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Most recyclers today use orbital, elliptical or linear motion shakers, and each has a place in different drilling scenarios. With that being said, linear motion shakers generate high G-Forces and are especially effective in shallow formation sections where high-volume, heavy solids are encountered, and have the ability to remove the solids quickly.

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When choosing a linear shaker for your mud system, look for a long runway (area of length from the front of the shaker to the end where the cuttings dump off). The longer length shaker bed allows extra time for solids to separate from the liquid, and result in drier solids leaving the mud system for disposal. You can also increase the angle of the shaker bed by five degrees to further increase the travel time of the solids.


Proper shaker screen selection enhances the results of the mud recycler, and, combined with the G-Force of the shaker, works in tandem to maximize solids dryness. In the past, shaker screens were sized by mesh size.

Example: 40 mesh screen had 40 openings per square inch of screen area. As a measurement, this left room for a lot of unknown variables, including questioning what gauge wire was used in the manufacture of the screens. The wire gauge altered the size of openings on the screen surface and resulted in changing the size of the solids that the screen could pass or “cut.”

Every solids-removal system should have enough shale shakers to process 100% of the drilling-fluid circulating rate. Shale shaker is the first phase equipment in solid control system.

Drilling Shale Shaker is the most widely used mud shale Shaker. All Mud Shale Shaker is DC Solids Control designed by ourselves, including Balanced Elliptical motion Shaker and Mongoose shale shaker.


Mud Shale Shaker use Italy Oli vibration motor or USA Martin motor. Vibration motor excitation force can be adjusted To meet different viscosity of the mud. DC shale shaker uses “solid works” to design, which makes vibration force through the center of drilling shale shaker, and makes the trajectory of linear shale shaker be balanced to ensure the separation effect of drilling shale shaker.

dc’s shale shakers are naturally available in your operating voltage whether you are running 415 VAC 50 Hz or 600 VAC 60 or anything in-between. With IECEX, Atex, certification you can be certain that your High G shakers are in compliance with your country’s hazardous area regulatory organisation regulations.


Shale shaker is a most popular equipment uses in drilling mud primary solids control system. Recent days. DC Solid control shipped one set of duplex linear motion shale shaker shipped to France.

The duplex shale shaker complete assembly with 900GPM flow rate capacity for drilling oil and gas well, screen configuration. Triple deck for each shaker. 600V, 3 Phase 60Hz.

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When we got client’s inquiry or demand we’ll firstly analysis actual condition. Then propose technique or process steps. According to raw material, working condition the optimal design or configuration will be set soon.

DC solid control is able to produce both material shaker, just need your detail requirements. Please come to us for further question.


Linear motion shakers are the best technology available for screening solids. DCS Series shakers are made inhouse using the best materials and manufacturing processes available. We offer models available in scalping, desanding, and desilting configurations.

Shakers are the primary solids separation tool on a mud recycling system. On a typically system there are one or more shale shakers to process larger cuttings, then a desanding and/or desilting shaker which processes progressively finer cuttings. A variety of shaker screen meshes can be used to fine tune the cuttings removal to meet varying soil conditions.


DC Solid contorol shale shakers are made inhouse using the best materials and manufacturing processes available. We offer models available in scalping, desanding, and desilting configurations.

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Our optional Adjustable While Drilling (AWD) shaker deck angle adjustment is available on most shaker models, which allow you to adjust your deck angles very quickly and easily.

Currently available for DCS855-4, DCS700-3, DCS630-3, and DCS850-2. Please confirm configuration when requesting information.

Linear motion shale shaker is the primary equipment of drilling fluid cleaning system. In this month, DC Solid contol manufactured 6 sets liear motion shale shakers for our Pakistan old partners.


The shale shakers produced DC solid control is a common typre used in Oilfield. Use the full adhesive hookstrip rigidity screen, the fixed tensioning plate can make to replace screen more convenient and easier and also can replaced into many kinds of screens.

Main parameters of the shale shaker:
Model: DCZS700-3G
Motor Power: 2×1.5kW
Treating Capacity: 120 m3/h/528GPM
Screen Specification: 630×1250mm 40~200 mesh 3 or 4 pannels.
Dimension: 2510×1720×1500mm
Weight: 1680kg

The shale shakers produced by DC Machinery have the advantages of large handling capacity, screening high precision, low-energy, environmental protection and so on. DC Machinery supplies high quality shale shakers, including Linear Motion Shale Shaker, Balanced Elliptical Motion Shale Shaker, etc.

Shale shakers are an common used equipment for oil& gas field, HDD industry, CBM. To be as the first stage separation equipment, shale shakers plays an import role in the whole circulation system. DCS shale shakers have good sales market in all over the world, include linear motion, balanced elliptical and dual motion types.


The shale shaker produced by DC Machinery has absorbed the advanced technology of design and manufacture, the structure has been optimized, therefore can clean the harmful solid phases in drilling mud effectively and guarantee the efficient recovery of drilling fluid. It is the most cost-effective product in domestic.

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In addition to the above advantages, following is the detailed advantages of DCS Series shale shakers:

1. Explosion proof and Non-Explosion proof famous brand importing vibration motors.
2. AWD Jacking mechanisms, or mechanical lifting device.
3. Single side hookstrip and wedgelok system providing quick screen change.
4. Many different size screens and panel according to actual use and users required.

At the earlier of 2016, all type of DCS shale shakers enjoy a big discount. If you have any request, please contact DC office to get the best offer. Looking forward to build business cooperation with you soon.

Shale shaker is the first level in drilling mud solid phase control system, dispose the mud which carrying large drilling cuttings returned from the well and enter into the second separation equipment. And the main problem is shaker screen replacing, follows are the how to install and correctly adjust the screen.


1.The screen can be used alone, and also can be used duplex and more screen connection. According to users’ requirements to manufacture the inlet mud manifold.
2.Installation and replacement of the shaker screen.
Screen is a more expensive quick-wear part in the equipment, the installation quality is directly influence its service life.
Screen adopts bolts tighten device.
Notice: when operation, firstly tighten the right (viewing from discharging sand mouth) makes the screen outboard clamp the limited block which in the bottom of spiral hole, the three bolts should all firstly fix the middle one and make it is more uniformity. The bolt is the dedicated, when replace in the field we must carefully operate and avoid to lose.
3.Adjustment of the screen box dip angle.
When mud displacement is oversize or viscosity is overtop, screen will running mud, this moment we must rapidly adjust screen box dip angle. The size of dip angle is according to don’t run mud o be as the best. The shale shaker screen box dip angle can be adjusted according to requirements, from -1°, 0°, 1°, 2°, 3°, 4°, 5°. When adjust it, first take out the archivierungen, then use lead screw adjust it to make screen box dip angle changed, insert the dowel after adjusted. When screen box works, the mud must filled up above 3/4 of screen surface, if it is not filled up 3/4 of screen surface which is show that screen is too coarse. In order to improve purification effect, we must replace fine mesh screen at this times.

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4.The maintenance of screen surface.
Before every stop screen, it should be idling 5-12 minutes, meanwhile use pure water wash the screen.
Pershift should uses water (summer) or steam (winter) washes screen surface and screen shoe at least. Screen and screen shoe can’t have too much sediment. Especially the mud with the big viscosity, density or use above 60 mesh screen. Otherwise, the viscous materials or after the fine sand is dry up on the screen will blocking the screen holes, when re-start shale shaker will decrease screen filtering effect and must run mud and cause the unnecessary loss.

In drilling fluids system, the first line of defense is drilling fluid shale shaker. Shale shakers removes solids from drilling fluid as the mud passed over the surface of a vibrating screen.

Particles smaller than the openings in the shale shaker screen pass through the holes of the screen along with the liquid phase of the mud. Particles too large to pass through the screen are thereby separated from the mud dor disposal. Without proper screening of the drilling fluids during this initial removal step, downstream equipment will experience reduced efficiency and effectiveness. The downstream desander, desilter and or decanter centrifuge( if emplpyed) will simply be overloaded beyond their design capacity.


There are a number of commercial claims that indicate that drilling mud shale shakers can achieve solid cuts lower than 74um, however, when it comes to the practical installation and use of solids control system( i.e. relative to flow rates, drilling fluid viscosity, screen condition, volume of solids being managed, etc.) operators should conservaitively assume 100um as the performance limit.


Basically, a screen acts as a “go/no-go” gauge: either a particle is small enough to pass through the screen or it is not. Screening surface used in solids control equipment are generally made of multi-layered woven wire screen cloth and are the” heart and soul” of the shaker. Fundamentally, the quality of a shaker is defined by the quality of screens it utilizes.

When selecting a solids control system, it is important that the quality of the screen manufacturing and level of experience by the in manufacturing screen is considered.


Drilling fluid shale shaker is the primary processing equipment in solids control system, used for separating larger cuttings from drilling mud, and it plays an important role in protecting drilling fluid performance.

Purpose of using shale shaker

Purpose of using shale shaker is removing the bigger drilling cuttings from drilling fluid. Shale shaker is the primary solid control equipment to treat drilling fluid. Drilling fluid shale shaker should have the good performance if the whole system operated under or approach the design capacity.

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Performance of shale shakers

Shale shakers have a variety of screen size, shape and operating model. Screens size and shape, drilling fluid performance, drilling cuttings type and quantity and the general condition of equipment are jointly decide the shale shaker performance. Shale shaker must be continuely operate to improve the problem if the shale shaker performance is not the best. All commerical shale shakers can eliminate solid phase, whose performance will be better if get the reasonable maintenace and operation.

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Carrying capacity of shale shakers

Obviously, shale shakers only can elminate the drilling cuttings which is carried out by drilling fluid from ground. Drilling cuttings are rolling continuously to make its edge more slick in the process of drilling cutting get to the ground. If drilling cuttings edge are slick or circle shows that it can’t be rapidly and directly carried to the ground. Drilling fluid engineer should notice the drilling cuttings which is arrived to shale shaker whether with the slick edge.