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Good news from DC solid control. We shipped a set of solid control equipment to a new client from South America. And is our appreciated to get the new order from the clients after their long times inspection.

The shipped solid control equipment include DCS700-3 shale shakers, DCQJ mud cleaners, DCLW355 Series decanter centrifuges, mud agitators, centrifugal pumps and matching spare parts. They are always happy with our product quality and our services. These equipment are to be delivered by sea to South America. Please find below photos for your reference.


Please contact us freely if you also have oil solid control equipment, mud system, waste management and etc. Main product is shale shaker, shaker screens, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, degasser, mud agitator, pump, tank and ect or you have any questions.  Trust DC is your ideal partner instead of just supplier.


DC Solids Control provide the full line of drilling waste management equipment for the pitless drilling, with  DC Solids Control products, operators is able to run the closed loop mud circulation system to reduce the cost for drilling waste handling.

drilling cutting

Last week, DC Solid control shipped a set of drilling mud cutting system to Turkey client. The system mainly include a high speed decanter centrifuge, mud tank,vertical cutting, feeding pump and related accessories.

drilling cutting treatment

Features and advantages of drilling cutting equipment:

1 efficient solid-liquid separation, the effective recovery of the mud in the drilling cuttings, a substantial reduction in solid emissions, solid oil content can be
achieved after treatment of less than 5%.
2 effective recovery and reuse in the mud, mud circulation system, Recyclable due to slurry leakage, mobile derrick and mesh plug loss shaker.
3 commonly used wear parts can be replaced from the top of the device; no need to move any device, you can replace the belt.
4 In the rotation scraper Sprayed Tungsten Carbide corrosion resistant material, can prolong the service life, reduce maintenance costs.
5 suitable for oil base mud drilling cuttings recovery.
6 to achieve the mud does not fall on the job requirements, reduce drilling fluid costs and waste disposal costs.

Please contact us if you have interest.


DC Solid control is a professional manufacturer of mud cleaning system. We transported a set of drilling liquid mud plant in batches to our customers on March 30, 2022. We provided integrated solutions and services for this liquid mud plant project from planning, construction to production and operation.


This liquid mud plant consists of mud agitator system, pipeline slurry transfer system, conveying system, solids control system, slurry mixing system, slurry storage system, electric control system and slurry laboratory.

First of all,the mud in the mud pit is stirred and cleaned through the mud agitator system, and transported to the solids control system for separation, then, it is mixed and prepared through the slurry mixing system through the conveying equipment and pipeline slurry transfer equipment, finally it is stored in the slurry storage system for use.


Our customer was very satisfied with the integration scheme and technical ability of our company in the field of drilling mud station construction and establish cooperation with us finally after in- depth investigation on the domestic drilling mud station at very beginning.

We sent our technical engineers to our customer’s project for on-site investigation to understand the project site in details. As required, we finally provided our customers with integrated solutions and services for the whole process from planning, construction to production and
operation. At the same time, we have established friendly and long-term cooperative relations.

Mud cleaning system normally we call it 4 phases solids control equipment, including the first phase solids control control with the shale shaker for solids up of 100 microns, and secondary solids control desander for solids up 50 microns, and the thrid solids control desilter unit to remove solids above 20 microns, the fourth solids control decanting centrifuge to separate solids of 2-7 microns.

solid control system

The Main Solids Control Equpment

Primary Solids Control High G Shale Shaker with Ajustable G force and Deck Angle Adjustable While Operation.
Secondary Solids Control Equipment Mud Cleaner or Desander Desilter of PU material Cones for Longer Life.
PLC and Variable Speed Decanting Centrifuge to Control the Fine Solids and handle barite recovery.
Tunstone Carbide Tiles protection for the Screw Conveyor of the Centrifuge. The Centrifuge Bowl is made from Duplex Stainless Steel by Centrifugal Force which is
better than SS316.
Mission Type Centrifugal Pumps to Allow you easier for spare parts.

Funtion of Solids Control

The solids control system utilized physical method to remove solid particles from the drilling mud to ensure the performance of drilling mud, and reduce the occurrence of drilling accident. Effectively save drilling costs and maximize economic benefits.

The mud cleaning system can used in oil& gas drilling, trenchless, HDD, CBM and ect. Contact us if you have interest with it.


Due to the increasing environmental concerns & more and more competitive market, as well as the drilling waste dumping cost and drilling rig downtime, etc., it has become economical & make more sense to utilize a mud recycling & mixing system in horizontal directional drilling (HDD) processing.


A mud recycling & mixing system can achieve the following function:

Separate the formation & commercial solids in the drilling mud by mechanical measurement with different solids control equipment.
Extend the life of pumps, mud motors, drilling rig, etc.
Minimize the disposal fees, truck cost, and drivers/operators costs.
Minimize water usage and bentonite & additives for new mud making.
Reduce the rig downtime, waiting on fresh water & disposal trucks.
Contractors can be viewed as environmental friendly.

To be as a professional manufacturer of mud recycling system. DC Solid control design and manufacture compact drilling mud system from 200GPM upto 2000GPM for HDD, water well drilling etc. Customized ! Compact ! Module-Built!


DC Solid control is a full-service company providing equipment, parts, and service to the oilfield, HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling), geothermal, mining and water well drilling industries.

We manufacture a complete line of solids control equipment including; mud reclaimers & mud recyclers, shale shakers, de-silters, de-sanders, and pump packages, all for sale or for rent, allowing us to achieve a higher standard of excellence.

Mud system

HDD mud equipment

Our staff is available to assist you with complete line of parts, including pump parts, shaker screens and drilling mud all available at competitive prices. As we are just a phone call away, we are available to answer questions and assist you with troubleshooting while you are in the field.

We look forward to assisting you with all of your drilling equipment, pumps and parts needs.

Oil & gas/CBM drilling solids control system (mud system) is mainly used to treat drilling fluid which coming from the wellhead and carrying the solids particles, remove and separate harmful solids in the drilling fluid, and store useful drilling fluid & make new fresh drilling fluid for recycling. DC Solid control company can provide solids control system to match with rigs from 1000 meters to 9,000 meters.

Solid control system

Main Equipments:

Solids control system, mainly including shale shaker, vacuum degasser, desander, desilter (or mud cleaner), decanter centrifuge, mud agitator, shear pump, hopper, mud tank, centrifugal pump and other equipment.

DC Solids control system (mud system) specification as below:

1. Application: Oil & Gas drilling, CBM drilling
2. Matching drilling depth: 1000~9000 meters
3. System total volume: 60、150、260、400、500、600 m³
4. System rated capacity: 120 m³/h–360m³/h

The solid control equipment has been to focus on the development of Desander, Desilter and Degasser and other devices with small footprint, high effectiveness and long service life. Combined with high speed centrifugal, DC solid control equipment can detect automatically and conduct control according to the detection results.


Normally, the HDD or trenchless drilling projects mud solids control system is 3 phase solids removal is enough. But if for heavy mud, the 4 phase solids control system gives a lot of benefits to the drilling contractors include more clean mud, less disposal cost, and faster drilling speed.

Below is the introduction of 3 phase solid control system for light mud in trenchless project.
The 3 phase solid control system of HDD including shale shakers, desander and desilters.


General layout of DC desigh is the first mud tank is equipped with one desander shaker unit and one desilter shaker unit. The dirty drilling mud will go to the bottom deck of the shale shaker for desander unit and desilter unit for first stage mud treatment. And then go to desander unit for second stage mud treatment.

The second mud tank is equipped with two sets high speed decanter centrifuge DCLW355-1258VFD to remove solids particles about 5-7microns. The centrifuge bowl speed is variable with ABB frequency converter. The user can adjust the bowl speed from 0 to 3200 rpm to fit for the mud conditions.

DC Solids Control not only provide the 3 phase solids control system but also will providing the customized solid control system for oil and trenchless fields.

DC Customized mud circulating system can be used in many fields, such as HDD project, Water Well Drilling project, Geothermal Drilling project, workover oil drilling rig etc. At presents, we have a new order from New Zealand for water well drilling project.

This is our another new clients from New Zealand who saw our equipment worked in their country for HDD industry, then contacted DC office to know more about our service and products.


500gpm mud system including below items:

1. One set 500gpm treating capacity shale shaker: DCS700-3. The shaker is with box feeder, convenient for water well drilling rigs, 3 Panel hookstrip shaker screen, easier for shaker screen replacement
2. One set 500gpm treating capacity mud cleaner: The mud cleaner is with same deck shaker as DCS700-3. Also matched with best quality polyurethane hydrocyclones and related differents size nozzles.
3. One set mud agitator. The mud agitator is installed on clean mud storage compartment to suspend the mud and to mix the mud after adding chemicals.
4. One set jet mud mixer with one sets centrifugal pump to mix the adding chemicals.
5. And two sets centrifugal pumps feed for Mud cleaner.


DC Professional drilling mud circulating system company can offer small capacity mud system to big capacity mud system for different requirement application. Eg. 200gpm mud system, 350gpm mud system, 500gpm mud system, 1000gpm mud system, 1500gpm mud system… If you have some requirements, pls contact DC Company office freely. We promise to provide you the mature service and reasonable price product.

Trenchless is a new construction technology which refers to the oriented and directional drilling to replace and maintain all kinds of underground pipeline, little interference on the surface and with the high social and economic.

Consitute and process of mud cleaning device:

The mud cleaning and recovering device produced by DC Solid control have the three functions of solid control control, rapidly pulping and reserve mud. It is consitute of rapid pulping system, mud reserve system and electric control system.


The mud return back from well mouth discharged to a small mud tank, which is transported to the mud cleaning device by mud pump, then though shale shaker, desander and desilter in turn, and eliminate the solid phase whose diameter is bigger than 15um. Then the treated drilling mud is pumped to centrifuge by feeding pump. This is the main process.


Combination and features of mud cleaning system:

Mud cleaning system line mainly include shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud tank, sand pump and ect.

DC mud cleaning system have this structure characteristics.

1 Shale shaker, desander, desilter,storage tank, sand pump and pipeline make up a module which is convenient to transport.
2 Shale shaker adopts slotted screen, consists of two layers, slotted screen with the big lacune which is difficult to block to high viscosity and large quantity of
sand, overcome the common shale shakers problem.
3 The treating capacity of shale shaker and desander is 100m3/h can meet the treating requirements of Trenchless, and don’t frequent start-stop devices.
4 Because of the treating capacity if desander is less than petroleum drilling, the centrifugal pump power is small than the petroleum drilling which is very suit for
the trenchless drilling.