mesh screen, from the economic, the using time of the fine mesh screen is short, so the screen needs overall consideration.

The exploitation and popularize of the mechanical laminate screen and the chemical splice screen effectively improve the fine mesh life times and the purification level of drilling fluid shale shakers.

There are many combination types of the cascade screen, usually the sublayer have 12meshes, the upper use the 30, 40, 60 meshes. The drilling fluid shale shakers don’t use the 80 and more than 80 meshes screen, because the screen mesh is greater and the through sieve rate is lower, led to the screen life time is short.

In order to drilling fluid shale shakers are matching with the drilling machine, we must consider the maximum discharge of the drilling pump and the number of drilling cuttings which are produced in the drilling process, as Qscreen>Qpump+Qcuttings

Qscreen—the throughput of the drilling fluid shale shakers, L/S: Qpump—the maximum discharge of the drilling pump, L/S;q Qcuttings—the cuttings volume in the drilling well.

Because the different drilling machine have the different rotation speed, the drilling cuttings in the unit time to the pump displacement is small, drilling fluid shale shakers use the duplex or trigeminy. So Q screen=Qpump n

To the duplex shale shakers, when replace the screen, must have a single screen stop working, the other single screen must can dispose the whole drilling fluid, so to the duplex screen, n=2. When the trigrminy shale shaker works, must have two single screen dispose the whole drilling fluid, so to the trigrminy, n=3/2.

Now the throughput of the drilling fluid single screen is 40-50L/s.In conclusion, we can obtain the shale shakes’ using methods. In the early day drilling, the diameter of the well is big, the pump discharge is big, the mechanical drilling speed is high, producing a lot of big particles solid phase, the drilling cuttings volume is big, we should use the small mesh screen to dispose the drilling fluid. Following the increase of the drilling depth , the diameter of the well is small, the pump discharge is small, the drilling machine speed is low, producing a lot of small particles solid phase, the drilling cuttings volume is small, we should use the bigger mesh screen to dispose the drilling fluid.

According the function of each components of drilling fluid solid control system put forward the reasons why choose this equipments, discussing the general arrangement methods of drilling fluid solid control system.

The function of solid control equipment

Following the development of drilling well technology, the effect of drilling fluid solid control system to the drilling well working is more bigger, there are all kinds of solid control systems, no matter the type of solid control how to changes, its basic function can’t be changed, it rely on the mechanical clear device and drilling fluid storage tanks and other auxiliary equipment to work together to complete the basic effect.

In drilling well, drilling head, crushing, grinding the ground, make the rock breakages, formation the different size of drilling cuttings, the size is between 2 and 2×10³μm. The single clear equipment remove rang of the solid phase particles is small, so depending on a device can’t reach the purpose of maximum clear the solid phase.

The different equipment can remove the different size solid phase particles. To guarantee carrying the drilling cuttings to the ground, drilling fluid must has the enough up return speed. So must accord the size of the well and the drilling machine to decide the displacement of drilling pump.