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Centrifugal pump for drilling mud system,oilfield and HDD drilling fluids centrifugal pump China manufacturer. DC supply centrifugal pump for solids control system.

Centrifugal pumps that are driven by electric motors are responsible for moving the drilling fluids to various areas of the system within the cleaning process. Pumps and motors should both be sized correctly to adequately handle the systems volume needs.

centrifugal pump

The centrifugal pumps may feature either mechanical seals or rope packing, depending upon the pump type. Mechanical seals are relatively maintenance free, but rope packing requires proper attention. Rope style packing allows some fluid “leakage” from the packing area. Do not tighten the packing housing down to stop the leaking completely, or seal and shaft damage will occur. You should always maintain a slow drip when using rope type packing.


Maintaining the Life of an HDD Mud Pump Whether your mud system features an on-board triplex mud pump, or you are using a stand- alone mud pump, care should be taken to ensure your systems charge pump adequately feeds the pressure pump, or cavitation will occur within the triplex causing costly damage. One final thought: Beware of unnecessary gimmicks that could cause costly downtime in the field. In regards to this type of equipment, simple, easy-to-operate and easy-to-field service systems are your best bet.

Slurry pump is a kind of centrifugal pump. DC solid control company shipped 3 sets slurry pumps to Xin Jiang water well drilling which is used for feed drilling fluid for small centrifuges.

Submersible Slurry Pump has vertical single stage and single suction system in overhung structure, adopting wear-resistant alloy material. No bearing and shaft seal between the impeller and the pump body, so it is free-maintenance, durable for high temperature, then it is the ideal equipment to provide impetus for the decanter centrifuge.


DC series submersible slurry pumps are mainly used for environmental protection, new type building materials , coal washing , municipal projects, thermal power generation, coal gas coking plant,refinery,steel mills,mining,paper making,cement plant,food products factory and other fields to perform pumping of thick oil, oil residue, dirty oil, mud, mortar, running sand and other liquids from the municipal sewerage.

Vertical slurry pump is also suitable for pumping liquids with silt particle and corrosive liquid. Submersible slurry pump produced by DC Machinery has the advantages of high efficiency, maintenance free, high temperature resistance, long service life and so on.

SB series centrifugal pump is the ideal equipment to provide impetus for Desander 、Desilter and Jet Mud Mixer for solids control equipment. Centrifugal pump including single stage, multi stage, etc. divided by stage; including vertical type, horizontal type divided by stands type; including self-suction and non-self suction divided by suction model.


The centrifugal pumps also suited for drilling fluids processing. Using front and rear wear ring and balance holes to keep hydraulic balance. Single face mechanical seal or dual balanced cartridge seal can be used with cooling, washing or liquid-sealing system. Pipeline system is standardized by API. It is suitable to convey clean drilling mud liquid or drilling fluids with small amount of particles.


Features of Sand pumps

Different flow pumps with different horsepower
Tungsten carbide mechanical seal
Units equipped with explosion proof starter boxes
Can be powered by 3 phase 230 volt or 460 volt power systems
Approved for offshore use

Anyhow, centrifugal pump almost used in every industry. Usually in drilling mud solids control, the centrifugal pump will be used as feeding pump to Shale shaker, Desander, Desilter, and decanter centrifuge.