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Linear motion shakers are the best technology available for screening solids. DCS Series shakers are made inhouse using the best materials and manufacturing processes available. We offer models available in scalping, desanding, and desilting configurations.

Shakers are the primary solids separation tool on a mud recycling system. On a typically system there are one or more shale shakers to process larger cuttings, then a desanding and/or desilting shaker which processes progressively finer cuttings. A variety of shaker screen meshes can be used to fine tune the cuttings removal to meet varying soil conditions.


DC Solid contorol shale shakers are made inhouse using the best materials and manufacturing processes available. We offer models available in scalping, desanding, and desilting configurations.

shale shaker

Our optional Adjustable While Drilling (AWD) shaker deck angle adjustment is available on most shaker models, which allow you to adjust your deck angles very quickly and easily.

Currently available for DCS855-4, DCS700-3, DCS630-3, and DCS850-2. Please confirm configuration when requesting information.

DC solids control and waste management solutions can provide a closed-loop, zero discharge system to meet all your needs when it comes to location, budget, safety and environmental requirements.

DC offers premium linear motion drying shakers to ensure a fast and efficient turnaround time on your fluid recovery process. The linear motion drying shakers are a multi-functional drilling fluid cleaner that is equipped to handle varying drilling fluid viscosities and remove solids from your drilling fluid.


Advantages of DC Drying shakers

DC’s solids control and waste management solutions are the next generation of closed-loop, zero discharge systems. DC’s Solids Control team will help you design the optimal solution the first time. We use top of the line equipment and provide service making your program a success. DC’s equipment meets all environmental practices and standards which minimizes environmental impact.
DC’s drying shakers offer the benefits of cleaner reclaimed fluid and dryer solids.
DC’s linear motion drying shakers are compact, offering a small on-site footprint

The design of DC Drying shaker with a high g-force and pretensioned screens to optimize the flow of drilling fluids. It provides a cleaner reclaimed fluid that can be utilized back into the drilling fluid program.


Based on the oil field tests and compared with other shale shake types, balanced elliptical motion technology can consistently provide gentle rolling motion, better solids removal and fluid circulation, less, screen wear.

This blog discussed the latest technology in shake shaker, introduced the theory, stricture and performance of the dual motion motion shale shaker.

Although the popular dual motion shale shaker is linear motion shale shaker at home and abroad, but looking from the theory and practice, linear motion shale shaker is not the best choose. So areas of abroad allocate the scraper before the shale shaker to dispose the mud.


The balanced elliptical motion shale shaker is more difficult to design than linear motion shale shaker, but following the development of technology and the maturity of the vibration motor technology, design some new balanced elliptical shale shaker.

The double motion can form linear motion and balanced elliptical motion in one shale shake. DC company combine the balanced elliptical technology and linear motion technology to creatively produce the double motion locus shale shaker. The double motion function and special device, make DC shale shaker can adapt to any land and offshore drilling condition,

Linear motion shale shaker and mud cleaner is also can be used for water well drilling fields. Also respectively are first and second stage mud recover equipment.

Recent days, DC Solid control finished the production of linear motion shale shaker and mud cleanr for a new clients focus on water drill fields. The below picture is the finished product according to users request.


Water well is not so deep like the oil well, and the drilling cost is also very cheap comparing with oil drilling. However, both this 2 drilling processes need the drilling mud recycling system to speed up the drilling process and protect the drill bit.

Water well drilling may not need the used drilling mud to be separated very clean as it is not requested strictly. Just like this 500GPM unit shipped to Middle East, it is a very compact model, while it has all the necessary separation equipment.

DC Solid control can design standards water well drilling mud system, sucha as 500GPM, 800GPM, 1000GPM and others. Though mud system is for water well drilling, it can also be used in other drilling project like HDD. As the working principle is completely the same. The customer killed two birds with only one stone.

Linear motion shale shaker is the primary equipment of drilling fluid cleaning system. In this month, DC Solid contol manufactured 6 sets liear motion shale shakers for our Pakistan old partners.


The shale shakers produced DC solid control is a common typre used in Oilfield. Use the full adhesive hookstrip rigidity screen, the fixed tensioning plate can make to replace screen more convenient and easier and also can replaced into many kinds of screens.

Main parameters of the shale shaker:
Model: DCZS700-3G
Motor Power: 2×1.5kW
Treating Capacity: 120 m3/h/528GPM
Screen Specification: 630×1250mm 40~200 mesh 3 or 4 pannels.
Dimension: 2510×1720×1500mm
Weight: 1680kg

The shale shakers produced by DC Machinery have the advantages of large handling capacity, screening high precision, low-energy, environmental protection and so on. DC Machinery supplies high quality shale shakers, including Linear Motion Shale Shaker, Balanced Elliptical Motion Shale Shaker, etc.

Different client always have different demand on shale shakers, Including shale shaker appearance, quantity, packages, shipment, etc. What about the shale shaker for Italy client.

Shale shaker to Italy

They mainly bought DCS700-3 shake shaker. The model of DCS700-3 is one of the hot sale of DC Solid control. The repeart users always request natural or customized package on all shale shaker.


Why DC solid control always got repeat orders

1.To guarantee the durable structure of the shale shaker, the material is the GB steel from Beijing Shougang Company Limited, Shanghai Baogang Iron and steel Co., Ltd. and Tangshan Iron and steel Co., Ltd.
2. The used vibration motor is from the Italia joint venture Company named Oli. The motor has much advantage, like high strength vibration, large screening size, adjustable screen box angle, little noise, excellent performance and high efficiency.
3. The whole screen box has been heat treated, and there is anticorrosive coating on the surface to keep a long life of the shale shaker.

4. The area of shale shaker screen and handling capacity is large, the treatment effect is excellent.
5. Use the full adhesive edge hooked rigid shaker screen and plate closed fixture, it is convenient and easy to change the screens and can be changed into many kinds of screens.
6. Design the height of storage tank on the shale shaker reasonably to make the fluid buffer and flow, reduce the impaction by the fluid on the shaker screen, then extend the life of the shaker screen.
7. Using thermal relay overloading and open phase protection of electric control cabinet to guarantee the safety of the operators.

You are welcome to contact with us to get more detailed infos, we will supply cost-effective shale shakers and satisfied before and after of the sale service to you.

As we know, shale shaker and mud cleaner is a commonly equipment for drilling fluid circulation system. Usually, shale shaker located before mud cleaner, so we call it is the first stage separation equipment. And mud cleaner is the second stage separation equipment. The treating effect of shale shaker and mud cleaner directly influenc the whole drilling fluid circulation.

At present, there are many types of shale shakers, such as linear motion, elliptical motion, dual motion,single deck and double deck shale shakers. No matter what types shale shaker do you use, the function of it is remove the big solid from the drilling fluid. It mainly depends on the big vibration force produced by vibration motor to screen out. And the reasonable design size screen to get the best screeing effect.

mud cleaner

Besides, mud cleaner to be as the second separation equipment also plays an important role in the mud system. Mud cleaner combines a set of desanding hydrocyclone, desiltering hydrocyclone and a bottom shale shaker. The drilling fluid treated by shale shaker pumped to the desanding hydrocyclone and desiltering hydrocyclone to get the further separation, then droped to the fine mesh screen. Usually the separation point of desanding and desiltering hydrocyclone are 45-75um and 15-75 um.

shale shaker

Nomatter foreigns and domestic dilling users have requirements of your solid control sytsem and want to replace the old one. Please contact me. You will get the most professional guidence and lowest line price. Now DC Solid control has many types and models of shale shaker and mud cleaner in stock can meet your urgently request.

Shale shakers are an common used equipment for oil& gas field, HDD industry, CBM. To be as the first stage separation equipment, shale shakers plays an import role in the whole circulation system. DCS shale shakers have good sales market in all over the world, include linear motion, balanced elliptical and dual motion types.


The shale shaker produced by DC Machinery has absorbed the advanced technology of design and manufacture, the structure has been optimized, therefore can clean the harmful solid phases in drilling mud effectively and guarantee the efficient recovery of drilling fluid. It is the most cost-effective product in domestic.

shale shakers

In addition to the above advantages, following is the detailed advantages of DCS Series shale shakers:

1. Explosion proof and Non-Explosion proof famous brand importing vibration motors.
2. AWD Jacking mechanisms, or mechanical lifting device.
3. Single side hookstrip and wedgelok system providing quick screen change.
4. Many different size screens and panel according to actual use and users required.

At the earlier of 2016, all type of DCS shale shakers enjoy a big discount. If you have any request, please contact DC office to get the best offer. Looking forward to build business cooperation with you soon.

Shale shaker is the first line solid control equipment for drilling fluid separation system. Mewhinle, there are many types of shale shaker produced by DC Solid control, such as linear motion, elliptical motion, dual motion and circular motion shale shakers. But following years of effectiveness of application to sums up the experience, linear motion shale shaker is the most effective one for oil, CBM, and HDD field.

Linear motion shale shakers typically consist of steel shaker screen or fine mesh shaker screen with various mesh sizes, two vibration motors, pedestal lifting device and ect. In oilfield industry, linear motion shale shakers are widely used. DCS700-3 long vibration motor shale shakers are designed and promoted by world famous solids control maker.


Advantages of DCS700-3 Linear motion shale shakers:

1. Hookstrip stainless steel PMD and PWP screens.shaker screen prolong its service life.
2. Designed for 3 or 4 panel screen according to users request.
3. Powered by two Famous Brand OLY Super G vibrating motors
4. Its manually operated, adjustable while drilling (AWD) mechanism, designed for quick, easy deck adjustment, operates from -1° to +5° on DCS700-3 shale shakers.

DC Solid control is capable of providing customers with many solid control equipment, these are not the only types of shale shakers, we also produce all kinds of mud cleaners, 2 or 3phase decanter centrifuge, and drilling waste management. If you want to know about us, please contact me.

In order to prevent the innerstress is appeared from welding don’t allow weld screen box and any auxiliary parts.

1. We should adopt these steps when weld shale shaker
2. Drilling 6mm hole in one end of flaw in order to prevent flaw extend.
3. Using round shovel spade groove along two sides of flaw.
4. Firstly preheat about 60℃ using 3mm diameter welding electrode to prevent any slag inclusions and bite meat condition.
5. Rubdown the protuberant electrode and weld the stiffening plate.
6. If it needs weld in screen surface bracket beam, all welding line should be parallel with beam.
7. When use alternating current weld the screen box should connect the ground to prevent current conveyance the bearing. Otherwise it is easy to led bearing damage.
8. The cutting surface will produce stress when flame cut, so the any addition holes all advised drill.

shale shaker

Installation requirements of mud shale shaker.

When knit drilling fluid shaker screen and screen bracket is matched special vibration attenuation rubber strip. In order to make screen can reach the longest service life, the rubber strip should placed in among of screen and bracket.


We should ensure the equal interval between two sides of shale shaker screen box and screen hook when replace knit screen, we should fix the centre and compact steel flat at first, then tension the plate to keep the stress of screen surface is uniformity. It is one of the premature failure reason If the connecting is not good, the stress is not enough or uneven.