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Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge is designed for efficient and continuous separation of solids from suspending liquids by sedimentation and decanting, through the centrifugal settling principle. Centrifuge dewatering combines a compact design with efficient solids dewatering for maximum cake dryness.


A decanter centrifuge is useful in that it separates solids and liquids, and has become an essential component of water waste facilities and the chemical, oil, and food processing industries. Moreover, without a centrifuge, many of these companies would become so inefficient they could not function.

decanter centrifuge

Features & Benefits of DCS Series decanter centrifuges
1. Fully enclosed design/operation delivers reduced odor for plant and operators
2. High capacity in a small footprint provides efficiency and minimizes building and capital costs
3. Maximum cake dryness reduces handling and disposal costs
4. Fully automated operation and efficient process control provides optimum performance with reduced labor costs
5. Simple shut-down and flush cycle for minimal water consumption
6. Robust SS construction for wetted parts provides extensive abrasion protection, maximum uptime, and low maintenance costs

To be as a more than 10 years manufacturer of decanter centrifuges. DC Machinery can provide all kinds of models centrifuges. If you have any requirements of centrifuges, please contact us freely.



DCLW355-1258 oilfield centrifuge is made of the motor, control system the two parts, the big density centrifuge matching use with the high speed centrifuge, it can realize the three screens, two machine solid control system scheme, it simplified the solid control system, decreasing the power, increasing the purification efficiency.


At present, there are 10 sets DCLW355-1258 centrifuges in DC workshop waiting users choose it. In oreder to meet most users requirements, we selling it with big discount. Following is the parameters of the centrifuge.

1. Max treating capaity is 45m3/h.
2. Drum diameter is 355mm and drum length is 1258mm.
3. The main motor is 30kw and back motor is 11kw.
4. Bowl speed is 0-3400rpm and can be changable.


If you want to know more detail of it. Please contact DC Solid control, we will suggesting you more different models of decanter centrifuges.