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Sludge dewatering is the separation of a liquid and solid phase whereby, generally, the least possible residual moisture is required in the solid phase and the lowest possible solid particle residues are required in the separated liquid phase (“the centrate”).

A typical example of this type of two-phase separation is the dewatering of sludge from municipal sewage plant or industrial waste water treatment. In this case, the residual moisture in the dewatered solids determines the disposal costs and the centrate quality determines the pollution load returned back to the treatment facility.

decanter centrifuge

Minimizing both must be achieved at the lowest possible cost, with the lowest possible polymer and energy consumption, with low maintenance costs and with the lowest possible number of required operating staff. In practice, the operator quickly realizes that there is no clearly defined operating point given daily and seasonal fluctuations; changes in system input or process configurations, as well as malfunctions of every sort always present new challenges that must be met.

DCS model decanter centrifuge is a highly engineered piece of process equipment designed to separate insoluble suspended solids from a liquid. The centrifuge can be used to produce a relatively dry cake from the separated solids and are flexible enough to cope with a wide fluctuation in the feed material and still achieve excellent clarification and dewatering performance.

The centrifuge consists of a solid bowl, which rotates and contains the process. A screw conveyor, contained within the bowl, turns at a slightly different speed from the bowl. Learn more, please contact us.

Decanter centrifuge is an important equipment in many industries which can separates the particles whose diameter is 5-7um can fully sufficed the environmental demands and save construction cost. That is why more and more users choose decanter centrifuges for the last stage separation unit.

A DCLW450-1258(VFD) decanter centrifuge is assembling and prepare to delivering Singapore TBM fields. After many times commissioning, the centrifuge has already achieved to the satisfactory effect.

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This decanting centrifuge is driven by two motors. The main motor drives the drum and differential shell rotation by the belt . The vice motor drives the spiral through the differential variable speed. The drum and spiral rotate together in the same direction, but at different speeds. The heavy solids will be push to the pulp mouth by the screw propeller and the liquid phase will flow out from the bottom flow mouth.

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Tangshan Dachuan Machinery is a professional manufacturer of drilling mud cleaning equipment, our product line including shale shaker, desander, desilter, centrifuges, centrifugal pump, mud tank and ect. Our equipment got the warmly received from new and repeat clients based on its high cost effective. Believe that, DC mud cleaning supplier is your best choose.

In order to fully understand how a decanter centrifuge operates, we must first define what a centrifuge does. A decanter centrifuge is useful in that separates solids and liquids, and has become an essential component of water waste facilities and the chemical, oil, and food processing industries.


There are several types of decanter centrifuges currently utilized in the industry, the most common of which are vertical, horizontal and conveyor centrifuges. The principle behind a decanter centrifuge is based on the theory of gravitational separation.

Decanter centrifuge driven by two motors. The main motor drives the drum and the outer casing of differential through belts while the auxiliary motor, after the differential shifting speed, drives the spiral propeller. This will make the drum and the spiral propeller rotate in the same direction with a certain differential speed.

DC mud system offers a wide range of industrial centrifuges including manual and self-cleaning centrifuges, high-speeds and decanters. New and refurbished centrifuges provide the liquid-solid separation, sludge dewatering, solids control and fluid clarification you need at the cost you want.

Drilling fluid decanting centrifuge used for recovery barite to remove small solid particles, reduce the mud solid content, to ensure the performance of the drilling fluid.

Decanter centrifuge is a mechanical equipment which utilize the principle of centrifugal and sedimentation and can carry out continual separate the suspend liquid with density difference. The centrifuges which made by out factory can clarify, dehydrate and classify the suspensions with 0.002-3 mm solid-phase particles and thickness range at 0.5~40%.


Following the increasing of market request, more and more manufacturer can supply decanter centrifuge and used in many fields. Different manufactures have different designs and efficiency. The following is DC Solid control decanter centrifuge main advantages which is suitable for using in oil&gas drilling, waste water treatment and other industries.

decanter centrifuge

Advantages of DCLW series decanter centrifuge
1. Stainless Steel 316 bowl, conveyor and main body resist corrosion and prolong service life.
2. Tungsten alloy tile protects conveyor from wearing and increases solids conveying efficiency.
3. Replaceable tungsten carbon allay ring protects solids discharge port.
4. German FAG or Sweden SKF Bearings
5. Electrical components: SIEMENS/Schneider, ATEX or IEC Ex for option.
6. 3 overload safety protection: the first is the safety protection device of the gear box, the second is the hydraulic coupler overload protection, and the third is the control panel with over currency protection.

You are welcome to contact Tangshan Dachuan Machinery to get more detailed infos, we will supply our best service for you.

Drilling fluid decanting centrifuge used for recovery barite to remove small solid particles, reduce the mud solid content, to ensure
the performance of the drilling fluid.

In order to fully understand how a decanter centrifuge operates, we must first define what a centrifuge does. In many industrial
jobs, solid material often mixes with liquids, contaminating water supplies or turning mud into sludge. A decanter centrifuge is
useful in that it separates solids and liquids, and has become an essential component of waste water facilities and the chemical,
oil, and food processing industries.


1. The rotating assembly is mounted horizontally with bearings on each end to a rigid frame, which provides a good sealing surface
for high-pressure applications.
2. The feed enters through one end of the bearings, while the gearbox is attached to the other end and is operated below critical
3. The horizontal machine is arranged in a way that slurry can be introduced at the center of a rotating horizontal cylindrical bowl.
4. The scroll discharge screw forces the solids to one end of the bowl as it is collected on the walls. This orientation is the most
common design implemented in industry.


Decanter centrifuge is available in several sizes and models to function in different kinds of organizations. Common applications
include raw sludge, bio sludge, digested sludge, water treatment sludge, slaughterhouse sludge, paper/cellulose sludge, fish sludge
and oil sludge. Each decanter centrifuge from DC Solid control can be adapted at several points to be customized to meet customer
needs. Naturally, we also offer training, installation, commissioning, optimization and service once the machine has been delivered.

A centrifuge is a device, which employs a high rotational speed to separate components of different densities. This becomes relevant
in the majority of industrial jobs where solids, liquids and gases are merged into a single mixture and the separation of these
different phases is necessary.

A decanter centrifuge separates solid materials from liquids in slurry and therefore plays an important role in wastewater treatment,
chemical, oil and food processing industries.

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Operating principle of a decanter centrifuge

The operating principle of a decanter centrifuge is based on gravitational separation. Naturally, a component with a higher density
would fall to the bottom of a mixture, while the less dense component would be suspended above it. A decanter centrifuge increases
the rate of settling through the use of continuous rotation, producing a gravitational force between 1000 to 4000 times that of
normal gravitational force. This reduces the settling time of the components by a large magnitude, whereby mixtures previously having
to take hours to settle can be settled in a matter of seconds using a decanter centrifuge. This form of separation enables more rapid
and controllable results.


Performance features of decanter centrifuge

Coming in a range of sizes, horizontal continuous cleaning decanter centrifuges provide an effective, low maintenance solution to
liquid clarifying and solids dewatering with advanced process and mechanical performance features.

Today, we got the news from my Siberia clients, he said, “I was so proud that our decanter centrifuge works properly in the bad environment”.

The client is our old friend for about 2 years, and we have already manufactured 7 sets solid control system for them.


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decanter centrifuge

DCLW364 VFD centrifuge is the frequency conversion centrifuge, it has a independent frequency control box to control centrifuge drum rotary speed and get the different treating capacity. Now this model of centrifuge have been accepted by many users based on its flexible operation and lower price.

Meanwhile, we also can customize all kinds of different decanter centrifuge accoriding to clients different requirements, if you have any questions please contact us soon.