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Shaker screen is a quick wear parts for shale shaker. And Its quality is directly infulence the shaker working performance. DC Solid control provide you the cost- effective price replacement of King cobra shaker screens.

The King Cobra shaker screens  fit for many shale shaker of NOV Brandt. Such as King Cobra, LCM, Mini Cobra, Cobra mud cleaner, etcetera. DC produce high quality replacement King Cobra shaker screens.

shaker screens

King Cobra series screen are pre-tensioned screen panel. The dimension are known as 1251×635 or with tolerance as 1250x630mm. Supporting frame tube height is 25.4mm or 19.05mm. We call latest version Cobra replacement shaker screen as VENOM series screen. King Cobra screens average weight is about 14kg, while the composite framed panel will be lighter, it’s about 12kg.

We provide users many options on King Cobra shaker screen. Including the steel frame flat screen panels, the composite frame shaker screens, and the corrugated flat King Cobra screens.

The mesh size are available from API 20 to API 400. The colors can be black, green, red, gray and so on. The perforation can be hexagonal, square, rectangular or triangular. Please do feel free to contact us for more detail and free screen sample

Replacement Cobra series shaker screen is popular product at DC. There are different models, and sizes. Please find more information below.

shaker screens

Steel framed replacement Cobra series shaker screen

DC manufactures high-quality screen panels replaces for Cobra series shaker screen. There are different pattern or models for steel framed Cobra series screen. Such as the hexagonal punched hole on support plate, or the square hole on the sheet.
For back support frame, there are 2 designs. One is only lateral support tube, the other is both lateral and vertical tube.\


Composite framed Cobra screen replacement

Composite framed screen is popular since the durable frame and steady screen cloth on frame. Compared with steel frame screen, the composite ones are more easier to make and more durable.

Please come to DC and find more information on replacement Cobra series shaker screen.