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Mud cleaner is the second class in the drilling fluid system, separate the drilling fluid which is disposed by the first class. Mud cleaner is made of a group of hydrocyclone, a shale shaker and the shunted tubes. The upper is a group of hydrocyclone, the under part is a detail shale shaker.

The process of the mud cleaner disposed the drilling fluid divided into two steps. The first step; the drilling fluid is separated into the over flow and the bottom flow with the different density, the over flow return the drilling fluid circulating system, the bottom flow drop on the detail shale shaker.


The second step; the high density bottom flow is divided into two parts by the detail shale shaker, one part is the barites and the particles which is less than the mesh through the screen, the other part is the particles which is bigger than the mesh is eliminated by the screen, usually the screen is between 100mesh and 325 mesh, the 150 mesh is widely used.

Compared with the Deserter and the Desander, the mud cleaner have the characteristics of the throughput is big, out faster, the structure is compact and it is easy to operate and maintain, Integrated the advantages of the hydrocyclone and shale shaker, it can quickly remove the harmful solid phase in the drilling fluid, improve the performance of the drilling fluid , meet the requirements of the new process of the high pressure jet drilling.

As we know, shale shaker and mud cleaner is a commonly equipment for drilling fluid circulation system. Usually, shale shaker located before mud cleaner, so we call it is the first stage separation equipment. And mud cleaner is the second stage separation equipment. The treating effect of shale shaker and mud cleaner directly influenc the whole drilling fluid circulation.

At present, there are many types of shale shakers, such as linear motion, elliptical motion, dual motion,single deck and double deck shale shakers. No matter what types shale shaker do you use, the function of it is remove the big solid from the drilling fluid. It mainly depends on the big vibration force produced by vibration motor to screen out. And the reasonable design size screen to get the best screeing effect.

mud cleaner

Besides, mud cleaner to be as the second separation equipment also plays an important role in the mud system. Mud cleaner combines a set of desanding hydrocyclone, desiltering hydrocyclone and a bottom shale shaker. The drilling fluid treated by shale shaker pumped to the desanding hydrocyclone and desiltering hydrocyclone to get the further separation, then droped to the fine mesh screen. Usually the separation point of desanding and desiltering hydrocyclone are 45-75um and 15-75 um.

shale shaker

Nomatter foreigns and domestic dilling users have requirements of your solid control sytsem and want to replace the old one. Please contact me. You will get the most professional guidence and lowest line price. Now DC Solid control has many types and models of shale shaker and mud cleaner in stock can meet your urgently request.

DC Solid control is a professional manufacture of drilling mud cleaning equipment for overseas market. DC Solid control equipment have taken lots of drilling site in Middle East, Africa, Russia, America, Brazil, Australia etc.

The main product of DC Solids Control equipment including: shale shaker, shaker screen, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, mud agitator, mud gun, centrifugal pump, screw pump, vertical cuttings dryer, screw conveyor, High G drying shaker etc.

At present, DC solid control has 2 sets mud cleaner and matching hydrocyclone prepared to shiped to overseas market.

The mud cleaner we offer to them, with below technical specifications:

Model: DCQJ250X1/100X8
Treating Capacity: 120m3/h (528GPM).
Hydrocyclone specification: 10″x1/4″x8.
Matching Shaker: DCS630-3 linear motion shale shakers.


The manufacture progress is as per international Standard. After all assembly finish, test with bentonite fluid. All connections and welding points no leakage, and shale shaker works well.


Except for mud cleaner, we export large quantity of matching hydrocyclone for the same users. You are welcome to call Dachuan Machinery to get more infos about the mud cleaner and we are appreciated to supply the cost-effective products and service for you.

Mud cleaner is the second or third stage drilling fluids solids control equipment in drilling fluids recycling system. The drilling
fluids cleaner will handle the solids particle after being treated by the first grade separation equipment.

drilling mud cleaner

Mud Cleaner provides the convenience of a high G force linear motion drying shaker, desander and desilter in a compact configuration
with a minimal footprint.Mud cleaner provides the capability to remove a wide range of detrimental particles from the mud system at
high flow rates, while conserving valuable deck space.

mud cleaner

Features and Benefits
1. High “G” force linear motion shaker improves cuttings drying capacity and conveyance.
2. Circular desilter manifold improves performance of hydro-cyclones.
3. Deck rubbers installed on every screen to prevent cuttings migration past the screen deck area.
4. Long-lasting rugged loop isolators are easy to replace.

DC solid control can design customized cost-effective mud cleaner for customers special needs.Our mud cleaner can meet almost all
needs for oil and gas well drilling fluids treatment system and HDD recycling system.

Drilling fluid mud cleaner is the second stage of solid control in mud recycling system which is combination of s desander hydrocyclone unit, desilter hydrocyclone unit and a suitable bottom shaker.

DC Solid control can design and manufacture of many different desander and desilter hydrocyclone combination based on the drilling field using requirements. But the conventional type of DCQJ series cleaner is DCQJ200×2/100×8, DCQJ250×2/100×12, DCQJ250×3/100×16 and DCQJ300×2/100×16.


Why users choose mud cleaner instead of the independent desander and desilter.

1. The independent desander and desilter with the sofe hookstrip screen whose the screen ares is small, but the mud cleaner equipped the hard hookstrip or steel frame screen whose the screen are is bigger.
2. Mud cleaner is more convenient to operate.
3. Mud cleanr can to be as the shale shaker, when drill to the certain depth will produce large big solids phase and the existing shale shaker can’t get to the treating capacity, that operaters can change a small mesh screen to the mud cleaner, and use it together with the other shakers.
4. Desander & Desilter & Shale Shaker 3 in one unit mud cleaner for compact footprint to save the tank surface area.


Unique features of DCQJ mud cleaner

1. The material of desander and desilter hydrocyclone is polyurethane with long service life.
2. Different hydrocyclone unit be can equipped in different shakers.
3. Shaker bottom deck made from Stainless Steel for long service life.
4. Heat treatment on complete shaker deck for High G force operation.
5. Famous Brand Vibration Motors : IEC Ex, ATEX and UL Certified mud cleaner.

Drilling mud cleaners is one of the important equipments for solids liqiud separation system which can be used in many fields, such as, HDD, CBM, Oil and gas drilling, waste water treatment and geothermal Environmental. Welcome to inquiry any other solid control equipment.

We got a new order of mud cleaner from Kazahstan this month. The reason why the customer choose DC Solid control to be their supplier is they saw our solid control system worked in Siberia, then called us to inquiry our equipment.

The customer is a oil and gas drilling service company in Kazahstan. Now they have 13 set drill rigs worked in different areas. He knew our equipment from a Russian client. Thanks for all of my client trust me and satisfied with DC Solid control.

This is the mud cleaner manufacturing pictures for your reference.

mud cleaners

Mud cleaners were developed in the early 1970s to remove fine drilled solids from weighted mud without excessive loss of barite and fluid. Mud cleaners use 4″? or 5″cyclones and 8′, 10″ and 12″ cones mounted over a vibrating screen, and are able to effectively process 400-600 GPM. The process capacity is limited by screen capacity and its ability to discard dry solids.   With the introduction of linear motion vibrating screens, the capacity of the mud cleaner screen has been greatly increased.

DC Solid control can design and manufacture all kinds of mud cleaners according to clients different requirements, if you have interest with mud cleaner, please don’t hesitate to contact us.