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Mud cleaner is the combination of bottom shale shaker, desander and desilter. DC Solid control completed the production of three cleaners for foreign customers.

This model Mud Cleaner combines 10” desander hydrocyclone(s) with smaller 4” hydrocyclones, effectively taking two “cuts” at the unwanted solids contaminating the fluid. The 10” remove large solids down to approximately 100 microns and the 4” can remove solids down to the 20 micron size range. The vibratory screening unit is designed to take the underflow of both size sets of hydrocylones and separate the concentrated solids from the liquid.

mud cleaner

Application field:
Oilfield drilling mud solids removal
Water well drilling mud
Horizontal hole drilling mud (HDD)
Tunneling operations
Coal bed methane drilling (CMD)

The Mud Cleaner requires two pumps to operate, with the pump feeding the 10” cyclones typically taking a suction from a compartment upstream from the compartment from which the other pump takes its suction to feed the 4” hydrocyclones.


The Mud Cleaner will be designed to handle the entire circulating volume of whichever system in which it is operating. Mud Cleaners are effective on both weighted and un-weighted drilling-fluid systems in removing and drying solids while retaining the expensive liquid phase. Used correctly, the Mud Cleaner can lower both drilling fluid and disposal costs.

Mud cleaners are just one of the many solids control and waste management offerings that BRANDT supplies to the oil and gas industry. Quality Management System is ISO 9001-2000 certified.

mud cleaners

Mud cleaners were first designed to remove fine drilled solids from weighted muds without excessive loss of barite and fluid. Their primary purpose now is to de-sand weighted muds. Due to advancements in fine screening at the flowline, the mud conditioner’s use in the weighted hole section is much more limited than in previous decades.

mud cleaner

Mud cleaners are the combination of desander, desilter and bottom deck shaker. Typically, multiple desander cones (12 in or 10 in) and desilter cones (4 in) are mounted above the screen deck of a shale shaker. The size of the solids (in microns) removed by these units is directly correlated to the size of the cone.

The larger the cone, the larger the size of the particle removed and vice-versa. The mud is fed first through the hydrocyclones, where it subsequently cascades down over the shale shaker. The remaining solids, including barite, are returned to the mud system.

Usually, mud cleaner is the second stage equipment of whole solid control system. With the combination of a desander and desilter mounted over a powerful multi-functional shale shaker, DC Solid control’s line of mud cleaners offer both high performance and versatility for the operator.

The underflow screen is like having another shale shaker which receives the waste from the cyclone nozzle for additional processing. This is positioned so that the mud cleaner can recover more of the drilling mud. Our mud cleaner is the perfect piece of equipment in the second and third stage of the drilling mud treatment.


This integration of advanced equipment puts forth a unit that can handle large volumes of circulating fluids and is able to retain fluid integrity. Features such as our wedge-lock fastening system, mud bypass gate, and explosion proof enclosures all allow for ease of use.

Our pride is truly expressed in our work through our craftsmanship, research, design, and the overall practicality of our equipment.The mud cleaner is effective in processing both weighted and unweighted drilling mud during mud systems in removing and drying solids whilst retaining the expensive drilling liquid. Used correctly the drilling mud cleaner would lower both drilling-fluid and disposal costs.

MUD CLEANER efficient removes sand and silt particles as large as 20 microns and as small as 15 microns. MUD CLEANER comprises one D-SANDER, one D-SILTER and one shaker. The D-SANDER and D-SILTER hydroclones are mounted over the screening surface of the shaker to create a high volume MUD CLEANER.\

Mud cleaners are normally positioned in the same location as desliters in a drilling fluid system . Frequently, the desilters, or hydrocyclones, are used in the unweighted portion of a borehole by diverting the underflow away from the mud tanks. When a weighting agent, barite or hematite, is added to the system, screens are placed on the mud cleaner shakers. Solid discarded from the hydrocyclones are sieved to discard solids mostly larger than barite and return solids smaller than the
screen size with most of the liquid phase.


In some areas, mud cleaner discards do contain almost all barite. This is an indication that the formations being drilled are dispersing into the drilling fluid. Formations containing large quantities of smectite drilled with a freshwater drilling fluid will tend do disperse into very small particles. This is an indication that the drilling fluid should be more inhibitive. Generally, the mud cleaner should be shut down and a centrifuge used to remove the very small particles.


Features of Mud Cleaner

- High “G” Force
- Up to 8-16 4″ desilters per unit
- Up to 1-3 10″ desanders per unit
- Simple design
- Rugged and reliable
- High performance
- Low maintenance
- Quick screen panel changes
- Small footprint
- No lubrication
- Low noise

You are welcome to call Dachuan Machinery to get more info about the mud cleaner and we are appreciated to supply the cost-effective products and service for you.

Mud cleaner is the second level equipment in solid control system. The Middle East customer ordered three sets mud cleaner used in ZG3000 system. The customer is local oil service company with many years industry experience. This time, they buy the new developed model of shale shaker and decanter centrifuge.

Mud cleaner2


We should check cone inlet valve whether have already opened before use of desilter group, or the opened cones quantity is enough.
The desander group can works in the condition of providing pressure is kept in the prescribed limit.

After start to work, we should often check feed liquid pressure whether regular, pipeline and connection place whether have leakage. Viewing the bottom flow discharging situation of desander/ desilter, the spray is the best. Then it can eliminate more harmful solid phase and little abrade to hydrocyclone. Otherwise need replace the different size bottom flow to adjust, also can according to mechanical method to increase bottom flow size. We should check and trouble clearing if appears no bottom flow condition.

In order to improve mud cleaner chip removal condition, suggested introduce the appropriate well mouth returned mud.

Mud cleaner1


Drilling fluid mud cleaner desander group and desilter group needn’t the special maintenance, we should check the hydrocyclone wearing condition at regular period, if the thickness of any one of hydrocyclone decrease reached to 50% must be replaced; And we should often check screen wearing condition, according to the damaged condition to sectional repair or replace the whole screen.

Further More, DC Solids Control can design the complete Barite Recovery Decanter Centrifuge System for customers applications.