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In many cases the recovered solids from the hydrocyclone are fed to a dewatering shaker that is outfitted with as fine a screen as possible. It is extremely important to remember to use separate compartments and centrifugal pumps for each size hydrocyclone. Each stage of hydrocyclone should be sized out to process 125 to 150 percent of the volumetric circulating and dry tonnage rate to allow them to work more efficiently and reduce the likelihood of plugging. Cleaned fluid should always be discharged downstream.

The trenchless industry is seeing an increased demand for high-speed centrifuges to help remove colloidal size solids that can wreak havoc on a mud system if they are not removed. A centrifuge is a high speed, high “G” force rotating bowl and scroll assembly capable of separation down to 5 to 7 microns without chemical enhancement.


In this process, slurry is fed through a feed tube into the rotating bowl, where centrifugal force propels the ultra-fine solids outward against the interior wall of the bowl. A rotating conveyor in the center of the bowl drives the recovered solids toward the solids discharge ports, where they are expelled into a chute. Liquid is retained in the pool and discharged through the liquid discharge ports at the opposite end of the bowl.

If desired, polymer injection or “dewatering” units can be integrated with centrifuges to remove solids down to 0um. Polymer injected in between the feed pump and inlet of the centrifuge will flocculate the reactive ultra-fine solids, forming a heavy enough mass for the centrifuge to capture. If done properly, the result can be a semi-clear effluent that may be more readily disposed of or returned to the system. This can help drastically reduce or eliminate expensive drilling mud disposal.

Centrifuge used for recovery barite to remove small solid particles, reduce the mud solid content, to ensure the performance of the drilling fluid. And DC production drilling fluid centrifuge has high purification efficiency, convenient adjustment and easy maintenance .


Centrifuges are designed to speed up the settling process. The rotating speed is transformed into centrifugal force inside the rotating assembly to accelerate particle settling in accordance with Stoke’s Law. In essence, a centrifuge is a miniature settling pit that alloys very rapid settling of solids under controlled conditions. Though much more complicated than a hydrocyclone, centrifuges have the advantage of achieving extremely fine cut points.

Centrifuges can improve the cut point by a factor of 6X when compared to a prototypical shaker/hydrocyclone system and can dramatically increase the drilling fluid life.


DC Solid control has experienced applications in which drilling fluid life was increased by a factor of 10 when utilizing centrifuges in cooperation with the standard solids control equipment (Total improvement in drilling fluid life is dependent on the particle size distribution of the solids generated and the degradation life cycle of the solids within the drilling fluid).

The Horizontal Decanting centrifuge (Decanter) has a vast field of applications in various Processes where a liquid and a solid phase have to be continuously separated.

DC Solid control provides 24 hour nationwide support to our customers with our dependable field service technician group. Our field service technicians have years of experience and training on servicing all makes and models of centrifuge equipment. Our team of well trained centrifuge technicians and mechanics are prepared to repair most industrial centrifuge related equipment on the market.

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Centrifuge Maintenance Programs

We also cater to our customers by offering centrifuge equipment preventative maintenance programs. Our individually tailored preventative maintenance agreements are designed to ensure the optimum performance of your machine, as well as, to prevent costly machine repairs and plant downtime. Our years of service and training have allowed our centrifuge technician repair team to gain a working knowledge many types of industrial centrifuge equipment.

Centrifuge Annual Service Program

We also provide additional savings to our customers with our service kits recommended for each centrifuge service. Our experience working with centrifuge equipment has proven that an annual inspection and repair has eliminated costly downtime, so take the time to call us and we will be glad to discuss preventative a maintenance program that will best fit your centrifuge needs.

Over the years our group has developed a great experience and a strong know-how in the most important centrifuge markets.We provide solutions to any technological solid-liquid and solid-liquid-liquid separation problem, through decanters which are placed on a large variety of application fields with a wide range of flow rates.



We design and develop solutions for thickening and dewatering of sludge generated by municipal or industrial wastewater, biomasses and manures treatment plants. A large range of decanters is continuously innovated, basing on a number of installations and many years of experience in this field.


We provide solutions for several chemical industries in the purification of intermediate or final products and even in the recovery of waste products. Our decanter centrifuges are largely installed in pharmaceutical and bio-technologies industry, in production processes of minerals, metals and non-conventional fuels (e.g. biodiesel, ethanol).


Mineral Fuel and Lube Oils

We offer technological solutions for fuels cleaning and treatment, for lube oils purification, for the conditioning and recovery of mineral oils, industrial or environmental slop oils, bottom tank residues and bilge water.

Today, one set of DCLW sewage decanter centrifuge finished the production and prepared to delivery to abroad.

The centrifuge is a VFD and high speed model. its separation factor is 1200-2100, separation point is 2-5um, it eliminate harmful solid phase and control mudviscosity. The solid is separated by high speed centrifuge is discharged out of the tank, the liquid return to the circulating system.


Structure of the sewage centrifuge:

The two ends of centrifuge drum support to the antifriction bearing, between the auger gatherer and drum has trace clearance, using planet differential mechanism keep it in a certain slip. The motor drives the drum and auger conveyor through V rubber belt. The hydraulic coupling is installed among the motor and drum, the feeding pipe is installed the drum big end, the one end of planet differential mechanism is installed overload protection device.

DC Machinery also produce lower, medium speed centrifuge. If you have any requirements and used in any fields, please contact us, we can give you professional proposal and best quality goods.

Decanting centrifuge used for recovery barite to remove small solid particles, reduce the mud solid content, to ensure the performance of the mud. And DC production drilling fluid centrifuge has high purification efficiency, convenient adjustment and easy maintenance.

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Our decanter centrifuges widely used in oil, chemical, light industry, mining, metallurgy, food, environmental protection and ect, which can totaly meet the requirements of dehydration of solid, and liquid phase. Following is the installation and adjustment steps of the decanters.


Installation and adjustment:

1. Should have the necessary space location when install the decanter and electric control panel for easy to maintain and operate.
2. The potential difference of the liquid level and inlet mouth keep in 0.3-0.5m.
3. The inlet valve should installed on the outlet of the head tank which should be close to the inlet.
4. Lifting of the machine must use the four holes on the base, to avoid to using bearing pedestal or main shaft hoisting.
5. The machine adopts elastic floating bracket, the horizontal error is 0.02mm/m when install.
6. Equipped a section of transparent tube between the inlet pipe, to observe the feeding.
7. When disassembling the drum assembly should be reliably to avoid damage the bearing. The touching surface of the spare parts must clean before install it.
8. Professional electrician installs the electric machine to ensure the accurate wiring.
9. Move the motor base plate location and adjustment the belt tightness, Tt put pressure on the belt for 3 to 5 kg, belt deflection between 10-15 mm is advisable.
10. Re-check all the bolts on the machine after finish the installation.

If you want to learn more about how to correctly use or install the decanter centrifuges, please contact DC Machinery.

Drilling mud decanter centrifuges are designed specifically to remove unwanted solids and fine particles from virtually all kinds of used drilling mud, including those based on water/synthetics and conventional oil-based drilling fluids.


Features of DC Decanter Centrifuge:

Southwest Petroleum University Technology Support
High Speed up to 3200RPM & Variable Speed by frequency converter
The main body of the decanter centrifuge made from stainless stee:SS304/SS316/Titanium Alloy
The screw propeller and solids discharge made from stainless steel Stainless Steel protected by tungsten carbide alloy.
German FAG/SKF Brand Bearings
Screw propeller & Solids Discharge Stainless Steel protected by tungsten carbide alloy.
Solids Liquid separation system package available
Electrical Components: SIEMENS/Schneider/ CHINT

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DC Solids Control based in China manufacture and supply complete line of high-speed, variable-speed and fully variable-speed decanting centrifuge for handling drilling fluids. Our factory and company are Quality Management System ISO 9001-2000 certified. DC Solids Control operate international oil gas drilling mud separation system。 Ruggedly built for oilfield and industrial Solids control service, decanting centrifuge is especially effective in meeting fluid-on-cuttings discharge requirements in environmentally sensitive areas. Decanting centrifuge also deliver high fluid recovery rates and efficient solids control to significantly reduce the operator’s total mud cost and limit waste disposal volumes. DC-China leading decanting centrifuge manufacturer.

Centrifuge used for recovery barite to remove small solid particles, reduce the mud solid content, to ensure the performance of the drilling fluid. And DC production drilling fluid centrifuge has high purification efficiency, convenient adjustment and easy maintenance.

Even the finest solids can be separated in the decanter centrifuge if its sedimentation rate in the carrier liquid is sufficiently high. The sedimentation rate depends on the particle size, the particle shape, the density difference between solid and liquid, and the viscosity of the latter. In many cases, significant improvement is possible by conditioning, for example heating or addition of flocculants. Also important is the geometrical design and establishment of operating parameters.


DC Solid control decanter centrifuges operate on the contraflow principle. This means that the suspension to be separated is fed approximately in the centre of the drum, the sedimented solid matter is conveyed towards the smaller diameter by the screw rotating at a speed differential in relation to the drum, whilst the clarified liquid overflows at the opposite end of the drum.


The height of the liquid level in the drum and thus the ratio of clarifying to drying section of the drum can be infinitely varied. This permits optimum matching to the separation application involved.

The speed differential between screw and drum is effected by means of a CYCLO gear unit. Drive is effected in standard form by V- belt, the centrifuge being fitted, according to speed combination, with a single drive (fixed eccentric shaft) or dual drive (driveneccentric shaft).

Centrifuge for is fourth phase oil drilling rig fluid solids control equipment. Mainly separate particle sized 2-7microns. Drilling fluid centrifuges have got large development on both structure and functions.

Especially there are many manufacturers design centrifuges according to drilling mud features or property. Then the centrifuge become many models and types used in various drilling projects.


Always there is a screw pump or submersible pump to feed the mud to Decanter Centrifuge. After the drilling fluids being fed into the centrifuge drum, under the function of centrifugal force, solid phase particles are pushed to the internal wall of the drum, then to the solid discharge export of the small end of the drum and excreted. While the fluids is excreted from the overflow hole of the large end.

Especially, DC Solid control combines abroad advanced technology and our unique design to developed the most cost-effective drilling fluid centrifuges. Recent years, our superior quality centrifuge and lowest line price had been recognized by more and more users.

DCLW Series Decanter Centrifuge units are supplied with advanced controls for both variable speed bowl and scroll back-drive optimization making them easily configured to produce a wide range of sludge dewatering results. DCLW Series decanters are very easy to set up while being extremely robust, stable, and reliable in everyday use, without the ease of use detracting from the quality of the operating results.

Decanter centrifuge is an common used unit in many industry. A centrifuge is a device, which employs a high rotational speed to separate components of different densities. The decanter centrifuge separates solid materials from liquids in slurry and therefore plays an important role in wastewater treatment, chemical, oil and food processing industries. There are several factors that affect the performance of a decanter centrifuge and some design heuristics to be followed which are dependent upon given applications.

A decanter centrifuge employs the same principles of gravitational force. However, unlike the glass mixture, the process is expedited through the use of continuous rotation. In fact, rotation provides anywhere from 1000 to 4000 times the normal gravitational force, reducing the time required for separation from hours to seconds.


The main components of decanter centrifuge are the bowl, differential Speed and scroll.

The separation medium reaches its maximum speed in the decanter bowl, causing the solids to settle on the bowl inner diameter. A characteristic feature of the bowl is its cylindrical/conical shape. Find out more about the decanter bowl.

The scroll is the transport tool in a decanter centrifuge. It rotates with a differential speed (in relation to the bowl) and transports the settled solids towards the conically narrowing end of the bowl. Find out more about the decanter scroll.

decanter centrifuge

There is a differential speed between the decanter bowl and the scroll, which is created by a gear unit. The differential speed determines the solid content in the outfeed and also offers other advantages. For more information, refer to differential speed.

To learn more about decanter centrifuge, please contact DC professional supplier of decanter centrifuge.