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Vertical cuttings dryer could be regarded as a vertical centrifuge, and widely used to treat drilling cuttings in oil drilling field. ertical cutting dryers are one of the industry’s best performing and most dependable cutting dryers.

Vertical cutting dryers provides its operators an advantage for environmental and economic reasons. Vertical cuttings dryers are a necessity for industries where increased regulations on cuttings discharge are prevalent.


Main function of vertical cutting dryer:

A vertical cuttings dryer can reduce liquid content to 5% with less maintenance costs. Vertical cutting dryers offer a waste management solution to effectively clean and dispose of drilling solids and maximize drilling fluid returns specific to operational needs.


1. The annular drain groove of the Cutting Dryer is installed at an oblique angle at 4°and the drain port is in the bottom of the groove. A vent is designed above the drain port. It’s helpful to discharge the viscous liquid when open the vent.
2. Wear-resistant material is adapted to those parts where may hit by the speeding solids come from the centrifuge. By doing this, we effectively prolong service life of relevant components.
3. Mechanical overload protection device would stop the vertical cutting dryer motor running whenever the torque is larger than rated.
4. Newly designed and unique structure of sludge discharge pipe and sludge collector makes sure the vertical centrifuge dropping and no jam.、

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Vertical cutting dryer could be regarded as a vertical centrifuge, the discharged cuttings are transferred by the auger get into the Vertical cutting dryer from the opening on the top, under the function of centrifugal force produced by rotation of the screen module.

Vertical dryer can recover up to 95% of drilling fluids. A large decrease in attraction between liquid and oil results in a retort of vertical dryer cuttings that can range between 6% and 1% oil by weight.


DC Solid control is committed to reducing drilled solids waste and decreasing any related disposal costs. Correct usage of a vertical dryer can ensure client compliance with local environmental regulations and aid in the recovery of base fluid. DC Solid control sets the industry standard in sample testing for reducing fluids discards on drill cuttings.

Decreasing waste, disposal, and recovering fluid allows our clients to decrease operating costs. DC Solidc control’ vertical dryers have durable and functional maintenance characteristics for decreased downtime. All standard parts are easily accessed from the top of the unit. Belts can be changed quickly without removal of the drive assembly and the drive assembly itself can be removed easily.