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The DCLW Series decanter scroll is the most flexible available on the market. Its specific open flight design reduces the torque created by the sludge and improves the clarification rate. The special cone design leads to a high sludge compaction.

Reduction of sludge conveying torque by 30% which impacts positively the gear box life time and the scroll drive size
High cake dryness due to better sludge compaction
Optimization of centrifuge power consumption due to High Hydraulic Pressure design
Excellent centrate quality due to improved and flow conditions
decanter centrifuge

Benefits of the DCLW Series decanter:

Up to 40% savings in energy costs
Low cost of ownership due to low power consumption features and high performance rotor
Easy and immediate change of process settings due to variable scroll and bowl speeds
Inline and fast dismantling design
Minimum footprint requirements due to in-line design
Optimum process performance due to adjustable pond depth and automatic control system
Lowest possible machine downtime due to easy, fast, and efficient service and maintenance efforts
High capacity and dryness
Ease of maintenance and low maintenance cost
Closed cooling system, no cross contamination

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In many cases the recovered solids from the hydrocyclone are fed to a dewatering shaker that is outfitted with as fine a screen as possible. It is extremely important to remember to use separate compartments and centrifugal pumps for each size hydrocyclone. Each stage of hydrocyclone should be sized out to process 125 to 150 percent of the volumetric circulating and dry tonnage rate to allow them to work more efficiently and reduce the likelihood of plugging. Cleaned fluid should always be discharged downstream.

The trenchless industry is seeing an increased demand for high-speed centrifuges to help remove colloidal size solids that can wreak havoc on a mud system if they are not removed. A centrifuge is a high speed, high “G” force rotating bowl and scroll assembly capable of separation down to 5 to 7 microns without chemical enhancement.


In this process, slurry is fed through a feed tube into the rotating bowl, where centrifugal force propels the ultra-fine solids outward against the interior wall of the bowl. A rotating conveyor in the center of the bowl drives the recovered solids toward the solids discharge ports, where they are expelled into a chute. Liquid is retained in the pool and discharged through the liquid discharge ports at the opposite end of the bowl.

If desired, polymer injection or “dewatering” units can be integrated with centrifuges to remove solids down to 0um. Polymer injected in between the feed pump and inlet of the centrifuge will flocculate the reactive ultra-fine solids, forming a heavy enough mass for the centrifuge to capture. If done properly, the result can be a semi-clear effluent that may be more readily disposed of or returned to the system. This can help drastically reduce or eliminate expensive drilling mud disposal.

Wastewater treatment plants for both municipal and industrial applications are designed to produce a clean, safe water discharge, usually to a river. The complexity of the plant will depend on the immediate environmental considerations and the consent limits negotiated with the authorities.

More and more our horizontal spiral decanter centrifuge already used in municipal applications and got the good feedback.

There are basically two application types in the wastewater treatment industry for the decanter centrifuge:

1. The first is to take liquid slurry (around 1-3% ds.) as feed to the decanter and thicken it to around 8% ds, often prior to going to a biological digester.
2. The second is to feed the decanter centrifuge with similar slurry and dewater the solids to a dry looking solids mass prior to disposal. In the second case the solids can come from the primary clarifier or the secondary clarifier after biological treatment.

waste water processed

DC Machinery range of decanter centrifuges is ideally designed for these applications. Controlling the decanter centrifuge operating parameters optimizes the consistency of the discharged sludge.

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