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Shear pump is a auxiliary equipment in solid control system. It is used to effectively mix and hydrate material added into drilling fluid. With large capacity, high lift, and long reliable service life, the shear pump can speed up dilution and hydration of polymers to have high property mud.

There are several parts in shear pump, including impeller, volute, packing case, shaft, combination belt and other machines. So how to efficiency and right use and maintain the shear pumps ? Below is the maintenance methods of shear pumps.


1)Clean the pumps and pipelines with clean water to avoid blocking impeller channel and nozzles
2)The first operation or operate shearing pump after long time we need to lubricate seal case and bearing case
3)Before running shearing pump we must open the inlet and output gate
4)Feed 10~20ml lubrication grease in bearing case every week. Feed 10~20ml lubrication grease in seal case very week
5)Adjust seal case cover every week if we can’t adjust it anymore then we need to replace two packings. 2 ends of new packing request 45┬░degree. Make sure packings touch each other tight on the bearings when install them every 2 packings should be 90-150┬░ degree direction
6)In cold seasons if pump will be stopped long line please screw out the nut under pump case release drilling fluid to avoid freezing.

DC Machinery research large number of domestic and foreign shear pump based on the improvement of shearing pump, comprising a complete shear and hydration system, quick shear dilution, a hydratable polymer.

The shear pump can mix and hydrate fully the materials which were added into the mud, to save the usage of mud materials, shorten the
mix time and to supply good- performance mud for the drilling. It can greatly improve hydration degree of soil particle moving. JBQ
series shear pumps can save bentonite above 30%.

Shear pump is composed by impeller, volute, support, packing case, transmission shaft, pulley, combination belt and electrical
machine. The impeller of the shear pump is different with the water pump, the structure is more complex. It is the core part of the
shear pump, with high efficiency.


The impeller is made up by 5 parts: axial compressor turbine, stock solution tank, pump impeller, pressure cabin and shear plate. The
axial compressor turbine, pump impeller and stock solution tank were casted critically as a ensemble by stainless steel, the
structure is very compact.

The pump is single stage and single section of cantilever type centrifuge, it provides shearing function with guide liquid type,
centrifugal combination impeller and shearing plate. The special structure liquid end impact shearing plate, make it high speed
shear, in order to complete agitate to fluid.